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11 days post acdf and a couple of questions

As the title says: acdf (3 level) 11 days ago. Recovery has been ok - no major surprises. But  I'm wondering about a couple of things. While the pain in my left arm has gone (hooray) I'm still experiencing the numbness and tingling in my hand. I can deal with this if I have to but it was wondering if it's likely to improve?

The other thing (and the reason I've been motivated to post) yesterday my husband decided it was appropriate to come to a slamming stop at a yellow light (we are now talking but he's not getting the keys again). I'm still in a soft brace but there is no denying that my neck hurts more than it did before this. So I'm wondering: has this mucked up the fusion? I'll be having x Ray's next week when I go back to the surgeon for my first post op visit, but ImI worrying now.

Thanks for any insight.



  • To begin with 11 days is early. You will go through so many type of symptoms such as new pain areas that come and go, different spasms, it’s like opening a box of cracker jacks , you never know what the next day is going to be like lol the tingling in your hands will hopefully resolve in time. The hard braking most likely is fine! The soreness is probably from you screaming at him for the rest of the ride lol. ( trust me, you have to find humor after all this) and most Importantly,stay positive! I’m 2 1/2 years post C-5 through C-7 which failed so waiting around until a screw come loose for a posterior fusion of C-4 through C-8. Every day is a new day and even today I don’t know how my neck will be. Hang in there, stay positive and stop yelling at him lol ( been married for 40 years so I speak from experience! Please keep us posted!......David. The unofficial Walmart door greeter


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

  • P.S. I hope you don’t take me seriously on yelling at your husband. It was meant for humor. To honestly answer your question, you will find out that you will have pain, tingling, numbness as well as different symptoms during your recovery phase. Some helpful advice is #1 Don,t over do it thinking you’ll get better faster! #2 Eat healthy #3 Give your body time to adjust to all the new hardware as well as the disk height they added. #4 Expect the anxiety, depression, and all the emotion changes that come along with it. It’s normal! When you need to rant, know that we are here as well and know what your going through....David


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

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  • L4_L5LL4_L5 Posts: 1,434
    edited 02/10/2018 - 11:22 AM

    The soreness is probably from you screaming at him for the rest of the ride.
     :o  :#  o:)

    It’s true that a sense of humor helps (and helps greatly). 

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,443

    hi expatinpa!!
    welcome to spine-health

    i see you have already received some great advice (and the hubby too lol). just have patience and recover per the doctor's orders.

    please click on the welcome link below as well as the tutorial to help you get started on the foum.
    welcome to spine health

    take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.
    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
    Please read my  Medical History
  • expatinpaeexpatinpa Posts: 0
    edited 02/11/2018 - 11:29 PM

    Thank you for the welcome.  :)

    To be honest, we were within a mile of home after the sudden stop and I wasn't screaming at him as I just was gently moaning. We're ok now though.

    I'm just hoping that my surgeon will release me for limited duty when I see him on the 15th. I need to get back to work (or at least be available for work) by the 18th  because that's when my FMLA runs out (and thus I will lose my insurance). By that time i will have been off for 120 days (I tried pt and steroid shots first of all and my original surgery date of Jan 8th was put off because of snaffus with getting approval from insurance). So time is tight. I'm going to speak to my boss tomorrow and am hoping that 1) I won't be scheduled for a couple of weeks after release anyway, and that 2) I can get short part time shifts after that for a month or so. Apart from anything else I've been basically non-functional since October, so I don't have a great deal of stamina.

    We shall see.

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  • I can just tell you from my case that I was allowed light duty 3 weeks after surgery which included no lifting over 10 pounds and no prolonged sitting or standing and no lifting overhead. From the other members, it sounds common.


    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator

  • My surgeon signed my return to work today: no weights over 25 lbs basically.  I'm going back 4 days a week to start with.

    I'm just so relieved. I keep my job and my health insurance, and I actually got a good night's sleep last night (sleep has been all over the place).

    Thank you everyone.

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