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Will PM give pain med, if I'm honest about smoking due to extreme stress of meds being halved?

Due to the recent opiod epidemic, I'm sure almost everyone out there in pain and on strong medications are aware that PM is cutting all medications in half. This is 'Nationwide' or so I was told by my PM doc!! She seem to want to accentuate that fact and the drastic measures they are taking to cut everyone's meds. I truly believe they are doing it. I've even heard of cancer patients being cut of their meds. :/

This is taken effect nationwide and we all will be affected by it. 

I find myself, like many other pain sufferers out there...in a scary boat. Will I have to suffer in continuous pain because I have to do without the most powerful pain medication that has helped me most for the past decade? That is the question I ask myself and I'm not going to lie, it is scaring the literal hell out of me. 

This crisis is taking its toll on many a pain patient because just because others out there choose to abuse the same medications, that doesn't mean that we should have to be held accountable and do without them. :o We are being punished for the abusers mistakes and that is so wrong. IT is just down-right inhumane to make someone suffer---intentionally. It is torture I tell ya!

Why do we have to suffer more because of their mistakes. I mean, I see that people are killing themselves and sure hate to hear it, but I don't have any control over what they do. This situation is horrible and don't believe that we'll EVER get a hold of it. I guess, there will always be people who will find a way to abuse something...regardless. 

Stopping our meds isn't going to affect the abusers from abusing meds. They will continue to do so..regardless because it is just what they do. I hate to say it, but it is true. So happens that their drug of choice right now....is Fentanyl, the exact medication that really helps relieve my pain. This hurts many a pain patient that has been prescribed it because it is one of the most effective in relieving our pain. Of course, the breakthrough meds are important too because they do help us get through the peaks of pain. They are abusing that one too and now, I've even heard they are even finding a way of abusing Gabapentin. What in the world? 

We are not making the abusers to abuse anything. We are not ones at fault. IT is their fault, they choose to take it. At least, I know that I'm not at fault because I take my medications as prescribed and have for 11 yrs..without issue or incident!! I have always shown respect for the powerful medications that I've been prescribed and have always taken them right. Never have I abused them and never will. Personally, I am afraid of them and that is a good thing. You really have to be afraid of them, to respect them. 

What I'm trying to state is that we are not to blame for others abusing medications, so why should we have to suffer for it? 

The last visit I had with PM, they told me they were going to cut my meds in half. They give me the option of choosing which one to cut, the Fentanyl patch or the Norco. And of course, I chose the Fentanyl Patch because it is the one that I am afraid of and have grown tired of having to apply it. I'm not going to lie, I've prayed for years to be OFF of that Fentanyl patch because you can't get hot or sweat and it is hard to find a comfortable way to sleep with it, without it coming off or getting bunched up. It is a worry in itself and why I've wanted off of it, all this time. Maybe, this is my prayer being answered, to be off it it. I donno, but I absolutely hate it, I'm afraid of it too, but then...I know how much it really helps me!! >:o I must confess that it is so scary to think of what I'll have to go through to be off of it...the WD's and the pain. I'm not looking forward to that one bit. :p

I was kinda blindsided and confused about parting with the strongest medication I had to relieve my pain. I was scared to death because all that I could visualize was being in intractable pain and not having any relief. I am not sure why ,but felt like I did something wrong and treated like a child for no reason. I never called any meds in early or asked for anything extra or played any of those games that "seekers" do to play the doctor for additional meds. I was quite happy with my Rx and was so appreciative of her help with the meds that I wouldn't dare screw it up. 

Well, I found a way to do that and HERE's where I need your input. I smoked, after they told me they were going to cut my meds in half, but it knocked me for a huge loop. Well, I was experiencing panic attacks and anxiety because of it and didn't know how to process it. Subconsciously, I am a literal mess because I am in pain with the Fentanyl patch on and taking the Norco for breakthrough pain too!! Getting this news, knocked me off of my feet! I know that it was coming because my PM told me that I was taking too much Morphine, but I didn't think that they would cut it in half. How, could they do that, when I've taken the same dose for 11 yrs!?! It hasn't killed me yet because I am responsible and take it as prescribed!! 

