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Instant care, ER, Hospitalization-again-sigh

I so want this year to be over.  It's like my body is trying to die and the doctors are trying to keep it alive.

I can not die in November, it's Thanksgiving.  I can not in December, it's Santa Clause.  I can not die in January, it's when we celebrate the birthdays of everyone.  I can not leave them with sad memories during good times.  I must see the doctor, again.  I must try to hold on a little longer.  What's the poem "do not go gently into that good night but fight, fight, against the dying of the light."  Or some thing like that, whatever, lol.

I go to a different instant care.  I check on wait times as husband is in a mood, as usual.  It's less time to wait here.  Fate has it in for me as well.  I specifically chose this spot to avoid seeing the doctor I saw in November.  Today she is working here, lol.  I get her again.  Lovely.

Anyway, too many medical problems, too hard to tell what's wrong, too many options.  My medical condition is too complicated.  Maybe a stroke, maybe a small micro brain bleed, get blood test, test says I'm septic.  I need to go to the ER doc says.  I could die, doc, says.  What?  Didn't we do this dance in November?  Problem was, in November, she was right.  The other doctors comfimed that had I not gone into the ER that Saturday; I would have died Sunday.

Off to the hospital.  

Very busy, long wait, finally seen.  We can't go by the instant care blood test, we have to do our own, doctor says.  Great.  Just great.

Possible heart attack.  What?  I am forced to stay at the hospital for testing.

The blood test indicates heart damage.  What?  In addition, you might have had a small stroke, or a micro brain bleed, or be septic.  Which?  Don't know, doc says.

It's there a computer near?  Where can i google?  What was the name of that blood test again?  Lol.

We will keep you over night.  In observation, your insurance may pay or not.  What?  I am a doctor, not an insurance guy.  Really?

We keep you awake all night running tests every hour, give you medication that we guess might help, forget to give you your regular meds cause we are giving you this other stuff, and we have no ideal what that butterfly rash is that you've developed on your face, but have you had it before?

What rash?  Can I have a mirror?  Oh, that rash.  Nope, not had it before.  What is it from?  Doc:  No ideal.

Then before we release you, from the hospital, we will give you more fluids because you are still dehydrated.  Not enough fluid to end the dehydration because if we give you enough fluid it may overwhelm your heart.   And something is going on with your heart.  We don't know why your head hurts so bad.  We don't know why your balance is so bad.  We don't the answer to your your on-going diarrhea since your hospitalzation in July.  

Something is wrong, we don't know what.  Bye for now.  Come back if things get worst.




  • The continued saga of what is wrong now.

    In addition, I am bored.  I still am not well enough to drive-have only driven once since May 2018.  Also was told by the PT and OT at the hospital not to try and cook.  Lol, as if I would.  Microwave, sure.  But, cook?  Nope.  (I am sure due to my current balance issues they are afraid I'd fall into the oven.  Pretty sure I won't fit despite the weight loss.)  Besides, like everyone with spinal probems, standing for any period of time is a bummer-a painful bummer.

    It is winter, snowing, cold as heck, so can't be outside.  My favorite neighbor is working overtime and not outside anyway cause he hates cold as well.  Can't play my computer game as my brain is a bit scrambled, same for reading.  Talking to anyone is a challenge as I scramble my words, forget words, or can't understand what others are saying.  People have noticed.  Sigh.  I going with the stroke theory until someone disproves it.  My spelling has suffered.  Alexa? How do you spell?  Lol.

    Plus, I realize I have opened too many new discussions on the forum recently when it was pointed out to me which makes it hard for people to follow what I am saying.  Sorry, a million excuses but I think I simply forgot that people might be reading these discussions.   Lol.

    Saga continued in next paragraph.

  • The overnight hospitalization was due to a single blood test.  The troponin1 test which showed an elevated level of .17.  The test, redone about four hours later, showed a return to normal.  Since my symptoms started Thursday and I was seen in the ER Saturday the doctors had no ideal exactly what the results meant.  But "protocol" dictated I stay in the hospital and be observed or maybe preserved. Pickled?  Hmm, I'm going with preserved.

    First choice-myocardial injury, a baby heart attack.  Second choice-stroke or TIA.  Third choice-pulmonary embolism or micro embolism.  Oh, wait, that was November's possible issue, let me rule that out.  I know what the November issue was. Lol.  

    Myocarditis?  Hmm, a possibility.  Increased heart failure?  A good possibility.  End stage renal disease.  Nope.  I have one kidney, the other failed, and I am at level three kidney failure with this one.  I know what complete failure feels like.

    The website I found says an elevated level of troponin "indicates a poor prognosis."  Hmm, oh well, old age indicates a poor prognosis.  Lol.  I was released and told to quit the "pee" pill, but continue the potassium.  Don't want a repeat of the November issue.  Three days later pitting edema, chest pain, shortness of breathe, tired.  Sigh.  Stop the laxative to help control the diarrhea, back to constipation I guess.  Sigh.  The waiting game doesn't just apply to spinal problems.

    Like everyone on the forum, I want to know what's wrong now.  Like everyone on the forum, I have to wait to find out.  

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  • Called my old neurologist office to see if I could be seen.  Nope.

    She left a few months ago and I didn't sign up with the new guy, and he is full up, and too bad so sad.  Oh.

