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Dr. said that they are required to lower the amt pain patients are getting.



  • scininmyheart- ugh :( I guess this is what my Dr. is wanting to get me to, 90 MME. I think I'm currently at 120 MME per MrNyle.

    how did you manage having such a drastic decrease in the oxymorphone ER? I found that it wears off before the 12 hours is up so that is why I was put on 10mg ER 3x a day. Just cutting down to 2 yesterday makes me miserable today.

    so how many MME are you at currently? I do the same as you (break my IR's in 1/2).

  • Pain 

    Anytime I have decided to reduce my extended release doses , and I have multiple times, is first, mentally prepare myself for several weeks of increased pain. I know it's coming, so I rely heavily on topical, hot showers, baths , and minimal use of breakthrough meds.

    It's not as always easy but I manage and I find half the battle is knowing, this too shall pass. I remind myself my body will make the adjustment quicker than my mind to the lower doses. I have also, on occasion, temporarily switched to a different long acting for 2 reasons- 1. Switching usually means a reduction of about 20% for cross tolerance, which helps to avoid the my body knows I should be taking that 8 hr. dose of XYZ now, and 2. Switching to a different extended for a month or so allows my receptors to reset, so when I do switch back, it is similar to starting over again at a lower dose.

    Lots of mind tricks come into play, and thankfully so far they have worked relatively well.

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  • Thanks Sandi! You are so right about mentally preparing. I guess I didn't have time to mentally prepare at all and today is Day 3 with one less ER pill and I had to take 2 extra IR but know I need to stop somehow because I won't allow myself to run out.

    Another struggle I have is not knowing if it's the Cambers that's causing me to feel worse (remember, I had to get 20 Cambers generic since Walgreens only ordered me 100 of the old generic to make it 120 for the month). I decided to stop taking Cambers and saving it for the end of the month to see how it goes.

    You know, the past couple of days I've been so sad and depressed and question why all this is so unfair when I was okay last month. I spent most the day yesterday in bed, neglecting my family, especially feeling bad for neglecting my autistic son who loves being around me 24/7. I just couldn't have him next to me all day because I wasn't feeling well. How is this fair to him? How is it fair to my husband and my older kids? Each day we spend in bed and unable to care for the ones we love is worth what these laws/suggestions/recommendations are doing to us? :(

  • Pain,

    I understand...many of us do. As far as the chambers go, you could try what I did when I was given them mixed with my regular manufacturer..broke them in half, took half of the camber brand, half regular brand..kind of balanced out the ineffective cambers..

    I also do that regularly ( break the breakthrough dose) in half, which still keeps me at 2 a day, but gives me leeway to keep the use minimal.

    I hope you feel better soon. I know how difficult it can be, but you can do this. 

  • MikeyGMMikeyG Posts: 1
    edited 04/01/2018 - 2:01 PM

    Both the FDA and most states are urging but not requiring docs especially primary care docs to not prescribe narcotics in excess of  90 mgs of morphine equivalent per day. Key here is that this is just a recommendation but most docs are viewing it otherwise. Bottom line is that they want anything above that 90mme to be prescribed by a pain management doc. While I don't agree with this I have found that having an open and honest  discussion with your doc to be the key. The government should not be getting involved in what can/cannot be prescribed or what quantities can be dispensed but on the other hand you now have the insurance folks and pharmacies attempting to dictate what can and cannot be dispensed. Total [edit] and maybe it's time to stand up and say that "Pain Patients Matter".  I am really tired of not being able to have my pain treated because another person choses to abuse their meds.   We NEED to STAND UP for our rights and do it quickly as they are eroding more each and every day...

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  • peanut006peanut006 MichiganPosts: 147

    @MikeyG... I'm not totally sure if this will be allowed and if not please remove with my apologies. I know this is really late notice at this point, but on Facebook there's a group called "don't punish pain". They're holding rallies at every state capital on April 7th in an effort to bring awareness to pain patients dire situation.  It's one way we can absolutely to shine a light and make our voices heard 

  • Mikey66MMikey66 Marysville, caPosts: 5

    My doctor has me on 67  Fentynol and 120 10/325 norco. But this morning they want to drop it lower or send me to a difrent doctor. She said the other doctor has a special  license  to prescribe narcotics . She is also  recommending the pain pump.  The only doctor that could do it is the one she is referring me too. Im fused from t10 to sacrum, they also fused my lft si joint. But now i have pain in both feet with numbness on toes. Pain in lower back and legs. Im at a lost cant understand what the new laws are anymore and if it  affects us that have so much hardware and pain radiating down to legs . I mean i have proof to back up my pain and use of pain meds. Any feed back would help.!

  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,745
    edited 07/06/2018 - 3:37 PM

    Mikey66 I wish I had a answer for all of this’s j. But I don't. There are people who wouldn't know what chronic pain is like that are making the laws that are denying us any pain relief. I had my pain controlled fairly well for 20 years. Now I'm being denied proper pain control because of the "HEROIN" crisis. Similar to you I've been fused from T12 all the way down to S1 along with other surgeries over the years. So at almost 70 I have no life. It is a crime!

    I'm to the point that I would buy the meds illegally if I knew how without getting ripped off or killed. Are they trying to turn us into criminals in order to get pain relief and have a life. They just don't care about those of us that have chronic pain. And I really don't think they're going to cure their crisis by hurting us.

    If you have proof to show your in chronic pain. Then it's just not right to punish the people who are legitimately needing pain meds.


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  • well it is obvious that if you are going to get pain medication in the future you will need to come up with the money yourself.

  • I know this is a older post but I had to post. I know too well about the cut back on pain meds. June of 2017 I was on 125 mccg x 48 hrs and 4 15mg oxycodone a day..they have lowered me over this past year to 12mccg every 72hr and 3 10mg oxycodone a day. I am literally dying over here with most days my pain is at least a 7 if not better. Now they got me trying MM..its like they act like sorry our hands are tied This is crazy leaving people to suffer. I too have well documented pain and spinal problems..including 3 surgeries to my neck and lumbar issue from l2-s1..I feel exhausted, drained and hopeless. I wasnt give time to prepare. They dropped it monthly.

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