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SI Injection

MelissaJoMMelissaJo Posts: 196
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:22 AM in Spinal Injections
Ok! I have had epidurals and whatnot before. BUT they have been in my L5 area's. My SI joint is all messed up and causing pain. And to be honest with you I think the L4 is messed up also. I wont get another MRI until October.
ANYWAY...As far as the procedure goes I get that it is basically the same as my prior injections. I guess my questions are the following:
1) Is the injection done more in the hip area or at the base of the spine where the pelvic bone meets up?
2) Do you need to request to be knocked out for the procedure?
3)Is it any more painful then the injections in the L5 or spine are itself?

I have read on here that a lot of you are sedated a little while getting the injection. The injections I had before were uncomfortable while they were being done and I dont know if I should request being medicated while the procedure is done. I do want to be because I am so overly sensitive when it comes to my lower back because of my issues. I have had a doc try to do a steriod injection before and he was unable to do it because it hurt so stinking bad. And I dont want to get there and then not be able to do it.
Anyway thanx in advance to everyone!


  • Hi MelissaJo,
    Answer to 1. This Si will most likely go in at the base of the spine and tailbone.
    2. yes it hurts like hek if they get it wrong. it's normally done with a needle that looks similar to a fishing hook. :D
    don't worry they dont get it wrong on a regular basis.my orthopod never knocked me out for them...but then he was very good at it...most drs now want to knock you out so as to prevent your sudden twitch when the needle goes in.
    3. feels similar to a lumbar mileogram (spelling) so it should be the same as what you had on the painful issues.

    Good luck and keep smiling
  • I talked to the DR office and asked them to sedate me. They are going to do a mild IV sedation. The DR that is doing this injection has been absolutly wonderful as far as other injections go. One time my PM doc wanted to do the injection and I think he was just to rough or something. But the way the PM doc hurt me I might still be a little jumpy so even though the awesome doc is doing it I wanted to be sedated just in case. I am glad that I chose that route. PLUS another benefit of the sedation is the hubby is going and I can go home and go to bed while he tends to the kids. LOL
    Thank you so much for all of your input.
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  • Melissa, I just had one yesterday and was sedated. It was wonderful. I had the needle in the tailbone. I didnt even feel that go in but I did feel the medicine going in and felt more like a warm sensation in my hip and right thigh. Im so glad I was sedated. It was over in 5 min and I had to wait for 1/2 an hour before I left. Also you NEED a ride home. I was pretty stoned all day from the IV meds. I had some pain last night but today I feel wonderful. Good luck to you.
  • Yah my hubby is going to take the afternoon off. So really it is a win win situation because he gets a day off of work and I get 1/2 a day off from the mommy duty, due to the IV meds. I think I am gonna milk it out too. LOL It will be so nice to come home, lay in bed, lock the door and have the hubby wait on me. LOL Actually he does pretty good anyway but always works during the day and next saturday he is working so at least I get a good day form 11:15 am on without having any responsiblity. LOL Aw.... the little things we look forward to.
    Like I said the doc doing this injection is completely awesome and gentle. He is abou 6'8", so he is my gentle giant spine injector guy. LOL With as gentle, fast, considerate and killer bedside manner I may not need the IV meds, but like I said the last dr that tried to do an injection was so rough, rude and just a plain JERK that I am jumpy. I have also had an injection in the L4&L5 that went BAD, so yet another reason for me to be jumpy. LOL Plus I am a little overly sensitive with the injections. I dont know if it is because it scares me that something will go bad with the injection, or bad in the injection area, or make me worse somehow. So even though I have the Gentle Giant Spine Injector Guy doing the injection I just want to be still and relaxed for him. I have never been sedated with an injection except for the discogram I had. I am assuming that it will be somewhat of the same meds they used for the disco as they will for the SI injection. I could be wrong though.
    I hope this injection helps. The weird thing is I had an MRI done May 2007 and then July 2008. The L5 vertibrae was a glowing white on the MRI in 2008. It was grey black or normal in 2007. Doc thought it was hardware screws loose and that was ruled out. Then he thought it was a tumor, bone scan ruled that out. He talked to teh radiologist (who is my Gentle Giant Spine Injector Guy) and he cannot explain why that vertibrae showed up a bright white in teh MRI. the bone scan showed SI joint irritation so we are gonna try these injections and do a new MRI in October. I also believe in my heart of hearts that there is something else going on. I am having pain in my low back, almost like a pinching or a quick knife stab and also the area where the SI joint is having issues. I dont know if my hardware is messing with something and pinching or if it is from something else. When I get the MRI done in October I am also going to ask him to call in a flexation X-Ray of my back. I know there is something going on in there. I just dont know what. I am to the point where I just want my NS to cut me open dig around and take a look and fix whatever he finds. LOL I cant keep doing this and I am only 32 and can not do the normal light duty things I should be able to do.
    Sorry to ramble on and I know most of this doesn't relate to this forum but I think everyone knows how it goes when you start typing. LOL 8}
    Thank you again everyone. I hope all is well with Everyone.
    MJ ;))
  • Ok who said it wont hurt? I had both sides done yesterday it has to be by far the worst, I have had spine injections a few weeks ago but this was by far the worst thing I have agreed to.
    The whole procudure took around 20mins and was done under xray, I have lots of pain right now but hope after a few days I will have less pain, that has to be a bonus, the things we agree to when we are in pain! next visit have to have nerve endings delt with, (will it ever end) good luck to you all.
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  • OMG!! All of this sounds so scary! I am going on Thursday Sept 11 to have my first injections. My NS did not say what kind.When I called the pain managment clinic to see if they would sedate or use an IV they said NO. I went to my family doctor to get something to calm me down, xanax. Will that work? Is the pain of the injections worse than having a large kidney stone stuck in your tube that leads to your bladder? Or giving birth naturally? That is the worst pain I have ever experienced. I am a huge baby and now don't want to go. Someone give me a comparrison to how BAD the pain will be???? Thanks a bunch, Melissa
  • Now everyone just remember everyone's pain level is different.

