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hey JUST ME !!!

leocat46lleocat46 Posts: 125
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi just wanted to know how you are doing? how are you managing wuth one arm? let us know how you are if you are up to it? i would like someone to share my experience with. :/ always LEO


  • Hey leo,
    I PM'd you earilier. I hurt a lot yet :''( I had to have ac-joint reconstruction and decompression. I keep getting these terrible headaches and keeping ice on my shoulder. My meds oxy ones give me very weird nightmares. I just want to crawl up in a ball and not move. This surgery really sucked ~X( I see my doctor monday to get the sutures out. They feel like they are going to split wide open. I am guessing the shoulder swells durning the day to cause this. I am really having an emtional and painful time with this surgery. My neck 2 level ACDF was nothing compared to this. I worry about my shoulder too, no strength. I have 2 excerises to do 5 times daily. I am allowed to go without my sling when I am sitting, and can't bring it higher than waist high. It hurts my neck at times to wear it. I just feel tired and tearful all the time right now. I just want to bounce back like after my acdf. How is everything with you? Let me know if you ran into the same problems.
    >:D< >:D< >:D<
    justme (barely ~X( )
  • i got your pm, i did not realize sorry wasn't paying attn. i am sorry to hear of your recovery. i know my shoulder still hurts also. i do not have more headaches , more than usual, because of cervical issues. maybe it is because of what you actually had done? what kind of meds did your doc give you? i went back to dr. last wed. 3rd, took out sutures. you probably had one big cut didn't you? i had arthroscopic, 3 small cuts, arm is still swollen and tight, but doc says with what i had donen it will take a while to heal. i am not aloud to have my arm leave my side. i can't even lift my arm in shower, my husband manages to slip a washcloth in under my armpit. cannot reach my arm over across at all, because of neck issues. seems like to much to handle sometimes, i know i have cried from time to time, telling my husband i am tired of all of this. he keeps telling me that we are working on getting you all fixed up again. i don't know what i would do without him, he is very good to me. i understand what you are going thru JUST ME, you can pm me any time.

