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Help, scared not going to make it

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:22 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Hi all,
My son and I were rear ended this may ,as a result I am scheduled for a ACDF of c4&5 and 5&6 on Sept 16th. My son may have to have shoulder surgery but wont know till after the appt with the specialist on Sept 9th.
The day after the accident May13th I saw my DR. (lucky me was his last day at the practice he hadnt even told the staff yet) so he didnt do much.I went to my Chiro (have an almost 8 yr relationship with)who did x-rays and an exam,started me with massages and light adjustments .After a week he wanted me seen by a spine specialist and refered me to Dr. R and a psychologist Dr.Z ,Who he had call me at home to talk to me before my first visit one wek later.It took 2 weeks to see Dr.R for my neck due to the holidays ,but when I called they told me to come right in that dayI have to say this is thanks to my Chiro Dr.Lupo ,I feel bad for the people I've read about that have been treated incorrectly by improperly trained so called chiropracters, and have had further problems because of them.
Dr.Lupo is an amazing chiro ,plus knowing me and my family so well that he has done everything he could to get me the best care possible.
So I see spine specialist May 27th ,Dr.R I'm a mess ,major pain and in his words Emotionally compromised (lol) he gives me norco ,xanax,zoloft,celebrex Lidoderm patches.Checks X-rays they're clear sends me for Mri .3 days later I get a phone call from Dr.R giving me the results MRI shows a rupture of the 2 discs ,and a issue at the Bra strap level of my back .He is sending me a script for a bone scan ,wants me to start decompression therapy with Dr.Lupo ,I get this off VOICEMAIL needless to say not how you want to hear news like that.I call the office closed for 2 weeks .
next night I turn my head feel something pop get the most horrible pain for 5 min or so ,wake the next morning crying and vomiting (last time i felt that way i was giving birth) Dont know what to do I'm freaking so is hubby, I call Dr.Lupo he's not in, I tell them i need to see him on Mon. so he can explain the decompression to me better did'nt mention the pain, not 10 min later he's calling me back ,hears the pain in my voice tells me head to the office were going to start the therapy today ,calls Dr.R. himself and gets him to fax a script to the pharm. for me. all this was taken care of by time I got to his office 20 min later. Kelly talks hubby into leaving and getting script (oxycodone 5mg 1 or 2 every 4 to 6 hours as needed ) and she holds my hand for the first treatment. I feel kinda spoiled there.
Decompression seemed to be helping ,I see Dr.R again to really go over the MRI ,both discs are truly ruptered and pushing on the spinal column one to the right one left(having right sided probs,he dosent understand says the left should be giving me hell more than right),tells me decompression will only provide temp relief and since the discs are all over the D*** place (his words ) surgery is the answer.So he refers me to Surgeon, New scrips switched me to the oxycodone 10mg every 4 to 6 hrs as needed doin ok at this point only taking them 3 times a day so they lasted all month, next visit August 11th I'm having more pain ,numbness neverending headache ,balance feeling as bad as when i started , we discuss the surgery, follow up etc.,I tell him the oxycodone is better but only lasting 4 hours, he replied thats about right. Doubles my xanax, and zoloft ,no change in the pain med gives me 100 oxycodone 10mg, I see him again 2 weeks after surgery so not till late ,tells me call if theres a problem.Well on the 16th i again turned my head felt a similar pop and within 10 min the pain had me vomiting, now the left side is giving me as much h*** as the right ,I am right back to crying and dry heaving pain, I have tried everything i know to get it back under control and nothings working Ihave only been out of bed for therapy ,massages,bought wedge pillows ,a soft collar ,Finally gave up and called Dr.R's officeon the 21st,he and his assistant were in a meeting ,left a message about the pop,pain,and that I will also run out 11 days before surgery, mads barely lasting 3 hours etc.. No call back on that day. call fri.office closed leave voicemail checking to see if message got to dr or cissy no call back on mon. I wait call tues. Cissy thought he called will call me back in 20 min, 2 hours later she calls just to let meknow they were swamped and he will call me that day.Today finally she calls Dr.R says he cannot write me more oxycodone by law for 30 days,and on the 11th he will fax a copy to the Pharm for more ,if it gets to bad go to the ER and have them call and he will instruct them on what to do.Sorry it took so long to get to my problems ,prob the shortes part of the whole thing.

1 Can't he give me something different other than the oxycodone or like the norco again for in between.
2 How do you know when you should go to the ER for pain.( I've had stitches with no lidicain 'so I always though my pain tolerence was good till now)I feel like a freakin crybaby.
3 I know right now my brain function is not 100% but if i am allowed 4 per day 100 only is a 25 day supply not a 30 day one, I will be out on the 5th of Sept. I counted and even dropping to 3 doses per day still leaves me short by 3 to 4 days. What I'm taking now Just barely keeps me from freaking, and the stress of getting ready for surgery ,my first since a c section in 88 ,now knowing I will have even less pain relief .

I don't think I can cope much longer.


