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Rare symptoms please help for similar cases

gambittggambitt Posts: 1
edited 06/21/2018 - 6:17 PM in Lower Back Pain

Hi to all,

Please could I ask all those with lower back problems of nerve related diagnosis to consider the below.  I really would appreciate  responses as I am mystified with what is happening to me, but do believe it is curable.

I am currently not working to spend some time with our child before she starts school.  However prior to stopping last August I had been in a mainly sedentary desk job involving long hours for about nine years.  

During my seventh year at work (aged 34) we moved into our first house and in the process I went to pick up a box at the porch without bending my knees (foolish in hindsight I know). I felt something pull sharply in central LB and great pain. I had to steep forward thereafter.

Long story short after about 3-6 months I got classic sciatic shooting pains down left leg and nerve pain at location above.  It was so bad I could not walk more than 100 yrds without stopping.  After trying painkillers and physio the docs finally gave me an MRI, which confirmed a few disc protrusions but  at S1/l5 was where the main problem was as it was impinging on the root - the others were not.  

The pain I used to get i must explain as I dont know if this is unique, but appears to be repeating in a similar way now.  Essentially when I woke up each day I was fine for about an hour or two on my feet doing basically anything ie non strenuous. Then it would go downhill and turn into a dull awful pain with soreness and shooting down leg to side of calf and be constant rest of day unless I sat down or lied down.  It was like I im on a timer or countdown each day.

So I accepted a steroid injection on surgeon’s advice.  I had this and felt instant relief it was amazing.  I could now be active again.  Ok so given my life at the time (young kid, work etxc) I did not undertake any proper physio thereafter, but I was more active generally. However I did fall back in to the trap of sedentary life.  I was pain free however during this time (may be felt I was cured?).  About 8 months post injection  I agreed to partake in a football tournament and help my friends practise so started weekly 1 hour sessions of quite high intensity.  I used to so this a lot 2/3 years ago so I felt it was just a case of getting back into fitness.  Now, doing this may be an anomaly as I did not feel any real pain in my LB after training.  

That said training lasted only 4/5 weeks and I returned to my sedentary lifestyle.  I then left work 2 months later.  I then became quite active at home as one would with our child.  One day after some light cleaning duties I bent down to pick something off the floor (I know bad form again) and felt not the same thing as before, but like mmm let me say it’s like imagine you touch a live wire of low voltage and you get a jumpy twang in your finger.  

Well its like that in my back LB now - like two opposite wires touching every so often.  at that time it was so intense i had to curl up in a ball on the floor.  Now this is weird. I thought I would remain on the floor or lying on sofa or bed. i managed to get up and was walking soon after, albeit with great pain and weakness there.

This is where I am 8 months later.  I told the doc I’ve been here before and feel its my discs at play / perhaps getting worse.  Incredibly the doc said this is not like before its new symptoms and you have a weak core muscles that keep spasming as they not supporting back properly so need physio.  The physio did not work.  She said an mri would be of little use as would an injection! Let me explain, just as above, I am fine first thing and I can walk, sit down get up, and do light and evn sometimes heavy work, but again it’s like a timer or countdown. 

The classic thing and main difference however  is after activity for a time (could be 2,3 even 4 hours) once I sit down on any sort of chair, worst with soft ones and couches, once I get up that twang occurs at the moment I lift up and it catches me offguard and gives me this terrible pain at LB.  thereafter I have to be on tenterhooks because the frequency of twanging increases with any  back movements involving bending ie mainly when sitting down or getting up from sitting or lying.  The shooting pains happen this time but less frequently; pain resides mainly in my LB where I feel the twang.

This keeps happening.  Painkillers have not worked; in fact as they masked some of the pain I was perhaps making it worse by continuing activity.  Physio does not work either-  it speeds up the countdown process so the breaking point comes quicker.  I am going to ask my doc for an MRI because i think an injection could work again, but this time I will be very serious about proper rehabilitation.  Although something tells me it may just recur.

My life is not how it used to be as I am not able to do the things I need to do - housework, renovations, childcare etc which I always thought would be possible.  Is anyone going through this with similar symptoms who feels they have a nerve not muscular issue that could be fixed?? I would be most grateful and indebted to hear from you. Many thanks in advance.  Apologies for the length.



  • Hi all

    I needed to add something important to the above can't believe I forgot tbh!  In the last three months I have noticed that when lying down the backs of my thighs and buttons are completely numb and I don't have any sensation.  This happens all the time when lying down instantly.  Fine when stood or sat. Is this some kind of worsening of a disc problem as it does not suggest to be muscular to me.

    Can anyone please help with this or provide their insight.  Most grateful.

    Kind regards

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