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Newly diagnosed with pars defect

Hi I'm 29 years old.im new to this group and need some suggestions or helpful advice. My background 6 years ago I was in a car accident. For the past 5 years I have been in pain management and physical therapy to treat two bulge disk at the c-4 ,c-6 level.

Now here's what brings me to this site. 14 weeks ago I was in a slip and fall accident at work. I fell on ice in the walk in freezer causing me to fall like I was sitting in a chair. The pain was instant! I then tried to get back to my feet when I slipped again hitting my lower back again and also hitting the back of my head and neck. I went to the urgent Care the next morning.i had to go to a ur that was used by my employer. They diagnosed me with a lumbar back sprain. Wrote me a script for Tylenol 3. Gave me paperwork to go get x Ray done, wrapped my waist with an ace bandage and sent me on my way... Needless to say the x-rays came back normal. I  went to this urgent Care 5 more time's then I was released to light duty on week 9. I was in so much pain when I went back for one day a 6 hour shift. The next morning I went back to the urgent Care and they took me off work and sent me to a orthopedic surgeon. At week 11 I finally saw the orthopedic. 

They took new x-ray and I was miss diagnosed with a lumbar sprain. I had two broken verdebra in my back. I broke the lowest part of my talebone. I was also given the diagnosis of pars defect. Course of treatment was get coustome back brace and a pillow to sit on. Well here I am week 14 and found out my brace and pillow we're denied by insurance company.

In the meantime I've been in the worst pain of my life!!! It's only getting worse. If I don't stay on out of my pain my hole body stars shaking , I almost feel as if I go into pain. last Monday I ended up in ER because I was having a hard time controlling my pain. I saw my orthopedic surgeon sooner this week and he is finally ordered a MRI. He said the only way to correct the pars defect is with a spinal fusion. He said baised on your x-ray you definitely have something there we need to look into. If there is a badly herniated disc we may need to do the fusion.

Here are some questions

Since my breaks we're caught 11 weeks after initial injury and now 14 weeks with out a brace. What are the chances it would heal with a back brace?

I have neglected my neck injury because the pain in my lower back is killing me, but I'm noticing more numbness in arms and fingers. Should I push for a new MRI of my cervical spine to see if the impact made any changes?

Please fill free to tell me anything about pars defect... I know I was not born with it. I know it's not from my car accident because I had MRI, CT scan, x-ray of entire spine after car accident. So if anyone else going through what I'm going through please let me know.

I am also starting to have not depression but more emotional distress. I again am only 29 I was very active and worked full time. Now everything has changed

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