Video Transcript

I guess the first experience I had was after playing football for a number of years, I started to get numbness in my fingers, numbness in my legs, and I went to a couple doctors and no one could really identify what the problem was.

So I lived with that condition for a number of years, until, I guess, the first time when I did have the herniated disc it was identified as pressing on one of the nerves, so then sciatic, so then everything started to come into play after that. But that’s how I really first noticed that I had a problem.

Now, in terms of the osteoarthritis, it took, probably—my first surgery was in 1978, and it took until about 2000 before the arthritis started to really take over. And all the doctors had told me that it was a result of the various surgeries. One of the downfalls of surgeries is osteoarthritis can come from trauma, can come from a number of things, so that really came from the surgeries.

I had a bone scan done and it identified how much arthritis I have, basically: joints, shoulder, hip, knees—which eventually I had totally replaced, but the next bone scan had identified arthritis at the L4-L5, L5-S1 level. And more recently, over the years, they identified that it’s basically my whole spine has got arthritis.

There’s different conditions that they call it, but, so, I’m dealing with osteoarthritis, which, the negative side of it is that there’s really no remedy or cure for it, so I’ve been looking at research on ways to slow down the osteoarthritis growth, because it’s degenerative, it’s enhanced, and it’s rapid.

So, things you can do is in terms of diet, exercise, but basically I look into some herbal remedies, thinks like turmeric, ginger, hot pepper, raw apple cider, things like that that I take on a normal basis that seem to help the pain of the joints from the osteoarthritis. Has it slowed it down, has it stopped it? I really don’t know at this point.