    Then I remembered my PCP referred me to a neurologist who did a new EMG on me in May 2018.  My PCP wanted her to be my neurologist.  I googled her, got her office number, and called.  The phone call was interesting.  I asked to make an appointment and explained my situation.  But the receptionist said just because the neurologist did an EMG test that doesn't mean you are her patient.  Ok.  But I think my doctor wanted me to be her patient.

    It depends on the type of referral the PCP sent.  Ok.  But the receptionist can't look at the referral and the doctor, lol, is not in.  So when the doctor gets in, today, tomorrow, or when pigs fly; the doctor will decide if I am a patient of hers or not.  Ok.

    But she is taking new patients, I checked.  Yes, the receptionist, says, she is.  

    But.  If you are a current patient I can get you an appointment in the next couple of weeks.  Ohh, I want an appointment today, but next week would be great.  The receptionist continues:

    It sounds like you need an extended appointment which is a longer appointment, but if you are a patient of hers I can still get you that appointment in the next couple of weeks.  However, if you are not a current patient of hers then I can get you an appointment in six weeks or so.

    A new patient appointment, is an extended appointment which happens in six weeks or later; and not to be confused with an extended appointment for a current patient which happens in two weeks or less.  But, the receptionist says, I'll call you today or tomorrow when I know whether you are a current patient of hers or a new patient of hers.


  • Ask for the “executive” or VIP appointment LOL

  • Lol, no kidding.

    Talking to the nurse in my rhythm cardiologist office was much easier.  While my doctor told me the loop recorder records everything, it doesn't.

    It records electrical heart problems.  A heart attack is not an electrical problem.  Check mate again.  LOL.

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  • The on-going saga.

    PCP office just called.  They ordered new blood tests because the blood tests I had over the weekend were odd.  You think? They will see me this Friday, but my doctor is on vacation.  Yes, I know.  I only get really strange stuff when she is gone.  My timing for this is perfect.

    I see the "pump" cardiologist tomorrow.  Friday, the fourteen, I see the cancer doctor at the cancer center to see if I have cancer.  And Friday afternoon I see pain management for a hip shot.

    The biggest problem in all this, what has caused me the most anxiety is the fact that the bakery, where we buy our Christmas cookies, is not making them this year.  How can you be a bakery and not make Christmas cookies at Christmas?  What is the world coming too?

    We have been rushing around trying to find a new bakery.  I even seriously thought of baking if worst came to worst.  But never fear, today we found a bakery that makes beautiful cookies.  We bought some, just to make sure they tasted as good as they looked.  They looked awesome.  Lol.  Tasted awesome as well.

    The family party is the 15th.  There will be cookies.  YAY!

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We need to start a new forum called the “ Merry go Round” seems we all live it

  • Thanks DavidG! I hope your Christmas is great as well.

    The "Merry go Round" forum is an awesome ideal.  Wish I'd thought of it, lol.  We see so many doctors so many times with so few answers as we make the "rounds".

  • Saw the cardiologist.

    A complete waste of my time.  He has no clue as to why the troponin1 test showed positive.  But repeated what the other doctors said-could be a heart attack or not.  Could be something stressed my heart or not.  Said I had low blood pressure except during the exam he found, when I stood up, I had a diastolic blood pressure of 108.  Said he would send a message to my PCP.  She could decide to give me less blood pressure medication (which she just increased btw) or not.  Keep in mind it was my internist who wanted me to see this guy for several months.

    He also, out of the blue, wondered if I had cancer.  So tired of the cancer thing, this should be settled next Friday.  Also asked if I had brain surgery, nope, but I may want it to erase the memory of this useless visit.  As to the neurologist.

    The neurologist:

    The receptionist for the neurologist called this morning.  The neurologist said she would not see me for balance issues since I have so many medical problems that could effect my balance and cause issues.  However, I should see an internist.  (The neurologist actually knows that I do see an internist.  It was my internist that had this neurologist do an EMG test.  They are on the same floor at the same clinic.  They know each other.)

    Anyway.  If I see my internist and she refers me to this neurologist, then the neurologist will give me an urgent appointment.  An appointment with the next two weeks.  Since this receptionist know my internist's PA, who I am seeing tomorrow, she will convey this message to her.  Really?

    Yup.  The neurologist will see me as a favor for my internist, but she will not see me because I need a to see an neurologist.  Because I have too many complicating medical issues.

    Well, I am going to convey a message to my doctor's PA, and she can convey that message to the neurologist's receptionist, who can convey that message to the neurologist.  I would not see this neurologist if she danced naked on my mother's grave during a rain storm while a herd of flying pigs flew by.  And I would really like to see a flying pig.

    I forgot to get my blood test.  I ate a donut for dinner, cookies yesterday.  My blood sugar will be high.  Where do I get brain surgery?

    See the PA tomorrow.

  • Saw the PA.  Blood work has returned to normal.  She wanted to do several other things, but I am just going to wait for my doctor to return from vacation.  She joins the group of medical professionals who have no ideal what the problem was.

    She did do an X-ray on a swelling I have on the side my hip.  If you cup your hand, the swelling is as large as the indent.  It has only hurt once.  Doesn't hurt when you push on it.  It's not red.  It's not warm.  It's not squishy.  It's just swollen and slowly getting larger.  Always something.

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