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It Happened Again!

Hi everyone,

  Back when I first joined this site as a member, there was another person here who worked as a nurse in an emergency room.  Her screen name was "ERNURSE".  She and I had a lot in common given our occupations paralleled one another and we've kept up with each other over the years.

  Her story took a bad turn after having spinal surgery with her surgeon using BMP2.  After her fusion, she kept getting sick and her back pain was more intense after surgery than before.  Fast forward a few years...BMP2 was found to cause bone overgrowth which encapsulated nerve roots causing intractable pain.  Additionally, it was discovered that BMP2 could cause bone cancer.  Unfortunately for her, she suffered from both.  She has been treated (successfully) for the cancer.  After many years of trying to get help and find a doctor that she was comfortable with, she found a PM in St. Louis, MO.  She just recently had a pain pump installed.  She went to Meijer to get her post surgical medications filled and a pharmacist there refused to fill a script from her surgeon for hydrocodone.  Keep in mind, when a pump is installed, it is done with saline and not pain meds.  That is so they can test the unit and get it flowing without possibly causing an OD.  The pharmacist said he didn't agree with her getting more meds that what she was usually getting before her surgery.  She explained the hydrocodone was for post surgical pain and written by a Board Certified Pain Management Physician/Surgeon.  The surgeon even called the pharmacist to answer any questions he may have about her getting the medication.  The pharmacist still refused to fill her prescription.  She eventually had to go to another pharmacy to get the medication.  

  "ERNURSE" is not the type to sit around and whine. She has endured more pain than the average person should ever have to experience.  We both understand that pharmacists can choose not to fill a script if they choose, but when the physician who did the surgery calls and attests that she needs the medication and he still refuses to fill the script, at what point can the argument be made that he is practicing medicine without a license?  It's important to also point out that this is the pharmacy she normally got her pain meds filled in the past.  It's not like she shops around for places to fill her prescriptions.  If she were a new patient and the doctor was a stranger to the pharmacy, then I could see why the pharmacist would be skeptical.  But that wasn't the case.

  DavidG, another member on the site just had a neighbor end her life because her meds were cut off by her doctor to "try" something new.  At some point there has got to be a correction in the path we are all being forced to walk.  The drug problem we have is illegal drugs coming into the states.  It's been doing this for years despite the efforts of dedicated law enforcement agents.  The spike in OD's and subsequent deaths are not chronic pain patients selling their meds.  All of the evidence is right in front of the decision makers, but they keep pushing an ideology that is flawed.  Some how, some way we need for someone in politics at a high level that has the moxie to get a change made needs to do just that. The entire "Opioid Movement" right now is similar to the burning of books in pre WWII by the Nazi's.  That is, a flawed mentality that is built up as the right thing to do in order to influence the masses.  Some may say my characterization of book burning as extreme, but I think it represents the problem we are all seeing with the hysteria our media and government are pushing on us.

  Thanks for enduring my rant!  Happy Saturday!


Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2


  • Good post. Agree 100%.

  • everything that is going on is just despicable  

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  • So sick of hearing this, and worse, what it causes some people to do. 

    off to listen to the album Absolution by the band Muse...

    L3-S1 ALIF Feb 2018 and 

    L3-S1 PLIF Laminectomy and Fusion March 2018

  • I have Lumbar issues to include herniated discs, osteoarthritis and canal stenosis. Also, I have Sciatica in both legs. It all began in 1991 due to an on the job injury. I was prescribed Hydrocodone and Cyclobenzaprine and I have taken those medications on an as needed only basis up until a few months ago. In 1992, I was rear-ended by a speeding vehicle. In April, 2015 I was awarded Social Security Disability. A year later, I was hit by a car while I was crossing the street in a crosswalk. My doctor was prescribing me 60 Hydrocodone every month but I would only use about 16 at the most because of fear of dependence. I moved to a small town a few months ago and got a new doctor. I was told that he and the other doctors at the clinic do not prescribe pain medication. Apparently, there isn't a single doctor in my little town of about 10,000 population who will prescribe pain meds. The past four days, I've had the worst Sciatica ever and I'm almost out of the Hydrocodone that I've saved. I guess I'll just have to pray that the pain I'm having goes away soon. Moving is hard on me and I never can find any help to lift stuff but when my lease is up, I plan on moving to a town where I can access pain medication, specifically Hydrocodone because it works for me. Hopefully, by that time there will still be some doctors left who will prescribe pain meds. The government needs a better understanding of the whole opioid issue. I've never sold my opioid medication, I've never abused it and I'll never allow myself to become addicted to it. I began saving it because I saw this problem coming. I know there are a lot of people just like me who appreciate having medication available to them but it looks like that availability might not be there too much longer. It's sad. 

  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 318

    It is sad that our politicians pander to the most vocal! You can not legislate morality, addiction, values, honest/dishonesty, etc. The new laws seem to be nothing more than knee jerk political reaction to the loudest voices. People like us on these forums are the ones that end up suffering from the political nonsense. If I was younger and in better shape I'd run for political office to try to give us a voice but I'm not the answer. We need the young people that see and experience these issues to step up and try to make a difference. It is unfortunate that some people have abused narcotics and have died from the abuse but the 90% of us - probably higher percentage - that follow the prescription requirements and have the integrity and self-discipline to do the right thing are the ones that suffer. I wish I had the answer.

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  • @EMSguy - I absolutely equate this war with book burning - a total government dictating what can and cannot be, trying to overide doctor's ability to treat their patients as they deem necessary.  At this point, the laws do not state that opioids cannot be prescribed.  That is a doctor by doctor determination, and for the most part, I truly believe they are too scared they will mess up and be targeted; and/or they will be permanently red-flagged; OR they just do not want to jump through the necessary 'hoops' to prescibe them anymore.  That is the 'trickle down' effect that has burdened many chronic/acute pain patients, and where you live has a lot to do with it.  Since I live in a Democratic (and very liberal) state, California, maybe that is why things aren't as bad as it is for your friend.  Our dear President doesn't like California because we are the 'rebels' of the Country, and many things go on here (legal marijuana) that doesn't in other states.  I guess that's one reason the high taxes we pay are somewhat worth it...but there is nothing to say or guarantee that it won't happen here, so I don't take anything for granted.  There just must be too little of us who are affected, or I think by now there would be some kind of group formed to try to fight all of this.  Or everyone is in too much pain to have the ability to do something... I mean, think about it.  The only reason marijuana is legal in my state is due to petitions and other groups in my state that made it happen.  People coming together.  That hasn't happened for 'us.'  Yet...I will be honest that when my PM doctor suggested I go off of the Fentyal patch, I did, and then when he suggested I lower my hydrocodone, I asked him why he would do that, knowing it helps keep me out of constant pain, so I can still do things with my life, and that I knew the laws didn't dictate that.  I told him I just wanted to know. Every patient's right to ask.  Certainly, I knew I had to do whatever he wanted me to do.  But I calmly asked why.  He told me that he felt I 'psychologically' thought that more of the pain medication worked better at relieving my pain, and that he felt it didn't.  So we compromised.  Communication is what every patient needs to have with their doctors.  But if there are no doctors in a particular area that prescribes pain relieving medication and that has made it impossible for you to receive some kind of pain relief, even though the new laws do not dicate that, then I truly have no anwers...

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