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Spinal Injections - Help or no Help?



  • i've had a 'caudal' steroid injection last Sunday, under operating room standards with fluoroscope etc, with a very experienced consultant. I was hoping for a good result with the sciatica I have been suffering (l4/l5 herniation and stenosis, plus a few other minor bits). For the first 3 days I have had a little mild discomfort, but gained 80% mobility back (I'm now no longer dragging my leg along, or so it felt like) success, you think. That was until post procedure day 4. Sciatica has still gone, but the lumbar spine and pelvis feel very stiff, bruised, achy and I have sore spots, to the touch. I'm hoping this is temporary, and just my body reacting to the steroid crystals.

  • Jules1JJules1 Oklahoma City, OklahomaPosts: 99

    March 28 had S1 injections on both sides of spine in a hospital and now have pain where I didn’t.

    I am post fusion L2-S1 and went the full out on epidurals (right side) before surgery -no relief. I am in a pain center and still seeing surgeon. I was seeking stem cell therapy and surgeon sent me to new Doctor. Since my previous epidurals (pre-Fusion)were further up (started with an L3/L4 herniation) new Doc wanted to try S1 shot - CT scan showed perhaps fusion wasn’t complete near screws. Right before shots he confirmed pain always on right side lower back/ I agreed 90% right and sometimes 10% left. He talked me into both sides. Now my left side hurts on SIDE near hip - shots were in back.

    Its early will be checking in with them - I still want to try stem cell. Anybody add a side of pain?

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  • Jules1JJules1 Oklahoma City, OklahomaPosts: 99

    This is my second post attempt-please delete if posts twice. March 28 I had s1 epidurals on both sides of Spine and now have new pain. 

    I had full array of epidurals with no affect prior to fusion (2018) L2/S1. I am in pain center and still seeing surgeon. I expressed interest in stem cell treatment and surgeon recommended a new Doc. New Doc insisted on trying S1 injections since all previous were further up (L3/L4) herniation. CT scan seemed to show fusion slow around S1 screws. Right before shot I confirmed pain still 90% right side lower back and 10% left and he decided to do both. Now right side hurts side and lower back! 

    I know this is soon and I will check back -I still want to try stem cell. Anybody add a side?

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,487


    Go to the search box at the top right of the age and key in "stem cell therapy". Scroll down past the ads and there you will find articles as well as older discussions on this topic.
    I also had this discussion bookmarked.

    Take care and keep us posted on your decision.
    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
    Please read my  Medical History
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,487


    I have had 2 caudal epidurals and they both lasted 3-4 mos. I have also had numerous epidurals and triggr point injections that have not helped.
    Hopefully, for you, this will last a while and then you can have another one.

    Take care and keep us posted.

    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
    Please read my  Medical History
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  • Hi, I’m new to the group and a bit new to having neck and arm pain. I had an epidural injection in my c7-t1 about two weeks ago and I find that I am worse off now then before. Right after the injection I felt amazing (still had tingling and numbness in my left arm but no pain. About 4 hours later, the pain became so intense and stronger then before. I called my pain management clinic and was told that I needed to give it more time. My follow up is tomorrow afternoon and now my surgeon says he wants me to get a nerve block to make sure that the pain is coming from my C3/c4 like my mri shows. I believe that my epidural was performed correctly. I went in and the gave me an iv then administered Adavan. There were 4 people in the room. The X-ray tech, the Anesthesiology, the nurse and the dr. It was very quick, but even being out of it I remember saying ouch a few times. 

  • I had an SNRB that helped me for about 3 months, starting almost immediately. Relief was incredible! I had to constantly remind myself to take it easy, being careful not to push or over exert my neck just because I was pain-free.

    Did it help me? Absolutely.

    Would I do it again? No, as I am still young and it is only temporarily masking the problem. 

  • Nate, I also have cervical disc issues - 3 of them to be exact, muscle spasms in both shoulders and my left arm is asleep 90% of the time, right arm sporadically.  I had my first lumbar injection and I was sore but I can already tell a difference.  Other issue there is a weird soreness there and my nerve pain down my legs is now prominent. 

    I know what you mean by keeping your head down for a period of time will make both of your arms go to sleep.  What I think, and this is my theory, you will a longer period before that happens because your muscles will be less inflamed and cause more nerve pain to be the result.  Does that make sense?  Have you taken a dose of steroids? The problem with continually taking steroids to reduce the inflammation is they have to go through your entire body, and liver, and cause other issues.  The injections are delivered straight to the problem.  However, too much of this can cause issues with bone thinning, etc.

    I carefully chose my pain doctor; not just taking whoever they referred me to. 

    You are also a little into this with your neck.  It will gradually degenerate but no one knows how quickly or slowly.  You may not be in the place right now that you need it.  Mine is crippling and surgery is not an option so I am at the "I'm going to try anything I can" stage.

    Good luck and please feel free to message me if you ever want to talk "necks" :) 

  • One of the things I keep seeing is people say they have "new pain" or "pain where I didn't have it before".. you have to realize that your muscles are pulling, knotting, spasming, nerves are inflamed and causing other issues.  You are basically peeling back layers of all of that madness you have going on in your body which MAY reveal a different kind of pain as it happens.  Please do not panic but talk to your doctor, get answers that make you feel better.  If not, switch to a doctor that you are on the same page with.

  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 745

    Just had a T3-T4 steroid injection. Pain built up on the long drive home at injection site. Had to go to 2 new pharmacies to try to find diclofenac pills. I have no interest in these pills but my insur company won't give me pain ointment till I try the pills and say they don't work. It's an annual thing and me and my insur co. Anyway, back to the procedure. While at the 2nd pharmacy, Pain in my lumbar went to an 8 or 9 out of 10. I was stuck in a horrible pharmacy while a pushy pharmacist ordered me around. Finally got home and loaded up my norco, muscle relaxers, pain patches and turned on my scs. My problem with spine procedures is the pain always moves to an untreated area. My life is constantly chasing pain up and down my spine. Whether it's on the daily, at home, or monthly with my pain doc. With probs from top to bottom, in my spine, this is my life. It's hard. I have good days and bad days. Hope everyone has some good moments this weekend and thanks for listening. 

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