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Pain Pump

I an new to this site. I cant find info anywhere online so far, so figured I'd ask. 

Summary of history, I've had back pain starting when I was 8 yrs bc of scoliosis. As time went by I had all kinds of things going on, I was just a kid. When I was 16 I started going to the dr. Just gave me antidepressants and told to take tylenol. 19 I was diagnosed with sciatica, and the search continued. I'll keep it short, started to see pain drs. Ice been through 12 in the past  15 yrs have me every injection series, tried them w every new dr. Added all together 2 yrs of physical therapy.

I met an awesome caring pain dr. He didnt do shots. He read my health records and said he want to do one of those spine neurostimulator. Helped my legs, nothing more. Next step pain pump. My insurance wouldn't cover it. Had dr put in another request. Said u had to try physical therapy first. So I went. Finally got approved. Had trial last Thursday. 1 24 hr dose of morphine in my pain, first time my back has not been I. Pain since u was a little girl. Surgery following Monday (march 26). My pain now is so bad I cannot even stand up. I was told to only take tylenol. My follow up is Monday. 

So my questions, this implant the catheter tip is in the middle part of my back. When I get the thing to work, will it just help my back or everywhere?

2nd, for the first week of your surgery were u in pain, not suergy pain but the usual pain u are used to? I'm afraid something might be defective or the dose of morphine of 5mg is just not even toughing the pain. 

Any advise is appreciated. Thank you 



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,473

    hello dmangum321
    welcome to spine-health

    i have had a morphine pain pump since jan. 2017. after surgery, i was not in very much pain, at least not like i was. so they have filled your pump and turned it on? depending on where the catheter was placed, which you need to know, will depend on how far down it will cover. the catheter goes into the interthecal canal of your spine so the morphine stays in your spine. it will not cover anything buy the spine. mine is placed at t1 as i have problems all the way down.

    when you go for your follow up monday ask if your pump is on and at what rate. if it is on, you can ask for an increase. also ask where is the catheter placed. ask your doctor how often you can get an increase and at what percentage.
    pumps are trial and error for a while until you get the right dose.

    if you have any further questions feel free to ask, i'll help all i can.

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    welcome to spine health

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