Question: Relief for numbness and neck pain?

I have reoccurring numbness in my left hand and have taken Flexeril and have had two pain blocks with PT. Numbness and neck pain keep coming back. Also, I have started to have burning sensation in left shin and I don't know if it is related to back/neck problems or if it is related to my bad left knee (3 surgeries).

I am 44 years old and extremely active (golf, aerobics and weight training). I go to a chiropractor occasionally, but the relief is only temporary. Any advice?

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Doctor's Response: Anterior cervical discectomy may be the next step

The shin pain would not be related to the neck pain and you are probably right in assuming that it is due to something in the knee. The hand numbness might be due to a pinched nerve in the neck. A MRI scan would be the best test to see if there is a pinched nerve. If there is one and it has been going on for a while (over three to six months) surgery may be an option.

Typically this is an anterior cervical discectomy instrumentation and fusion procedure that is typically a very reliable procedure for relieving hand numbness and pain. It sounds like you have already pretty much maximized your conservative treatment so it may be reasonable to see a spine surgeon at this time.

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