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My ER visit...feel very discouraged

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:22 AM in Pain Medications
So, I ended up having so much pain tonight, I ended up in the ER. I waited so long to get my pain under control, I had gotten the worst migraine I have ever had in my entire life! #o When I got up there, I waited an hour and a half to be seen. When I finally saw a Dr, she said "well the narcotics are only making your pain worse, and you should try something different" I about slapped her head off her shoulders! I can barely breathe at this point, because of my pain. She gives me a shot of morphine, and checks a half hour later to see if it worked,I said no, so she gave me another shot, and that didnt help. Im to the point Im paralyzed with pain by now. So then she gives me a shot of dilaudid (hydromorphone) and I said, ok, please listen to me! My back pain is calming down, but could I please get some Imitrex or something for this migraine before I lose it?? :W Instead of giving me the shot of Imitrex, she gives me the pill form. 2 hours later, I told her I was feeling a bit better, and I hauled ass outta there. Sorry this is so long, just severely frustrated. I have tried non narcotics before, but with no relief. I would rather be on pain pills and have some quality of life, since it works for me.Pain causes depression, and I would like to avoid that obstacle again. :S So, Im still in extreme pain now, but at least I am home. She also told me that no one would right me a RX for methadone or patches in this area because it takes special training and bla bla bla??? This isnt deliverance, we arent in the middle of nowhere, there should be somewhere I could get some relief! :jawdrop: Now she really made me feel like a drug seeker....


  • Call your PM, get an appointment soon and get this fixed! The ER will just be a frustration for you, ask your PM to help find the right meds. Good luck! I've been to too many ERs as well, and they just don't serve for our chronic conditions. =(
  • :) sorry about that trip to the ER. i only needed one bad experience to keep me away from there forever. ~X( i just got done with a migraine headache and am smashed of course. i don't even remember yesterday it was so bad! ~X( anyway, you should get a prescription for migraine medication. there are even some new ones out now. please rest today. I) i know what a migraine takes out of you and the trip to the ER must have really tired you out. Jenny :)
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  • Im so sorry, it makes me sick to think about how bad you felt, i have been to ER 3 times for migraines but i was never treated bad,one time they had to clean puke up in waiting room for 2nd time, and of course the pregnant women with a one year old sleeping baby, this mother is screaming for help for me as she is helping get stuff out of my hair and eyes with her pink crocheted baby blanket,this wonderful mommy 24 years old (i find out later was admitted and delivered a healthy 5 pound boy, 6 weeks early. and was at emergency room because she burnt her foot when she stepped on curling iron)here i had even gotten puke on her dress because i sorta was passing out. my son-in-law was the dear person that had to drive me to ER, try to picture this honest story, im barefoot i have my hubbies spongebob boxer shorts on with a tank top that has stripes, and he halfway has to carry me in ER, back to pregnant lady that helped me. her name is nancy she lives in same small town i do my kids and her went to school together,im gonna PM you if thats okay, i might have some ideas that could help.
    I used to be the person who never got a headache let alone a migraine or tension, i was prolly 30 before i even had a inkling what a headache was. i remember how i would think about people that would complain about a headache or migraine and im very ashamed of myself, i really am a very compassionate person have been all my adult life i was a caregiver and still try hard to be one,but i never understood a headache, so people who have no idea what you are going through have no idea. maybe we should ask if we end up in ER, do you get migraines? if the answer is no , very nicely say, can i see another doctor that knows what im going through from personal experience, thankyou, ( not from what they read in medical books) bless you hope your head feels better,
  • embarrassed to admit, after all the bad experiences i read, I do know first hand how ER staff can treat patience,(mostly doc.)i worked in hospital for many years and in ER for just over a year, that was all over 10 years ago, i loved my job so i found i was very patient and kind and compassionate to what a patient was saying and feeling, but i loved my job, and when these nurses and doc's dont wanna be there and dont like what they are doing first of all should go find another job,because they are mean and rude,
  • First off, I'm really sorry that you had such a horrible experience.

    But this brings up a concern that I have when it comes to on line forums like this.

    If we all post about our bad ER experiences, what happens when we have a member who we all feel NEEDS to go to the ER? Do we have any credibility? One minute we are trash talking ER's and the next minute we are practically begging a member to have someone take them to the nearest ER.

    How do we manage a situation like this?

    I've had my share of ER experiences, good and bad. I just about chimed right in with one of my worst experiences, when something smacked me upside the head and said "think about what you're doing first".

    How many of us were telling MominPain to "go to the ER"? Sure her experience wasn't grand, but "what if" it had turned out differently.

    What about the person with Cauda Equina Syndrome? What if they decide that going to the ER is a waste of time?

    So I'm bummed that we have all had bad ER experiences. I do know that there are also a lot of good ER experiences too.