    I have had so many surgeries and procedures I have 0 tolerance to pain.

    I was also very nervous going in for the SI injection.
    I picked my dr carefully.
    He does 30 a day 5 days a week.

    He saw my nervousnes and told me I could wait and he would provide percocet & valium. I said no lets go for it.

    The whole process took 5 minutes or less. I do not even think it was 5 minutes.
    They laid me on the table on my belly. Cleaned the area.
    First step he told me you will feel a pinch and burn. Yes I did I did breathing exercises through it. Then I was numb.
    They floated over the xray machine and guided it with a fluroscope. He said now breath your going to feel pressure.
    PRESSURE YES I will not lie. Felt like someone was pushing down on me with their body weight. (no pain)The medicine was in within like 3 seconds. I had a nurse next to me plus the xray teck they were awesome. I had the squeezzyyyy balls to use to.
    I did lamaze breathing and took myself to the ocean :D
    Boom up . I said WOW your good.

    Now even without some sedation they do not recommend you to drive home. GLAD I did not. Like they told me.
    I sat drank some water said wow I feel great. Went to stand up and fell against the table. Hubby and the nurse caught me. My whole right leg was numb.
    Stayed that way till the next morning. OH WHAT A WONDERFUL FEELING. But tuff getting up to walk. 8} 8} 8} I)

    So I really think it depends on the Dr and their experience in giving them.

    Good luck to you!!!!! You will be fine!!! >:D< >:D< >:D<
    Im asking for one during surgery...
    Fingers crossed the PM dr is there that morning.. UGGHHH if not I will get one after I am healed...
  • I had one done yesterday, it was my second. 1st one went well, but I still hated the wierd pressure it was more of an odd,wrong sensantion.

    Yesterday I took scheduled pain meds prior to and a muscle relaxor so I was pretty mellow. At the proceedure I asked if I could take some Larazapam and they let me, I was quite druged and the proceedure went very well. You will be fine, but I would take something if they allow it.
  • Thank you so much! I am freakin out about my appt in the morning. I want to call and cancel but I think my husband had already called and warned them I might try to do it. I did a dry run with the xanax and don't think it will be enough. But if you all made it thru I will be strong and do itjust so I can see you a shout tomorrow that I did not chicken out! Thanks a bunch, you are my angels.
    Peace be with you,
    Melissa O:)
  • Hey there how did it go? I am three days post ESI and feeling pretty good, the first two days were rough.

    Please post and let us know how you did.
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