I'm afraid now, that since I smoked that I won't pass the drug test, they won't give me anything for pain and that is horrifying!! Should I be upfront and just tell her that I smoked??

I do need my Norco at least and afraid that I won't get it. And to be perfectly honest, I really need something stronger than the Norco, like Percocett to get through it, since I won't have the Fentanyl patch anymore. If I'm going to get through this and NOT experience a possible 'opiod crisis', I will need some form of pain relief ...when I get completely off of the patch. 

I pray that they give me one more chance because back over a year ago, they did find a minute amount in my urine, but I only smoked one time. It is not like I am some kind of pot-head or something. I only used it because I was going out of my mind!!

I promise that I will do things right and not smoke any more because I can't take a chance and jeopardize getting my pain relieved. I know that I need some form of medication, to get through this pain. Do you think that I will get my medication? 

I hate admitting the pills (opiates) truly do give me life and have during all this time. They have for years and I honestly don't believe that I would have made it, if it hadn't of been for them. That is what is scaring me so much because 11 yrs is a long time to be on the same exact med and then, to just stop taking them.

Also, I am so afraid of having to experience the w/d's. It scares me because I have been there before. I told my doc(D.O at the time), after he decided to raise my Fentanyl patch from 50 to 75 that I didn't feel any difference in the raise. I didn't feel anymore relief, so I told him that I wanted to go back down to the 50 mcg and I did. I just dealt with any additional pain with the Norco, until I made it work. 

If any way possible, I would rather go through the whole cycle of tapering down because of my anxiety. I know that I have to do it and believe that I can do it, but I need help getting there. I hope that they give me that help... 

I've heard horror stories about w/d's. This is the 1st time in my life being on opioid's or anything addictive this long, so I have got myself in a catch 22.  It is not a good place to be and anxiety can over-take you, if you worry too much. My body is just so broken and need some form of relief. Myself, I'm only capable of taking HOT water baths to help relieve some of the pain, but that doesn't relieve my pain. It is only a temporary solution, for a permanent problem. :/  I have structural damage and with no other means of relieving my pain, except for the smoke and it won't relieve all of it. It does give me some form of relief, but it also makes the pain more noticeable too. It is like I'm more sensitive to it, when I smoke. 

I won't smoke and I will promise my PM of that, if I'm able to get my meds. I pray...they will give them to me and one day, maybe I will be off of them. I just don't want any opiod crisis to come on me because I don't have any meds at all!! :O

I will be honest with you and tell you that smoking did help me and did get me through this month. It did cut my pain med in half, but I did not like how it made me feel or that I had to be high or something, to get relief of the pain. I did still feel the pain and it actually accentuated it. I only smoked because I was told I had to cut one of my strong pain meds. It truly horrified me because I've depended on it relieving it for 11 yrs...since '05. Smoking did help me process what I should do and it did help me to forget somewhat of the pain. Then, it was still there in the background, but I guess that is how it works. 

I believe that eventually, I will be able to get off of the Fentanly and only take the Norco. I truly believe that because I am a strong person and can tolerate a lot of pain. I just don't want to be made to be in pain. It is just in the back of my mind..I'm scared as heck!! One thing I can say, I won't smoke because if I'm so lucky to be granted to have some form of pain relief, I will be happy. I just pray that I don't have to suffer in horrific pain because of it being my fault..due to smoking. I know it was a mistake and I won't do it again either. I grant you that!

When you are faced with such a decision, it does weigh heavily on you. I felt forced to try the smoke and see if it would give me the relief I needed. I had to see for myself, how much relief that the smoke was going to give me. I just want to be happy, healthy and as close to normal as I can be. I'm not looking for some kind of high. I just want relief! I've recently come to terms with realizing the pain will never go away and its going to be life long. At 52, its hard to accept that my life doesn't mean enough to give it relief. It hurts! I don't understand how we are being made to suffer intentionally because we are innocent in this battle. We only want to have a normal life and be able to live it and not be stuck in bed suffering. That would be horrible! 

