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Morphine Sulfate

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Pain Medications
So, the pain doc put me on 15 mg of Morphine Sulfate timed release twice a day yesterday. Wow, I can already feel a difference from the Ultram. I woke up in A LOT of pain this morning and took one and within about an hour felt so much better. Anyone else taking this medication? Should I be concerned about addiction? I am taking it for neck, and back pain.


  • :) hi! morphine will become physically addictive if used for a long period of time as it is an opiate. this is just part of using this type of medication. your doctor is aware of this and can answer alot of your questions. follow the directions on your bottle and you should not have to worry about any other "addiction" problems. your doctor can help you use this medication safely and assist you if you need to stop it. check out "Meds. 101" under "Pain medications" for some more info. good luck and i hope you continue to find the pain relief you need. i found my life changed drastically for the better once i was on morphine. Jenny
  • Like all opiate/opiod narcotics, morphine has a potential for abuse and physical dependence. I think most here would agree it's by far not the WORST drug to get hooked on; it's not easily abused and most people don't get a wild high or anything taking it. Although some people have almost allergic reactions to it. If your neck pain is bad enough to use morphine and it is working, it sounds like your concern should be enjoying life and, well, doing stuff! Your dosage is low and it is controlling your pain, keep it there and you'll be fine. Always be concerned with addiction, and every time you take your meds make sure it is to control an existing pain, and not to create a temporary euphoria or something similar. (..differences between valid use, and abuse) Just FYI I was taking 90mg morphine a day, 3 x 30mg, and stopped cold turkey a couple months ago. I DID switch to a different drug, but it was the least troublesome drug to switch out of for me, by far. No withdrawals, nothing bad. I think you'll be just fine. Good luck, and take it slow and easy.


    PS all my responses are speculation and your doctor should be asked for the true answer on all issues medicine related. =)
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  • I do have to say that this is the best day I have had since before Surgery in late December 07.....and that includes the pain meds they had me on after surgery. I have been so miserable and just sick of hurting. My NS referred me to this new pain doc and I really like him. We tried other things, but it was like I wasn't even taking any pain medication. I just hurt all of the time. I feel better today than I have in probably over a year. I hope it continues!
  • :) wow! that is so good to hear! <:P finding a doctor who cares about you can make such a big difference! i know this will only get better for you! Jenny :)
  • I have struggled with back and neck pain for years (rear ended three times in one summer) and had seen the same pain doc for 6 years. She never really helped me.....used some muscle relaxants, Ultracet and Ultram but that is all. We did trigger point injections and LOTS of PT. She's not even the one who suggested we do an MRI when I started having all kinds of nerve symptoms. That was my PM and that's when we found the herniated disc etc. It was so bad that when they did surgery it was practically bone on bone and my neck curved the wrong way. I am very glad that the NS suggested trying someone else because I definitely didn't get much help from the other one. I think she was more old school.......I will say that the NS also suggested acupuncture and that has helped as well.
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  • That's great that it is working so well for you. Follow all the great advice above and you shouldn't have any trouble with addiction. The main thing I want to warn you about is that these meds often become less effective rather quickly, so be aware that the great releif may be replaced by good relief in the near future. And also remember that good releif is better than no relief, so don't over do the meds to try and get that great releif again, it's like chasing your tial (I learned the hard way). Good luck.
  • I have been on MS of about 3 years now...15mg. And yes it is addictive. But for me taking it along with hydrocodone seems to get me standing up. Make sure you take the tablet whole, though.....it is time release and crushing or chewing it is bad news. I still drive and go to work, but it still helps me a lot :H
  • you will build a tolerance to these meds, some faster than others but your doc will know when and if you need to go up on the dose. My doc started me at the lowest possible dose in order to leave room to go up if needed and he says that it will more than likely be needed. Don't worry about that for now just enjoy the relief that you have and take one day at a time. Glad to hear the good news!
  • I have been on MS Contin 30mg twice daily for over a year (I also take Oxycodone for BT) and have been really pleased with it's pain control, however, I did begin to build up a tolerance to it a few months ago and am hoping to be either increasing it or changing to something else long acting when I see my PM Doc next week as my pain has been running 7 and higher every day for some time. But I never had ANY side effects of the morphine at all, and some people have said that it helps them sleep at night-I'm not so lucky-I have horrible insomnia that very few things help so I can't vouch for that.

    I'm happy to hear it's helping you so much. I remember when it was like that for me too :S This doesn't mean you will build a tolerance as I have tho-I've ALWAYS been tolerant to many kinds of meds from pain meds to antibiotics, and have baffled my PCP a few times lol. :? Keep us posted on how you're doing, OK? (good or bad...we're always here!)

    Take care of you..
  • I am just happy to know that when I get up in the morning hurting like I did yesterday....literally from neck to the bottom of my feet, that I can take my pain medication and it will actually work. I have put up with the pain for so long and was so disappointed that when I had ACDF C5/6 9 months ago that it did not help the pain. In some ways it's actually worse. It used to be just my neck and shoulders, now I have a lot of pain in my shole spine and even hips if I overdo it. Yesterday was such a good day when I realized that I didn't hurt and that I have finally been given something tht helps. I work full time in a job that has me doing computer work quite a bit....this can be very painful after a full day.....just glad that now I can come home and not have to lay down. I am hoping that it will help my patience with my children and husband. When you hurt 24/7 it can take its toll on you. Thank you for your encouragement and I'll keep you posted over the next several months.
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