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Workers comp wants me to settle. Im still in pain.



  • DavidGDDavidG Posts: 1,019
    edited 02/07/2018 - 1:12 PM

    Correct again EMS guy, regardless if you settle or not, maintaining employment with that company is highly questionable! The biggest thing you have to ask yourself, can you afford all the treatment afterwards? I settled because I was being forced out regardless. My permanent light duty job was sitting in a 12 x 15 tin shed, non insulated no Heat, No A/C with a made up job title without a real job. They ran a phone line to it to make it look official! In 16 months of sitting there, that phone never rang! I was honestly 10 miles from the “company” and never had a supervisor,Boss, NO ONE ever came by. So zero social contact! In Florida it gets hot during the summer and very cold in the winter. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I applied for open positions that I was highly qualified for but those spots were filled with spouses of higher members wives. I filed a Federal EEOC complaint ( average 3 years to investigate ) after that the written charges started. Even though they were all fictitious, they were building a paper trail. So before I got fired over these fictitious charges, I went out on a medical retirement. I wished I was making all this up! Those 16 months in isolation came close to breaking me! My wife became so concerned she had my son take all the weapons out of the house because she was scared I’d go postal or use one on myself! So your mental health is at risk as well. Also before settling, consider your health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance. A lot of things to consider and I wish you the best!.....David


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

  • Thank you guys for all the good information. I am a 36 year old male with a high school education. 

    I was a lumber stacker for a while. I was a forklift operator for a few years.I was a millwright apprentice for several years, was a millwright for a few years, and now a millwright supervisor. 

    I do the same things as a supervisor as I did as a millwright. The only difference is I keep up with the time book, and Im the one who takes the crap when something goes wrong. 

    I was injured in nov 2016. Had PT ,had a myleogram, had a bi-lateral laminectomy/ microdisectomy at the l4/l5 level in April 2017, Had a Had PT again, still in pain and the doc thought I needed the same surgery done at the l3/l4 level and wanted to re visit l4/l5 for a cleanup because it was re herniated. Went back to work on light duty. then a   then a IME in aug 2017. Comp doc said I didnt need another surgery. Said I needed more healing time.  Work hardening PT was next that didnt go so well. Then I had a ESI that helped a little. Now that one is worn off and my surgeon wants another one straight to my l5 nerve root. Then he wants a flex xray. Thinks I may have a stability issue. 

    Last week I was told by the claim adjuster that my ESI would not be approved. Then suddenly I get a email with a settlement offer attached. Stating that the comp doctor whom I havent seen in 6 months had put me at mmi. 

    It sux that my surgeon is friends with the comp docs son but he did finally say that he disagrees with him. 

    Im afraid that my lawyer will just want to settle. Im in too much pain to consider a settlement. I really rather get my back at least a little better so I can continue to work.  

    Maybe I am stuck this way. I hope not. Gives me a real appreciation as to what some of you guys are going through and have been going through for years. Reminds me of a Garth brooks song. "Im much too young to feel this dang old".

    Either way, I've rambled enough. I have a meeting with my lawyer monday morning I will keep you updated. 

     Thank you guys and gals. I dont know who else to turn to.

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