A tragic story has been circulating the web about a competitor who recently severed his spine during a CrossFit competition.

According to many news sources, Kevin Ogar, age 28, was injured on January 21, 2014 during a CrossFit competition in Costa Mesa, CA.

Kevin was lifting a 200-pound weight, when he lost his grip and it fell behind him, bouncing off the floor and hitting him in the spine. He suffered a severed spine as a result of his injury, and doctors speculate he will not walk again.

The Colorado native does not have health insurance, and a fund has been set up to help with his recovery.

The CrossFit community has been showering Mr. Ogar with support. They are taking to Twitter to give updates on his condition:

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All of us here at Veritas Health, home of Spine-health.com, are cheering Kevin on as we continue to follow his recovery.