Video Transcript

The first time I was really formally diagnosed with herniated disc was after having the problems with pain for a number of years.

I went skating one time and I felt that sharp pain in my hip, shooting down my leg. I knew at that point: something was bad. It wasn’t just a sore back. It wasn’t a muscle pull. It wasn’t anything like that. I said, “This is not right.”

At that time, MRIs were really not in play. The only diagnosis for a herniated disc in the level of it was a myelogram. So I had a myelogram, which is a very scary procedure. You have to be told that you can’t pick your head up for 24 hours. You’re frightened; you have to lay flat out.

But that’s how they diagnosed it.

After they told me what it was, then I said, “OK, now what do we have to do about it?” And they told me all about surgery. So that’s how that all happened.