Video Transcript

What I’m doing right now, first of all, I’m doing research to find out what’s possible. Most of the doctors I’ve talked to, all they will tell me is that really, there’s no way we’re going to stop it. So, that’s the first thing I was told: It can’t be stopped.

So, the next thing’s: “What can I do to slow it down, then?” And that, what I’m trying to do, through specific exercises that can be helpful to any of the osteoarthritis joints and everything. And then it’s diet and different herbs, supplements that you can use. Nothing is medically approved—it’s documented that it will help, but I think I have done a series of tests to know that, so the herbs I’m doing are helpful.

I had my ankle—had reconstructive achilles tendon surgery last March. At that time, I had to stop all the supplements. And that was about four months without the supplements; I definitely noticed more inflammation in my shoulders, in the fingers, and everything else. As soon as I was able to go back on the supplements, some of that joint pain started to diminish.

So, I was very happy about that, and that’s also when I was lucky enough to be a part of Arthritis-health, that I wrote some—with the help of, again, some of the people at Spine-health—some articles and then through the Arthritis-health Facebook started talking to other people about this and had a lot of comments and people ask, you know, “How much do you take?” etc.

I do believe in it. I’ve gone with Western medication almost most of my life and I know the limits, so I’ve turned toward the Eastern way of doing things, things such as meditation, I go to deep tissue massage person, aromatherapy—things like that, which are very helpful.

Again, they’re not fully documented; most of your doctors will look at that and they laugh or they say it doesn’t help, I definitely believe in it, but I think it’s a question of believing that the Eastern medication can really help. No chemicals, and it is successful.

But in order to contain some of my osteoarthritis, I still am on narcotics, I’m on muscle relaxers, I’m on nerve medication, so I’m loaded up with different types of medications. So, I’m using Western medication to control some of the pain, and I’m using Eastern medication to try to even help lessen that pain. It’s a combination.

So that’s really what I’m doing for the osteoarthritis.