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INTENSE local pain during myelogram injection . . . ?

Need to hear from you Neurosurgeons and myelogram veterans please.  I've had 3 myelograms in my 64 years without any headache.  My problem is intense pain at the point where the needle is inserted.  I don't mean the skin or muscle tissue, it feels like the needle enters the deep area where the dye will be injected and I feel this overwhelming pain.  Is the needle hitting bone?  Is bone that sensitive?  Is the spinal canal dura very sensitive to puncture?  Whatever is happening it causes nauseating pain and the last one caused me a vasovagal response.  I will be having another soon and am so anxious about it.  Is a myelogram expected to have this type of pain?  Thanks very much in advance!



  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 947

    @SocksNsandals - Have you discussed your injection site pain with any interventional radiologist?  I had my first myelogram when they were still oil based, so the interventional radiologist had to used a larger gauge needle (I don't remember the size).  That injection site was very painful.  Two years ago, I had another myelogram that used a water based material and hence a smaller gauge needle and I hardly felt the injection. 

    Could you be having a reaction to the dye?  Do you have an anatomical difference at the location that makes the injection site difficult?  I wish I had more ideas for you, but you really deserve an honest discussion with the doctor that would be performing the procedure.  With such intense pain, is the diagnostic information obtained really worth it?

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,473

    hi socksnsandals!
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    all of these questions need to be answered by your doctor. make notes of all of this and the next time you see your doctor bring all of this up. as nutcase put it, is the diagnostic information obtained really worth it?

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  • Thanks to both of you for your responses and yes, I will discuss these questions with my Doc.  @nutcase007, I believe the cause of my pain is that the needle hits bone on it's way to its destination.  Probably due to stenosis.  If true, I am amazed at how sensitive bone is.  Regarding 'is it worth it' is a great question.  I say yes simply because I'll endure 30 minutes of torture if it will expose the underlying nerve problem that plagues me every day.  What I am having trouble accepting is a lifestyle change.  To learn that I can't dig holes or swing an axe or pick up medium-heavy objects or bend over simply because of lumbar spondylosis is very hard for me to accept.  My brain is still a teenager and it tells me that surgery will fix this pain.  In the back of my mind I'm afraid that option may no longer exist because of age.  That is terrifying to me.  Thanks again to both of you for your replies!

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