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  • you bring up such a good point!
  • Sorry you had such an awful experience in the ER. I worked in the ER in a small-town hospital over ten years ago. I only worked in there for a short time because they relocated me to a different department. Any-who... one of the things that really frustrated me with some of the staff that worked in there would have a bad attitude about chronic pain sufferers. They would call them 'frequent flyers' (not to their face, of course) and you could tell by their attitude that they didn't believe their pain. I personally never treated them that way (especially glad now that I am a chronic painer). Many doctors will tell their patients if they get in too much pain after office hours, to go to the ER and be treated there. If the pain patient mess up with workers that have a bad attitude toward them, it will deter them from seeking help. To this day, I have only visited the ER in pain one time since then because I knew what their attitude was. It is what it is, but that doesn't mean that I like it! ">image
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 11,347
    This is almost like the threads on experiences with Pain Management doctors.
    About the only negative thing I can say about my ER visits, is that I wish I didn't have the problem that made me go!
    I've been to ER's in Emergency situations and times over the weekends when I had no choice.
    First, I do not like to use the ER unless it is an emergency
    situation. I've seen ER's abused, where people come in with sniffles or a bad cold. All that takes up ER personnel resources. I've known several ER Doctors, PA's and Nurses and I have to tip my hat to all of them! Its not an easy environment to work in and not everyone has the stamina to work in those conditions.
    When I've gone to the ER, I always try to be as polite as possible (under the circumstances) and consider the workload that those folks are under. I have seen times when patients have been rude, impatient and act as if their problem is the only one in the world and they want undivided attention from everyone in the ER. ER folks are human also and when they get abused, they can react.
    I've also believe that when you do have to go the ER, be prepared:
    - To wait, depending on the patient load that could take time
    - Provide as much of your medical condition that you have. This would avoid guessing games and going over things that are already known (ie MRI results, Surgeries, other doctor visits, Medications,etc)
    My thanks to ER personnel. Its far from an easy job, not only physically but emotionally
    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • There are no PM drs in my area. there are drs you are sent to to handles some degree of pain, but those drs around here usually prescribe PT and send you on your way. The closest pin management clinic is in Billings. a couple hours way. Maybe it would be beneficial to go there one more time for PM. I have been to Billings for referrals for my back, but with no success. My spianl tap showed high lvl amount of proteins, but they cannot pinpoint why ~X(
  • with you Ron AND VERY well said. The only time I have gone to the ER for my back pain/issues was on the weekend when I couldn't wait til monday. I drove 12.5 hrs in one day from Washington to Nevada. I came home on Thursday early evening and was sore. It was worse on Friday but thought I could "tough" it out. I couldn't and went about 2am Saturday am. I have gone when I was severly sick and throwing up every 45 min for 3 straight days and also was sitting on the toilet alot. I am glad I went cuz the doc said my heart rate and potassium were so low that I would have been admitted to the hospital if not almost dead if I would have waited another day. And the other time was when my daughter decided it was a good idea to put a live fly in my son's ear. LOL
    I am always polite and patient when it comes to going to the ER. If I was a nurse and the patient was rude to me do you think that I would hurry up and wait on them. Heck no!!! When I am polite and patient it seems that the nurses and doc's tend to me alot quicker and with more concern.
    Now the doc may have told you that the narcotics make your pain worse because when you take narcotics your body is relying on those to help with the pain and not your body's natural way. I too am on narc's and have noticed that when I take myself off of them here and there that it takes a long time for my body to kick in it's own pain killer (so to speak). So I am sure it was more of an informative thing. As far as getting the pill form of the Imetrex, did you ask her to do the injection type or did you say I need imitrex and didn't let her know that the pill form takes too long for relief? Also if you do need to go to the ER again for this same situation, be as informative as you can. Let them know that the Morphine doesn't work well for you and that you have better relief from the Dilaudid. And let them know that the injection of Imitrex kicks in a lot quicker than the pill form for you. When I was taking Imitrex I didn't really notice a difference.
    Now as far as the patches and the methadone. Usually PM docs are who prescribes them. I have NEVER been to the ER or a family doc that has prescribed them to me. So she was probably referring to the fact that usually PM docs have more schooling as far as meds, interactions etc. Her being an ER doc wouldn't necessarily have that training. So that is probably what she is referring to. The strongest things my friend(who has cancer) or I have been give by the ER, are the percocet or dilaudid. She receiced the dilaudid not I, because of her cancer.
    To wrap all this up~~~
    First I want to say that I hope you dont get offended by what I wrote above or what I am about to write. That is not my intention I am just voicing my opinion on the subject. Now if you were acting/talking to the ER Doc like you are typing on here, YES you probably looked like a drug seeker. We are the paitents and not the ER Doc. I am sure she did whatever she could do give you relief. I have had the doc just give me one shot and say that is all I will do for you. So her giving you 2 of Morphine and then 1 of the Dilaudid, she was truely trying to help you. And like stated before I have never seen an ER doc write scripts for MEthadaone or the patch. That would be more from a PM doc. Methadone is a tricky med and if for some reason you had a reaction to it, or were on other meds and something horrible happened she could be held reliable. So I feel she is correct when she stated that those meds require special training. Because they do.
    So a word of advice. If you do need to go to the ER again......
    be sure to let them know
    ~the Morphine doesn't work for you
    ~Dilaudid does work
    ~Imitrex pill form takes 2 hours to work and the injection is almost instant relief.
    Be very imformative when foing to the ER. It would have been a shorter visit if these things were metioned. Everyone reacts differently to all meds. Like I said the Imitrex pill form usually kicked in withing 15 minutes like it is supposed to.
    Again I am not trying to upset you, or take digs or anything at you. I am trying to help and just being very staight forward and blunt about it. Sometimes it is hard for us to look at the big pic when we are in pain and just want to be relieved from it. But we just need to take a deep breath and realize that it is not the ER's fault that we hurt so much. Also we need to realize that us being in pain or people with a cold are going to have to wait a hell of a lot longer than someone with a bad heart, pregnancy difficulties, bleeding, broken limbs etc. So try to keep a possitive attitude when going to the ER. They are just trying to do their job and their job is to help others. So by the end of the visit to the ER that person that we may have been rude to, still made us feel better and usually with a smile. That is one job that I would love to do but couldn't do.
    I hope you are feeling better. Let us know how things are going for you
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