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Old scoliosis

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Scoliosis
old scoliosis+ DDD + bulging disc + facet joint + narrowing + nerve compression

This is what my MRI said and I am still waiting to go to the doctor. I had scoliosis surgery in 1982 and am not sure what the numbers are but its from top to bottom and part of my hip is fused to the 3 harrington rods. I would like to know if anyone has had surgery for any of these things on top of having all the old metal in your back and whats the outcome. I really want surgery because I'm in so much pain right now. Any thoughts? Thanks Melissa



  • please look down this column and you will see a post saying going to doc today. please read it and see if you think that she may be able to help you. Although, she had her rods removed. I am trying to help you.
  • :/ I just don't know who to go to in order to find relief from my pain. I would like for someone to be able to tell me first of all what the pain is coming from. Is it due to diseased discs in my spine or what. I am not real keen on them going in with a real long needle and burning nerves to relieve my pain.

    I had a spinal fusion in 1976 at Shriner's Hospital and everything was great throughout the years. Then about 10 years ago I got depressed and couldn't even manage to get off my couch which was a stupid Futon. Ever since then I have suffered from severe hip, and lower back pain.

    I would highly suggest that anyone who has had such surgeries as back surgery to not EVER buy a futon couch or sleep on a futon couch. I would rather sleep on the floor. I blame the futon for setting off the pain that I continue to have to this day.

    Does anyone know what type of specialist I should seek out besides a pain specialist? Is there such a specialist that would specialize in patients who have had this surgery so long ago, and now having pain, and other problems that may be stemming from it?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. >:D<
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  • Sorry to hear about your pain shrinerschild. What was your fusion for? Have you been to any kind of doctor? I am going to see a NS because of my previous scoliosis surgery and now I'm having problems degeneraive disc, facet joint, narrowing and 2 bulging disc. My family doc sent me to him. He is the supposed to be the best around here, I know he is a complex spine surgen and heads a team of about 8 doctors. I have an appt on the 28th. Maybe if you wanted to say what state you were in people could recommend doctors. I don't think anyone will stalk you here, everyones in too much pain! Keep us posted if you find a doctor! Good Luck...Melissa O:)
  • Hi there. I wore a milwaukee brace for years when I was young into my teens to correct my scoliosis. I am now 44 & just had spinal surgery on June 10th as my curve got much worse in my older age. I know my surgeon has done corrective surgeries on old harrington rod surgeries & he's fabulous. I researched & researched & he's one of the best in the world. His name is **EDITED**. I go see him on Monday for my 3 month check-up. He's in Texas & I'm in MO, but he's got patients from all over the world. All his info. is on the web under his name. Please take care. Kelly

    Doctors name and contact details removed by forum Moderator (paulgla). We do not permit publishing specific doctor's or institution names and contact details
  • I had a 9 level fusion in Jan. would be curious to communicate with you if you had more than 6. Can't find many folks at my age 51,, who have had large fusions. It has been life altering!
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  • I am 53 years old and had what I consider a large fusion. On June 17 of this year I was fused anteriorly from L1 to L4 and posteriorly from T11 to L-4. I had bone scraped from both hips in addition to cadaver bone. I spent a week in the hospital including 3 days in intensive care. I have hardware front and back. I am wearing a turtle shell brace and will continue to do so for at least 7 to 8 more weeks.
    I can get around the house without a walker and can do simple househould chores that do not require bending. Other than that I am fairly miserable. I try not to let little things bother me, but it isn't easy. The cleaning lady does okay, but she is not me. My husband has had to make a huge adjustment so I try not to bother him to fix things that bother me. My pain is there all the time, especially in my hips, but is usually bearable. I started on 40 mg of oxycontin and am down to 15 mg a day. My orthopedic surgeon wants me off all narcotics by the middle of September and I'm thinking that may be difficult. I was warned by my surgeon that I would be like a "little old lady" for quite a while and the surgeon who gave us a second opinion said that recovery from this surgery would basically take a year out of my life. I try to be patient and realize I have a long time to go before I get my life back, but I find this whole thing very depressing
  • I am 51 and had 9 levels fused 1/27/08. It was hell for a long time. i wore the turtle shell for 6 months. At 7 months, I am a world better, but still on norco. I wouldn't be ok without. I just took my first trip, to Vegas, 2 days, tricky! I go to PT 3 x a week. I am totally fused now, but feel slightly handicapped, which I guess is better than where i was headed, crippled. Take it slow, and listen to your body and all your docs advice. Very important. i get better in monthly increments. Let me know if you have any questions. I had my surgery, front, back, and side, 2, 15 inch rods and 20 sumpin screws,!!!! @ St. Johns, Santa Monica..WB
  • Finally, after all these years, it's great to hear someone else had to wear that aweful contraption. Mine was for 5 years, and now after 30 more I'm having fusion surgery on Sept 22nd. What surgery did you have? What was your recovery like?
  • Hello ladies, are all of your surgeries from scoliosis? If it is did any of you have arthritis is your backs before the surgeries? I am 38 and when I was 12 (1982 I had surgery for scoliosis from T-6 to L-5. I have 3 harrington rods and some of my hip fused to my spine. There is just a little bit of my lumbar that has not been fused. Now I am being told that because of all the years my lumbar has taked the brunt of all the work for my back I have arthritis of a 70 year old person. I have many other issues with my back but the NS said I get one chance at an operation and he wants to wait until I am in my 50's before doing it because if he does it before then we will have hip issues to deal with and there wont be any more room to work with in there. So for now we are doing injections. I have just had one so I am not sure if they are working yet. How did the doctors tell you to deal with arthritis and the back problems? Thanks for listening ladies. Peace be with you, Melissa O:)
  • I'd love to hear some responses from people who have had the scoliosis surgery when they were young, and developed back pain later on. What was causing it, and what is the solution? I had Harrington Rods in 1984 from somewhere on top, down to L3. In the past 4 months, I have gone from completely pain free, to completely incapacitated. I think some sports may have brought it on, but nothing seems to be taking it away. The pain seems to be in 2 different spots: lower back joints, and then in my lower right buttock/hip area. I've done all the tests and nothing definitive shows up. I've had 2 epidurals and a nerve block, so they are ruling out pinched spinal nerve root. I'm thinking it may be facet joints. I'm getting sent from one doctor to the next. I'm 40 with 2 kids to take care of, and no life. It's unbelievably frustrating. The ortho surgeon doesn't know what to do with me, because he doesn't feel I'm a surgical candidate (which is fine; just tell me where to go next!). Anyone have or having this experience, and please tell me there is hope. I am so despondent that this will be like this forever. I can't leave the house unless I drag myself to a doctor's appointment. Thanks.
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