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Fusion question ???

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:22 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi , I read about people having the fusion comfirmed . I have to go back to the Doc in 5 wks to do same . how do they tell ? xray ? Also what can a person do that would cause not to fuse . Or what to do to make sure it works ? I 'm looking at things we control like diet or movement . If this post shows twice I'm having trouble posting today might have doubled it sorry and thanks seamoose


  • Hi seamoose:

    There are many things that can make a fusion work or not work, everyone is different. Smoking can definitely impair a fusion. I had xrays to see if my fusion was "taking", I fused at 6 weeks, this is early I am told. I think good diet, general good health is a plus. No BLT, bending, lifting, turning/twisting until you are fused.

  • I had to do the post twice and ran out of sit time ! I guess my worry is am I doing the right thing ? Reading the post different Docs give people different advice .. My doc gave me a little booklet tells pre post surgery stuff simple . His orders walk as much as possible/ no sitting more than 30 min at a time/wear brace when upright / watch weight since I was very active at work now hanging out can slow recovery /When I feel up to it find stairs and climb as much as poss w/o pain / I take no pain meds since day 5 cause everything stopped hirting . the brace guy showed me how to put it on and i called him about cleaning it and he told me what to use / Restrictions no lifting more thAN 10 lbs bend if ness at hip not back / no working / no vacuming shoveling raking pushing pulling advoid twisting . Since I'm not in pain i try to remind my self to be careful . I don't even take my dogs on my walks as they may see something and jerk me. 3 GSDs 130 lb to 80 lb so they can pull if they wanted but never had in the past. I walk my tail off wear my brace as tight as I can . I was allowed to drive or ride after my 7 day visit but the brace jams into my back and doc won't allow me to ride with it off so I don't go in the car / sold my MC as its best to wait a yr before riding and it would be impossible for me to sit here and not get on this time of yr . So I even am allowed sex ( by the doc not the wife ) no one said anything like you must not ever turn like this or the fusion won't take. Besides the obvious ( power lifting /jumping grand canon /digging out trees / having sex w wife while hanging from living room light fixture ???) what causes the failure that is under our control besides something our body does not do . The wife went back to work and I'm laying around like a old mule and feel bad ( also bored )so last few days I made her dinner (I'm the cook of the house) put the dishes away from the washer . Very carfuly one at a time so I'm not lifting the ten lbs .I don't want to screw up the op but I I wear the brace as tight as possible and try not to reach or bend having no pain I'm not sure if i'm doing anything wrong . i didn't want to call the Doc every time I have a question . ( He thinks I weird from my last visit when I told him I had no pain on day 5 he never een that before ) Thats from drinking quality beer most of my life!!! Oh he said no beer too . Please don't mind my humor or my spelling , Seamoose Ps Thanks for that reply it came as I was typing this I think this one finger i use to type is gettting shorter Thank You
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  • I think the best thing for the fusion is walking as it stimulates muscle growth and tissue growth to repair the nerves however you can overdo it. Just be careful and dont think that since someis good, a whole bunch must be better, that isnt always the case.

    Best Wishes,
    Christina :)
  • I asked the same question to my O/S and he said that the best thing we can do is to be or become as fit as possible. This includes walking, weight maintenance and healthy eating.

    He said there is no reason as to why some people fuse and others dont but smoking is detremental as is lack of exercise. This doesn't mean we all need to become exercise addicts as we too can overdo it as Christina said.

    At 6 months most Drs will order a CT scan to see if the fusion is taking but remember too that there is a big difference between seeing the fusion starting and being completely fused. My Specalist saw the starting of fusion at 12 week scan for me but he said it can be a full 18 months before it has fully fused and in most cases it is 6 months before it is noticable.

    Hope this helps you.

