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Fibromyalgia AND...

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:22 AM in Fibromyalgia
it seems most people here have quite a list of symptoms.
I fractured my neck many years ago at c6 and about 4 years later was told I had fibro. I was bounced around the medical system and like many people here its not just fibro. I actually had them take fibro off my medical hx because I was having trouble getting treatment. I couldn't get an mri of my neck 3 years ago. I actually had to challenge my pcp. He did it and the degeneration was significant from C2 to T1 and scoliosis and other than that a very healthy spine! Went thru pt, improved slightly, then finally had two shots in my neck around the site of the fracture that is tender to the touch 20 years later. It helped. Fibro pain calmed down. Had about 2.5 good years and then I hurt my hip and I've been on that slippery slope of pain.
I work full time and have a child and just feel like I give up often. Not sure how to give up- but I just want to crawl in bed for a few days or something. HA!
The fibro fog seems much worse than ever. I have another round of shots, I am taking vit d and magnesium but if this shot doesn't get me back, my job will probably be in jeopardy. I have a strong work ethic but when I feel bad for a long period, it just doesn't matter much. You gotta be in a lot of pain to look forward to an injectioon in your neck!! :( :? I just don't how to juggle everyting right now. How do you guys get thru it. Any insights are greatly appreciated!


  • I'm so sorry that you are having a tough go of it right now. I am very new to the fibro Dx, so I honestly don't know what to tell you about juggling everything. I do know that after fighting back pain for ten years and all that goes with it, I have learned to just take the good days and run with them and when you have the bad days- even if they out number the good days take it easy! Let your family help you as much as they will and don't feel guilty about it. That's what family does for each other and you didn't ask to be hurt! Another great thing to do, rely on your blogging buddies on the boards. They are all very special people that know what your going through and it seems that they can always say something to help build you up, even if they are feeling low themselves.
    Again, I am very sorry that you are not feeling well... hopefully there will be better days ahead- TO RUN WITH!
  • I'm just starting wonder about my job. Between absences and the fog I'm experiencing more and more. I'm worried if this shot or 2 don't give me some relief, what to do.
    I don't mean to be nosy, do you work? Do you exercise? If so what? I'm really wondering how people handle it and if they work what kind of work do they do? Well off to bed, the shot is tomorrow morning.
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  • I hope you are feeling OK today... I know the shots can be quite uncomfortable, but hopefully they will give you some relief. Lucky for me, I don't have to work, couldn't even if I wanted to. I'm ashamed to say I don't exercise, although I know that I should. I think there is a site listed with some kind of exercises on it, so you might check that out. Hang in there...
  • Yep, I have fibro too and have difficulty managing it all. My pain is worse than the fog though at this point, although sometimes it trades off. I work full-time in a retail craft store. I am struggling a bit with the tiredness and not feeling so hot but I am trying to just go and not worry about it so much. I know I have to budget my time so I don't have to run around all crazy. THAT'S when I feel cruddy. WE have been short handed for months so that's the hard part.

    I just take it easy and don't worry about not getting everything done. When I do feel better, then I try and get as much as I can done, but I don't over do it. Otherwise I pay dearly.

    I am in the process of wanting to find another job where I can sit more and not so much running around so I am not so tired when I come home but that's been difficult.

    I do some moderate exercise----I've been to PT for a while now and he's taught me some good exercises to help with the pain and muscle knots (trigger points as I have Myofacial pain syndrome too). Gentle stretching helps too! Maybe you can see a PT to help you manage the pain better. The meds help but I get more relief from the exercises!
  • I had the shot, it hurt but not as long as I have been. Tomorrow I go back to work. I think I feel some benefit but the truth will be in going back to the daily grind. My goal here is to reduce the pain somewhat. My reflexes were so hyper they were afraid my spinal chord was damaged. Luckily not!!!!!! So maybe if I can take it down a few notches, then I can start strenghthening my right side. I have scoliosis and my right side of my back is very week. I try to walk but lately not at all. Yea I'm thinking of a referral to a PT to strenghten after the pain is decreased some. I hope the fog goes with it!......
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  • I feel a little better a few days after the shot but that deals more with the osteoarthritis in my neck. Not the fibro. I am now considering accunpunture. I'm sick of drugs that I wonder if they contribute to the fog. I'm not sure. The intense pain down my arms is milder but my neck hurts my hip and leg hurt and my right arm isn't always right. Probably going back for shot #2 and then see what I can do next. I'm just so sick of it all. ANd my dh, is very helpful but really does not understand what it feels like to want to take your head off because your neck hurts so much. And in all fairness how can you unless you've felt like that?!? ~X(
  • pretty much know what you're feeling. I have felt like just drowning to get away! Glad you are hurting a little less.