Honestly I didn't even want PM in the first place because of the stigma alone, but I didn't have a choice. My D.O doc that I had for 20 yrs treated my pain and I smoked too. He never drug tested me and I never had a problem with it, until he passed away. I just don't want to get myself blackballed before even starting the care I need to maintain a functioning level of life again

Anyways, sorry for all of the rambling, but had to vent it out because it is driving me nuts. I just so anxious, in pain, anxiety, stress and no one around that really understands my situation. I just need a support system for all my future endeavors with my spine health and dealing with this pain. I just want my pain relieved, that is all I want. I'm not trying to get some kind of high off of anything. That is not me!! 

Any advice would be thoroughly appreciated and thank you in advance! I will be back to check on what you guys have come up with for me to do. 

Thanks again and God Bless!!! <span>:wink:" alt=":wink:" height="20" /></span>

Dx'd with:

Spinal Stenosis

Spondylosis(possibly AS, due to herniations)

Cervial Radiculopathy


Compressed Fractures(T3-T4)




Chiari Malformation

Nerve damage(because of 'wet tap')--couldn't feel my legs for 7 yrs.

AVM-Arterior Venous Malformation

Bi-polor Manic Depressant

Lyme Disease

Adrenal Insufficiency




-Fentanyl patch 50 mcg(every 48 hrs)

-Norco 10/325 mg (4 xs per day, but I've cut down to 2 or 3 per day)

-Hydrocortisone(doc prescribes to taper off and now, I'm taking 1/4 of 10 mg per day)

-Armour 60 mg(1x per day)

-Zanaflex (4 mg per night--to get some sleep from muscle spasms)

-Valium (5 mg as needed-for anxiety)




  • Skeet,

    Your post is very difficult to read, not sure why your font is so big and bold...anyway, even in states where medical marijuana is legal, unless you have YOUR PM doctors permission for its use, you can be dismissed for using it, especially when it is not prescribed for you currently, no matter what reason you give them for doing so.

    Yes, most of us have had our meds cut back, and yes, we were concerned, but we followed our Drs instructions or risk losing our doctors and our pain meds. 

    Marijuana is still federally illegal, and the DEA, FDA, guidelines are the ones our doctors follow.

    You said you smoked once, but later in your post said you smoked marijuana previously? I don't know when your appt is, or when you smoked , or how much but if I were you, I would be honest and tell him/her and not wait for the test results then try to offer an excuse. Typically if you are dismissed, the office will no longer discuss anything .

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 13,585

    I like Sandi, can not really read or understand your discussion.  You jump to different fonts, stop sentences half way.

    It would be much easier if you just summarized what you are trying to say.  From my experiences, once any post goes over one page, people will stop to read it.   So, go back and try to be more concise in what you are trying to say.   From reading your discussion, I dont know who the bad guy is

    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
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  • When did you smoke and when is your next drug test?  I've smoked before and still passed the drug test 3 weeks later.

  • So sorry for the big font and broken sentences. I don't know what happened there, but I did copy and paste it from my blogger and why it probably did that. Plus, I was in extreme pain and was mostly venting everything out. I will go over it and correct it. I have other post that aren't like this one and properly put to the point. I don't understand WHY I even posted it because it is a mess. :O 

    I go back to the pc in 40 days and I stopped smoking 2 days ago. I should pass, but the one time that she found it, I had stopped for only 37 days then and why it tested positive, but I bet she was fishing to see what I'd say. I probably could have gotten out of it, but I was honest.

    Since she thinks that I'm off the patch now(a long story), she told me to come back in 3 mos. So, that give me a month to smoke and the rest to detox it out. I hope I pass because this is serious!! It is hard to not smoke because I am on my last 25 mcg patch and know that I will want to, to help with the anxiety and wds. 

    Do you think that after 11 yrs, I can just taper off on the 25s? That is what I am worried about the most. I put my last 25 mcg patch on tonight, but wondering if I should cut it to 12.50 and then, I will have another 12.50 to wear until it falls off. Btw..I wear the Mylan patches that don't have the reservoir.  