  • Also, a recent study has come out saying that the phosphates in sodas do not promote bone growth - and this includes diet soda. Also, I am taking a vitamin D/calcium/magnesium supplement. Walk, walk and walk is the other advice I would give. Good luck!
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  • I didn't hear about the soda but told not to drink liquor
    and stop taking vitamin a that I take . My big concern was moving around , at night I change positions constantly and not wearing any support while sleeping concernes me. And I hope duing light things around the house would considered a little exercise . I figure if my movement was that critical the doc would have made a point to do nothing but walk and lay down . He is quite aware of my activity level before and knows I don't sit still well .If He needed me to be still the best would have been a body cast I 'm being careful not to lift more than a dish or pot a a time . I haven't even carried out the trash but hate to sit while my wife does it . One day I sat on the floor and went thru my dresser folded and went my old Motorcyce shirts .I still have some from meets in the 90s hate to part with them .I pulled clothes out of the dryer with my grabber and folded and placed on the table which is next to it no weight or reaching .Just doing light stuff I hope its OK I have to have to be productive to some degree just my nature and my poor wife has gone thru a year and half of me draging with pain and the days after surgery when i blacked out and had to be revived . You all the stupid man things we do that put miles of worry on our wifes over the years then she has to watch me get put back together again .I have try to a little while she is carring the ball . Thanks Seamoose
  • Hey Seamoose,

    You reminded me of my hubby after his surgery - the guy suprised me by getting with our (then) teenage sons and repainted the whole bedroom just 2 weeks post surgery!!! Silly guy!!!

    It scared me to death! I was so worried about re-injuring himself and having to go through all the years of pain and surgery again.

    So, my nonmedical, just your standard person opinion, DON'T go overboard like my silly guy did, but I can't see that what you are doing is terrible. It sounds like you really are being careful and sensible. Just KEEP being careful and sensible until you get the 'all's clear(you arefused)' message from your doc.

    When and what did you have done? I'm assuming a fusion '-), but when? And how many levels? What was your pre-surgical pain? I LOVE that you are so pain-free, that just rocks! That DH of mine was just so happy to be finally free of his leg pain that the post surgical was a breeze.

  • I am the wife of a fusion patient who has lived through terrible pain and has gone through 2 surgeries, 15 months apart (the first one failed). So, now that you know my perspective.....here's my advice:

    NO BLT,

    Trust me whan I say, I'd take out the trash and do any number of other chores for the rest of our lives if it meant that we never had to repeat the last 3 years of our lives again. I'll bet your wife would say the same thing.

    Best wishes, Terri

  • I started getting severe back pain that I could not rid myself of 2 1/2 yrs ago .Right at belt line rt rear . I 've worked out most of life .Tried all the things that got rid of pain in the past wouldn help. After 6 mts went for mri I had extruded disc l4 l5 . i used chiro and Mckennze Exercises to beat that . 6 mts later doing extra heavy mechanical job for 4 weeks last week I start getting pain down rt leg I blew l5 s1 and end up getting shots in back to relieve . Which worked for a while . Spring I'm on top of a large pump which has a raised concrete base . As I reach out for something I notice 2 feet out in the air in front of me . Sucks they are mine (ever see the roadrunner and coyote show ? I was the coyote on the way down ) I hit flat on my back somehow didn't hit any steel on the way . Within a week right leg to foot nerve pain like I never knew and rt foot numb . Mri is same but later miligram shows bome between s1 and l4 pushed in against nerve . So I sold my harley to finance myself and 7/28 I got two metal rods somebody s bone some bmi I think and i guess it called a triple fusion or maybe a double .Bill dosen't say just fusion parts and labor
    Ifeel great but afraid to screw the op up . I can afford only few mts off and will have to work have bills . fusion or not ! So I only got one shot at this working . This is why I'm so concerned about activity . Also unlike a lot people on here that have been going thru life for many years with back problems mine were very recent . I haven't a clue how they survive it .. I felt nerve pain for a few mts and never want it again. I found the problem and went thru a number of Docs insisting that we fix this now ! It wasn't going to stop found one that would and here we are . I think the many years that go by while the nerves are getting hirt seem to lenghten recovery .My opinion, Just by reading post. What is scary all the docs have a different idea of what to do . I learrned more here than talking to doctors . Good luck seamoose
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