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Facing C2-T1 anterior and posterior surgery need advice

Beginning in 2014 I’ve had two surgeries: 1st was ACDF on c5-6 and c6-7 due to herniated disc and annular tear. One year later I was told the disc above needed to be replaced and it should have been done with the first surgery. 2nd surgery was ACDF on c3-4 and c4-5 and to fix the curve in my neck ( it was curved too far forward). A year later ( believe it or not) I sneezed really hard and something snapped in my neck. This caused severe pain in neck and upper back. It literally felt as if something ripped from my spine. I lost all use of my right arm. It felt heavy and dead. I could move my fingers but could not lift my arm. My shoulder dropped and I ended up with muscle atrophy in my bicep, tricep, deltoid, and rhomboid ( according to EMG). No one believed me that this happened from a sneeze. 

After many MRIs, CTs, X-rays, and another EMG, and 5 surgeons, I found a surgeon that explained my results to me. I never fused anywhere and when I sneezed my c4 vertebra collapsed causing kyphosis and I also have mild to moderate subluxation at C7-T1.

I have permanent nerve damage from my first herniated disc and now he is sure the nerve damage from the fractured vertebra is permanent as well due to the fact that it’s been this way for two years now. No other doctor wanted to mess with me because they don’t want to admit they failed or fix another doctors surgery.

I’ve lived with chronic pain for the past 4 yrs. I’m unable to work. I began having problems with my left arm due to severe high grade bilateral foraminal stenosis at 2 levels. I suffer from chronic neck and arm pain, weakness in right arm and shoulder, severe headaches, and blurry vision. Plus I suffer from extreme anxiety which started after my 2nd surgery.  My pain never got better after 1st or 2nd surgery but the area that hurt the most actually got better after I sneezed and lost the use of my right arm however it caused a whole other pile of problems and pain. 

This surgeon wants to do a total revision surgery from c3 to T1, posterior and anterior. 

I am absolutely terrified. I’ve read where so many people have posted that posterior is 10 times worse than anterior not counting the fact that this will be both posterior and anterior. I don’t even know if this will help me. I scared I’ll be paralyzed or have a stroke from the anxiety and pain or that it just won’t fuse. What happens next?  He said I need this surgery that my neck could last a week, a month, or maybe a year but it has to be done. 

Can anyone tell me anything about this and what to really expect?  

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