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My mum - very worried :( please help!

cat37ccat37 Posts: 2
edited 06/03/2018 - 2:24 PM in Spinal Stenosis

Hi everyone! I'm new here and it's my mum who had lumbar spinal stenosis. I'm very concerned about her condition and after a recent visit can't stop worrying even more. 

She developed initial symptoms just over a year ago and it started with a strange "foot slapping" gait and has progressed every since despite her doing physical therapy, eating a healthy diet (which she always has) etc. Now she can barely walk and fell over slamming hard onto the ground twice in two days just this week which was really scary.  She said she tripped over her feet. She's also v clumsy now and feels extreme weakness all over so even simple everyday tasks are proving difficult. She has a digestive system disorder too which isn't helping as she to deal with that too and she is also very thin. Prior to the stenosis kicking in she was v physically active so it's very surreal to see her like this. She uses a stick outdoors though can't even get outdoors much now. 

My mum is scheduled to have spinal decompression surgery v soon - I've been reading up a lot and read v mixed things I'm really confused. I've read it's successful in restoring  at least some mobility in 70% or so of people but then read things in forums and other places that most people who have surgery end up worse/ regret it. At the same time I can see that if it progresses much further then she'll most likely end up wheelchair bound. 

If anyone can help shed any light I'd be so grateful. 



  • I'm afraid that I can't help too much, as I've been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, but have yet to see a neurosurgeon about it (I'm on a waiting list).

    There are dangers and complications with any surgery, both during and after, even with successful surgery.  Also, everybody heals differently, so people with the same condition may have very different stories to tell.

    While forums can be a great source of information (they certainly have been for me), nobody on any forum can possibly know the situation your mum is in, whereas the doctor or surgeon will be across all of the details.

    So, with this in mind, I'd strongly recommend having a good chat with your mum's doctor or surgeon about your concerns.

    You mention that your mum has a digestive system disorder as well, and that she is also very thin?

    It might also be worth getting her doctor to check her bloods, and in particular, B12 levels (if they haven't already).

    In my particular case, I have both spinal stenosis and a vitamin B12 deficiency, and it's possible that one or the other (or even both) are causing my symptoms (burning in my feet, tingling, numbness/weakness).

    Please note that I am not suggesting that your mum does have a B12 deficiency, just that it's worth getting checked out by your mum's doctor.  A simple blood test can determine this.

    The elderly, vegans, and people with stomach conditions can be prone to a B12 deficiency.

    I wish you and your mum the best of luck with this, and I hope that her surgery is a success.  :-)

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