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Morphine Sulfate



  • Its a good med for pain imo its better than any hydrocodone mixture. MScontin worked wonders on my back it was a lil hard to get off of but i was on the 120mg a day schedule
  • I am taking Avinza, a 24 hour Morphine Sulfate capsule that has a modified release format. It releases 10% of the medicine right off the bat and then over the next 24 hours it slowly releases the rest of it. You don't get a buzz with it but it does work wonders on the pain. Let me rephrase.... Someone may get a mild buzz with it, but nothing like OxyContin or even MS Contin. These are all Long acting meds but they last for a supposed 12 hr period. Avinza lasts twice as long. As far as the addiction part goes, I would imagine that one would get addicted or I should use the term dependant as it is a narcotic and your body does have to adapt but I can't see the withdrawals being anywhere near as bad as they would be with these other meds, the 12 hr ones. I don't know, I haven't gotten to that chapter in my life yet. I have taken OxyContin, MSContin, and I've worn the Fentanyl patches. Nothing compares to the pain relief and ability to funtion sharply as with the Avinza. Geez, I souns like an Avinza salesman. Sorry about that, it's just made me a very happy person.
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  • One thing that I do notice is that it seems to wear off about 4 PM and I'm pretty miserable until I get home and take another dose. I take my first dose first thing in the morning.....am going to try holding off a little longer and see if that helps.
  • My doctor has talked about putting me on this 24 hour form if the medication works for me. He wanted to try the 12 hour release first as I guess the other is rather expensive. I'm glad to hear that it works wonders for you.
  • For MCAFGR,

    Morphine Sulfate is not a long acting, (ER) drug. MS Contin is. In other words, There are morphine sulfate formulations that you can break a pill in half with. You really shouldnt with long acting meds.

    I have been taking MS Contin for almost two years now and have very good pain relief with a short acting med of Oxycodone. Another formulation that comes in long acting (Oxycontin) or short (IR).

    You can learn more about breaking these pills in half in other threads that I, and others have written. I think you can start in, "Broken Oxys" for one.
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  • Tanya,

    I too have been on the MS Contin for a couple of years. I have too had the insomnia since I started it. I never had sleep problems before except for uncontrolled pain. I take one (1) mg. of Ativan before bed and this helps very little. I know that docs are concerned with the interaction of benzos. and narcotics at least mine seems to be. But I notice that a lot of the pain med people here seem to have both more often than not. I think Im going to have a talk with my doc about it. Many people like myself, and maybe you, find themselves feeling very tired during the day and blame it on the sedating effects of some narcotics when it might really be the lack of good sleep. I almost never get more that two or three hours of sleep at night without waking up and either reading or here.

    Have you tried anything that helps?

  • Another for Tanya,

    Yes, it seems the MS Contin started off very good, but my tolerance apparently built rapidly too. I started on 15 mgs twice daily with my 5 mgs of oxycodone. That only lasted two weeks and than I went to 30 mgs twice a day. That lasted about a year. Then added a 15 mg in the morning. Recently added a 15 mg at noon. A total of 90 mgs a day. My spouse works in medicine and always marvels at my tolerance for these meds too. She always says she cant even tell that I have taken anything other than that I am more active when my pain level is good. Its a good idea to start low, but dont be afraid to increase it every once in a while. Just dont go so high that you feel sedated. I never feel "high", just good pain relief. Gary
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