Video Transcript

One is turmeric. And the important thing about the turmeric—I started going with the storebought turmeric that you get in the little spice jar, and I guess that was not pure enough, so I found some raw turmeric, or go into some spice stores where they had it. It was more expensive, but I found that to be very effective.

Fresh ginger, raw apple cider—has to have the mother in it, don’t know why they say that—and what I do is I take a glass of raw apple cider, probably two ounces, an ounce of ginger, which I chop up, about an ounce of turmeric, and since I’m a hot pepper fanatic, I also add maybe a jalapeno pepper or sometimes, if I really want it, a habanero. And I do that, and I drink that every night.

So that’s one of the things I’m doing as far as supplements. It hasn’t changed the pain level—that’s where the pain medication comes in. But I do notice I don’t have the same type of inflammation.

But I also take—back to Western medication—is there are a couple ointments. I use Voltaren, which is an anti-inflammatory ointment that I use almost every other night on the joints where it’s hurting. So again, that’s why I’m saying I combine both West and East.