    I still don't feel quite right and am trying to decide whether to go to a baby shower tomorrow that's out of town and it will be a 10 hour day trip. My mind is trying to be sensible and know that I don't think I should go, partly b/c I have no idea if I am contagious or not, or if the hoarseness is due to acid reflux or what. My heart wants to go b/c it's family I haven't seen in quite a while and they go to my stuff, so I should go. I am sure they would understand if I said I was sick. I know some of my family knows about the fibro but I don't know if this side does.

    Who knows!
  • If you went to the shower would it be a 10 hour drive??? Can it be broken up over 2 days? Is the hoarsness new? If not , go, I often find myself uplifted at things like that. Let us know what you do!

    As far as wanting to take my head off, that goes back to the vertebrae fracture that has lead to serious degeneration, etc. Funny , it never seemed heavy untill I broke a vertebrae and had to wear a brace.
  • probably was about 25 years ago my rhumi said i had fibro, back then you never heard of that word, at first i thought hey finally a name for my problems,as time went by i was told lupus was the culprit 4 out of the 7 blood test came back poss for it now i had lupus not fibro, well 5 years of lupus meds and original rhumi says no lupus its fibro and myofascia pain,strong meds for a disesae i didnt have ewwwwww, 2 and half years balance issues start mris of brain neck and back hmmm all they find is severe stenosis and mild bulging in neck but rhumi think balance is to do with stenosis and my reflexes were off the wall from knee to upper thigh look out i could of kicked a football 500 feet rhumi doc sends me to a diff doc who says hmmm i think she has multiply sclerosis i then am put threw the ringer with every test under the moon and in the mean time they are looking into my brain so much they forget about my neck and the stenosis, which by now has progressed to where i am now with myeolpathy and some days cant get my self out of my chair because my legs are to weak and numb my arms are to weak to push my body up the pain is tons worse and believe me i can handle pain that would put some in shock my poor neck has so many bad areas there isnt much good left in there and i believe i feel it going down into my thoracic spine c6-7 has the largest herni that has my cord in a crunch (thats what i call it) but because of all the diff. diagnosis in last 2 years surgeons come right out and say no other option you need surgery but i cant do it ive gone to the three best N.S. around here and now im hoping i can get into mayo if these docs would of been paying more attension to my spinal cord compression causing my balance problems they could of helped me before i got this bad so i am angry at it all they say surgery will be risky because i allready have swallow issue esophagus issues well if i do nothing with this progressing more and more everyday i will be in a bed not being able to walk maybe not be able to eat food by my mouth i dont want that my grandkids cant remember grandma like that i need to at least try to stop this myeolpathy from getting worse even if the chances of death are there if i can just keep the abilities i have at this moment i would be the happiest grandma in the world im ok if i cant pick up run after these kids but i can still play with them make them laugh ,, it might sound bad but if im gonna be around for a while i dont want it to be stuck in a bed being helpless to help my self, i found out 2 weeks ago my daughter is gonna have another baby that will make 3 one is 5 one is 4 boy and a girl exactly one year apart, whem my daughter first told me she felt bad because im having so many problems and i always want to help her out with the kids and its becoming more difficult well when she said shes having a baby i said oh honey i love you and now we are gonna have another sweetie in this family(HER HUBBY IS A GEM) her words to me and i will never forget
    Mom you have got to get better, Im gonna need your help, at that time i needed thoose words so much cause i was losing my strengh to fight this crap, and if one reason God is sending this new baby to us is to help me get better Im getting better no matter what it takes, bless all those that took the time to read my words it helps,
  • Well, Curly, I think you might have misunderstood me. I should have written that the drive was actually 4 hours one way. (I ended up going and felt MUCH better that day, but still hoarse) So it took us a total of 8 hours to get there and back. I had a great time though, and am glad I went.

    The hoarseness issue is not new and neither is the acid reflux thing I've got going on. This situation of me being hoarse for several days in a row started after I had a reaction to a drug called Ultram. I had a follow-up appt. after my ER visit with my dr, and I was hoarse for nearly a month in Feb. I was given 2 rounds of antibiotics..I was told my throat was red. I had been taking different acid reflux meds b/c they think that's why my asthma has been out of control too. I got on Protonix and then the hoarseness went away. It's come back when I don't take the Protonix, but I've been on it a while and I am not sure what the deal is now. THis time it's 2 weeks. My throat really doesn't hurt unless I talk loudly. My sinuses were sore last week, and my ear has been hurting too. So I may have a sinus infection. If this does not clear up by the end of the week (2 more days I'll wait) then I will go back and find out what's wrong.

    I may have to run to the ENT (I have had chronic ear infections for YEARS and have been having trouble with my right ear for 3 years now. Too many infections, surgery to correct a collapsed ear canal, etc.)

    We'll see. I also read on one of the posts here that sometimes one of the symptoms of Fibro, is have a red, irritated throat,so it could be that. I am only 2 1/2 months post diagnosis, so I am still learning how to tell the diff. between and infection or if it's fibro, or what!
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