  • There is good pain and bad pain. I think you qualify for the horrible pain. Somethings going south pretty regular here and your tolorance for pain is best left aside for the duration.
    Dont be hard on yourself, there is something wrong in your body and its letting you know its verrry unhappy right now, dont be afraid to seek medical attention coz you may end up having waited too long to seek it and then your gonna regret the cowgirl up episode K?
    There are meds for breakthrough pain, ask when you can about them. the stress of ther up coming surgery will seemingly cause more pain, be rational and cognizant and realistic about the level of paiun your at.
    Excruciating pain is nothing to sneeze at, but stress will add to the level you at. try to relax as much as possible, hard as it may be, the limp in your throat from the pain is a good indicator of high pain levels
    half the battle is being cognizant of what you can no longer do and try to avoid things that do(duh) but injuring yourself further will do you no good.
    You can and will find the strength to do the distance, its in you ,ya gotta look deep sometimes though, thats where the cowgirl up comes in ,you hang in there MAMA and hold on to your self, it ,may come to be a wild ride, but you will do fine!!!
    Come here and let it out, a lot of people will have been where you are and have walked the walk you are on, dont be afraid to reach out for help either, there is no shame in seeking relief, only in having hurt yourself needlessly K?
    Maybe a neck brace or collar? will help stabilise?
    You will come through this!
    Hang in there mama! much prayers and hope of relief coming to ya!!!
    (ps) Ime glad you found us, here in our little village on the web! the lights always on and a warm fire to sit by is waiting!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • First let me say welcome to spine-health. Sorry to hear about your accident and hope your son is not in need of surgery. What i would do is right as you have done hear explaining the problem with the meds and fax to the office so they can see. There is a problem with the state that i live in that you have to have the prescription in order for a refill the docs can not call in the scripts. Maybe another possible solution is that you could call the chiro you are friends with and he could make a call on your behalf to get you some pain relief. As far as not thinking no worries the pain and nerve compressions are responsible for that. You can always go to the ER but sometimes they are not likely to help you as much just depends. I wish i had a answer that would get you some relief. Anyway welcome to spine health and look forward to reading more of your post.
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  • Ranch & Tamtam ,
    Ty so much for responding,I have an appointment this am for a massage and am going to talk to Dr.Lupo after see if he can help. The math just dosent work for how he prescribed ,and when I can get a refill ,figured it out last night ,I actually have 4 more than what I should at this point if they are taken as directed which I have not any extra no matter the pain level,even if i vomited from pain after taking them (wasnt sure if i gacked them up so didnt chance it ) .
    but to make them last till the 11th I will have to cut what I'm taking in half, from 40mg of oxycodone to 20mg per day. This is my first major injury and the first time taking painkillers for more than a few days,so it's new to me.I know the Er will do little if nothing for me .But cutting my dose in half is scary It's rainy here and i hurt so bad ,I took 5mg at 7:30 this morn and it hasnt touched the pain ,now i need to drive ,yikes thank god it's only 6 miles.
    Hope your day is better than mine'
  • Hi Misfit,

    we siad a brief Hello to each other in chat room here last night.

    I just wanted to say I thinking of you, I know how it feels to run real low on pain meds etc but you will get throught it, you seem to have plenty of people rooting for you, from your supportive med team etc.

    Hope the massage you have this morning gives you some relief.

    Take care, we are thinking of you
  • OMG I am stunned....I spoke with Dr.Lupo after my massage,he couldent understand why Dr.R did'nt give me something else either,since he knows how bad the discs are and how fast they are doing the ACDF. and was going to call and see what he could , According to Dr.R he's concerned I'm over medicating ,how he came to this is beyond me, I have exactly what I should have left according to the date and the amount per day allowed. I even told Dr. Lupo if Dr.R wanted to count them himself fine.Dr.Lupo says not to worry ,hes sees me 3 to 4 times a week and can see the progression ,but how can i not as of today to make it I have to take half of my prescribed dose to get to the 11th(,which is 5 days before surgery)I've been on painkillers since mid May the Oxycodone i got on June 26,first time my neck poped and 10 + pain hit ,so norco 4 times per day and oxycodon for if it got bad I switched to full time Oxycodone ir on july 17th 10mg every 4 to 6 hours as needed.At this point I needed all 4 doses each day just to keep from crying and dry heaving.Has been working till the last pop 12 days ago ,I toughed it for 5 days before calling spent 60$ on wedge pillows rested iced did it all before I asked for a higher dose or a breakthru med.
    I am so p***ed he would think this and if he did why did he not speak to me himself about it ,instead of running me around for 6 days only to make me feel like a druggie.I had never asked for anything extra before this.and he had no problem doubling the dose of xanax on his own i never askes for an uppage.since before this you were hard pressed to find an asprin in the house, now I'm overmedicating by taking as directed.
    Why do I feel the need to defend myself ,I really want to go to his office and dump whats left on his desk ,and ask how can I be over medicating when I have the right pill count and was able to drive to your office ,take a good look in my eyes and tell me it's not pain , granted by that time I'd be in a pain rage ang who knows what will happen...keep your eyes on the news........lol..

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