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Backpain for about 6 months, and begining to lose hope

I am from Denmark and I am 18 years old. I have been living with back pain for the last 6 months and have tried a lot of treatments with No luck and I am starting to lose hope for a fix. Before this i never had Any back related problems at All. I never took (edit) and All in All I was very rarely sick. But 2018 was a tuning point. I was sick several times, and had a lot of health-related problems, especially regarding my back.

First off, I want to describe how my back pain behaves. The pain shifts around My upper back, in a lot of different ways. It can go to My shoulder blades, mid back and My sides/ribs. Furthermore, the pain can be really severe or it can be there without disrupting My daily life. I found that one of the weirdest things about My back pain is that it can be there 3 days in a row and then disappear for a week or I can have it for a week with intense pain. As you can see, the pain changes a lot. Another weird thing is that it sometimes helps to lie down for a period, while it other times ends up making the pain worse. The same is true about small walks, sometimes it can be good for My back, and other times it makes it Hurt even more.

My story:

It all started in the summer of 2018. I was at a festival with My friends that lasted about a week. One of the last nights of the festival, I had a severe incident. Every time I took a step it felt like I got stabbed in the back, the same happened when I took a half deep breath. The following night I had the worst upper back pain I have ever experienced in My life.

After the festival, I had a decent week. I spent most of the week at home, relaxing after a long festival. I had a few back related problems along the week, but not anything severe.

At the end of this week, I went to Amsterdam with My Mother. This week, made me realize that I had developed a persistent problem with My back. Most of the trip I had to sit down every hour and had a lot of pain. I Even threw up once, because of the pain. Before this back pain, I never took any painkillers, but during this week I took several whenever I could. This week was a long one and filled with pain.

As soon as I came back from this trip, I went to a physiotherapist. After just one session, I felt way better and I actually thought the problem was over, but just 2 weeks later, it came back. Every session with My physiotherapist the next Two months only helped very little. My doctor told me, that All he could do, was to scan me. He also told me that the scan would likely just be a waste. So I ended up contacting an osteopath. He was extremely helpful at first, and He was insanely skilled. The first Two sessions were very helpful, however, when I went a third time, it again did very little to help.

As I wanted a second opinion on the matter, I contacted a New physiotherapist. He recommended that I should do some specific exercises to strengthen My back. So I did that for about a month, with No results whatsoever.

And that leaves me here. My pain is getting worse Day by Day, and I have No idea what to do next. I feel lost because No one can tell me what is wrong.

I have thought about the fact that My pain might be completely caused by My brain. If that, in fact, is possible, how do I even begin to treat it?



  • Alex

    Welcome to Spine Health Forum.

    I confess that I know nothing about the medical system in Denmark, that being said you need to be seeing a spine specialist, orthopedic or neurosurgeon, there you can get the proper testing to see if it is actually a spinal problem or something else, if the problem is something beside a spinal problem then they can refer you to the right specialist. Good lick and keep us posted on your progress.

    Veritas-Health Moderator

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,476


    i cannot offer any more than chip has. but what i can do is give you some links to articles that my help you in figuring out what this is. if nothing more,it will give you more information to discuss with your doctor.

    pain causes and treatments 
    when there is no cure for your aching back
    being young with spinal problems 

    take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.

    Veritas-Health Forum Moderator
    Please read my  Medical History
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  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 377

    Sounds like you have not had any scans - MRI or CT scans. Can you ask for those? They are used frequently in the USA to help our spine specialist diagnose pain sources. From what you describe it seems reasonable to ask but I'm not a medical professional just my opinion. Good luck and keep us posted! Take care!

  • Did you experience a fall at the festival or some type of accident to trigger the pain?

    I second getting an MRI. 

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