    (as i am typing i am developing a headache) :T we will talk more when you are up to it. take care LEO
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  • see you were here not too long ago ;) I only had arthroscopic, 3 small cuts too :-C I just think this second surgery was just too much on my body in only 5 months. 8} 8}
    I am on Oxycodone 20 mg HCL twice a day and endocet 5-325mg one or two every 4 hours. The Oxycodone seems to be the one that puts me in weird moods. The endocet seems to help with the pain the best, just got to make sure a take one every 4 hours or if I miss it, by 6 hours the pain really sets in.
  • i am on 5/325 oxycodone 1 to 2 every 4 hrs, as needed. i have tried taking 1 , . but it does not help at all. i have never heard of endocet. i have some news though about my neck though, i had my appt. with NS, the day after my appt. with OS. it looks like he will be doing surgery on me, probably ACDF. he said since my rotary cuff surgery, wait until my OS is done with me. Call him with appt. , then he will procede w, not sure if more tests, etc. I have to go thru physical therapy with shoulder, might as well do neck also. he is a very caring dr. i really like him alot. i also seen my primary dr. also, next day. my ear started bothering me again. i did not want to end up at e.r. again.sure enough my ear was swollen. infection again, and more ear drops with steroid, and anti-inflammatory. i swear it never ends. i seen 3 drs. in 2 days. i guess i could end up with surgery as a christmas present from SANTA. nothing that i always wanted. but if it will make me feel better again i will take it. :S well you take care LEO
  • Endocet is OXYCODONE and ACETAMINOPHEN, just another name for it. I am trying to take just 1 every 4 hours, but I agree it doesn't do the job. @) but 2 puts me out for hours. And taking the Oxycodone 20 mg HCL twice a day
    I think I would say gives me a high #:S 8} (never been high so thinking this might be what it feels like) I am spaced out, feeling I am flying and falling, and really weird things. Then when Its getting time for more, like I feel sick :sick: =P~ :/ . Just not my cup of tea...
    Nice to have doctors you like. You are doing things backwards from me :D when ns was done I seen os. You seen os then ns.
    Hope your ear starts feeling better. I had lots of infections as a kid, don't wish them on anyone :<
    When will you start PT? I am guessing my will start sometime next week after I see the os.
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  • my oxy does make me tired, good thing i can't drive. just a little spacey, i noticed it does effect my speech somewhat. but have had no bad dreams or nothing, i definately like these better than vicodin, vicodin really upsets my stomach. i guess we are all different. yes it is nice to be able to compare situations since we did our surgeries opposite.
    wow i am surprised you might be starting pt so soon! i do not go back to OS until Oct. 1st, he told me from beginning i would be arm sling 6 wks., then be able to start pt. maybe it is procedures we each had done. he said i take risk on redoing whole surgery again if i would rip it out, and i do not want to do that. :O i have problem with ears since i was little also, maybe it is the little girl coming out in me i feel so helpless with use of 1 arm. my problem is putting ear drops in, it is my right ear , so i can't turn on my left side cause of my shoulder. so i lay on back and have to turn my head to left side as far as i can. you know with cervical ROM, that hurts! i lay there as long as i can take it, then put cotton ball in my ear to keep it from draining. i am keeping an eye on my tempature also. if it is not one thing it is another. i did not feel good last night at all, started to tear up. at least you have both of your surgeries out of the way, i have a long road ahead of me. too much going on. well JUST ME will talk again LEo
  • are you doing ok JUST ME? Are you feeling better?
    how are you managing with just one arm? Me i am so tired of arm sling . got until Oct. 1st, just a little over 2 wks. away. The sling being up around my neck bothers me more, i guess with my cervical neck issues it is worse.
    i take one perc at nite now, just for comfort, and after long day, it also helps me sleep. i still am having intermittent muscle spasms in arms, tremors, i am just finishing up my prednisone pack from my ear infection, boy was that wicked. i have still got my 875 mg of augmentin to finish. i cannot shake this ear infection , still continue with ear drops also. my shoulder after surgery is a wait and see game , as far as my acdf goes. i am looking forward to physical therapy to see where it leads.
    i have all of you here to talk to, and that helps. i wish everyone well on their recovery from all different forms of surgery. i know we all recover in a different way, and so much to share. take care LEO 8>
  • Haven't been on here too much lately. You are about the only one who knows how I feel. Sore............ #:S I started PT this week and oh I am hurting. I guess I now have frozen shoulder, so the PT is working very hard to break it down. Ouch.. :''( . No more sling, PT says I have to use use use the arm. Not a good thing frozen shoulder. Don't want to have to be put under to crank the shoulder around. Taking lots of meds lately to help with the pain. I am starting to get more movement, but the shoulder and upper back are paying dearly... I think I would have a neck surgery again, before a shoulder surgery. At 3 weeks out of neck surgery I was feeling much better. Shoulder feels much worse, than before surgery. ~X(
    Hope your shoulder is doing better. :D
  • yes my husband reminds me all the time about that. i am not sure if i have that or not. sometimes i just leave my sling off for about a half hour, but do not use it. i get tired of sling, and try to get some relief. it feels so much better when i prop my arm up when i lay down, or especially riding in car. i keep a pillow in van to rest upon the arm rest to support it. both my arms are so weak, with muscle spasms, it is not funny. i have trouble lifting with right arm, even though that is not one with surgery. i am preparing myself for cervical surgery. i do not want to go on like this, i am only 47 and am tired of all this, and just want to be normal again. i talked to a woman i know who had this same surgery 2 mths. prior to mine, same dr. and she said the physical therapy hurts also. we will see, but to listen to you also, makes me wonder about hurting worse than before surgery. i guess it is a wait and see game for all of us. 8> we all can learn from each other. :W . we will will keep in touch
    and take care all. LEO
  • Hey Leocat
    How are things going for you? Haven't found your name here.
    Maybe not looking hard enough?
    I am still going to PT getting more movement in the arm, but the shoulder still feels like it is going to break off.
    I see the OS in a few weeks, don't know what will be the next step. I suppose I could be some better by then who knows. This stinks! I hate being sore and unable to do much with the arm. It is worse now than better surgery :<
    Hope to hear from you soon.
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