Fact: Sleeping on the wrong mattress can actually cause, or worsen, back pain.


Pain is the #1 cause of sleeping problems, so it’s no surprise that nearly 66% of people with chronic back pain suffer from sleep disorders. Research has shown that those with severe back pain can quickly fall into a vicious sleep-pain cycle (back pain makes it more difficult to fall asleep, sleep deprivation can worsen back pain, and so on).

So how can you break the cycle? It starts with recognizing the root of your pain. Poorly constructed mattresses are usually to blame because they offer virtually no support for your body, leading to increased pain and risk of sleep disorders.

Your mattress may be to blame for your back pain if:

It has reached its expiration date

A typical lifespan for a spring mattress is around 7 years. If your mattress is older, it may not provide the amount of support you need for a pain-free sleep.

It does not include Spinal Zone technology

Spinal Zone technology is clinically proven to help reduce back pain and stiffness with active wire support in the mattress where you need it most. This active wire support helps improve spinal alignment, resulting in improved circulation and a higher quality night’s sleep.

It is not designed with lumbar support

Lumbar support adds an additional layer of supportive memory foam in your body’s lumbar region. This additional layer of support provides pressure relief from common pressure points such as the shoulder and hip.

Mattress reviews specifically about back pain.

Independent consumer reviews mean a lot. Look at sites around the web that have independent reviews from consumers who are specifically talking about back pain. Saatva Mattress has a very large number of reviews that address back pain and health issues.

"I woke up pain-free for the first time in 8 years."

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