    Thank you guys for understanding and appreciate your nice way of putting of what a mess my writing truly was. hahaha <span>:smile:" alt=":smile:" height="20" /></span>

  • Okay, I got to explain about what I said earlier, in that last post...."She thinks I'm off the patch.(a long story)."

    Well, I was told to get off the patch back in Dec, but she previously told me that I would have a change in my dose. 6 mos earlier, she gave me a hint that one of them would be cut.  So I, being a smart person...thought well...I will go back to changing my patch every 72 hours, instead of 48 and that will give me some extra patches, to where I could cut them later and be able to get off easier. Or...so that was my thought! That plan seems to have back-fired...because now...she thinks that I'm off, but I'm still tapering. :o 

    The last visit that I had with the pc, she thought that I had already gotten off of the Fentanyl patch, but I had a 50 mcg on me, when I was there. And...she decided to take my blood because I couldn't go to the bathroom. I know that she will see it and will question me about it, when I go back, but I will tell her the truth about that. She knows that I've taken them for 11 yrs and should have anxiety over it. It might come back to bite me goood, but I pray it works out okay. 

    Anyway...I go back to get my sentence in 40 days...and will tell her that I had a 50 mcg patch on, if she sees it that is. Plus, I will try to explain any maryjane found...if is found, but sure that it will be. I thought that I would use the CBD oil thing and tell her I used it and why it showed up. Will that work? I sure hope so because I had smoked a lot then!!! 

    I know that this is a bit confusing, but guess that I'm a complex person right now and trust me...I don't want to be. BUT heck, going through a lot here trying to get off this thing...that has been stuck on me for over a decade!!! I can guarantee that I'm NOT abusing it because I don't like the thing and only want it off...as easy as I can. 

    She was just going to go from 50 to 25, then off...that was it, but I was just trying to stretch out my pIain relief, as long as I could. Must say that it did get me through 3 more mos of relief. Now, I am down to the last 25 mcg patch and of course, there is some anxiety from that. I want to cut the last one into, so I can wear a 12.50 tonight and in 3 days, a 12.50. I will then, let that last one be worn...until it falls off. 

    Thank you guys!!!!! God Bless you!!! <span>:smiley:" alt=":smiley:" height="20" /></span>

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  • sandi123ssandi123 Posts: 761
    edited 03/17/2018 - 5:37 PM

    You may find yourself in several problems/dilemmas in your relationship with your pc doctor. You are painting a  picture of yourself as non compliant, self medicating, dishonest ,hoarding medications, using marijuana not prescribed for you, on top of the other huge red flags.Those are HUGE problems for any doctor, and especially for doctors who treat chronic pain patients. Patients who ignore directions, treatment options, self medicate or use illegal substances are risks no doctor is going to willingly continue to risk their license over.

    In fact, most patients would have found themselves dismissed immediately.

    You should have either followed the tapering directions you were given, or discussed your concerns with the doctor, who COULD have either slowed the pace of the tapering process, or provided you a medication to be ease some of the symptoms, if they became unbearable.

     You should not be continuing fentanyl after you let your doctor believe you were off it, and he/she believed you were following the dosage decreases. 

    All you really accomplished is damaging your relationship with your doctor, which will remain part of your medical records, and will follow you to other doctors . By altering the patches, if you had accidentally overdosed, your doctors might have missed it, believing you were off the fentanyl. Dangerous and bad decision.

    You also prolonged the fentanyl withdrawal you will go through, and likely the hydrocodone he/she was providing as well. You've likely made it that no doctor will be willing to prescribe opiates in the future for a long, long time. The fact that you continued using marijuana is also going to come up in all likelihood. 

    I realize this may come across as a bit harsh, and I don't mean for it to be, but you really didn't think this through and the consequences of your decisions are going to impact you, and other patients he or she treats in the future. Your decisions might have seemed reasonable to you but it seems like all you did was exacerbate and prolong the problem, adding fentanyl and hydrocodone to deal with, and the long term effects on your healthcare and future pain management.

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