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AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Fibromyalgia
Hello everyone,and thanx for takin time to read the following...Recently my arms have been feeling very achy,my fingers are very stiff,swollen,and very painful.The past two nights I havent slept well because of this problem,Ive also been droping things my hands are very weak,Im currently on Percocet,Neurontin,Tramadol HCL,Methocarbamol,and Amitriptyline HCL...Ive ben on these Meds for a while so Im sure its not the Meds,I thought of this before,about havin Fibromyalgia but I just let it go :( since i thought my knee pain ,shoulderpain,etc.would go away but aparantly new pain symptoms just keep piling :S I do have an appointment to see my PMD,I will let him know my new symptoms,but first i just need some feedback from people that understand what im going trough,I read the blog about symptoms of Fibromyalgia I have all those symptoms...If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia please let me know if you also have problems with ur hands,any feedback wil help me understand more about this condition..Thankyou&God Bless >:D<


  • I do not have fibro, however I don't want your post to get lost or to go unanswered.

    I'm sure that someone will be along soon to talk to you from a fibro standpoint, but in the meantime I just want to offer you some support.

    Please let us know what your doc has to say.

    Kindest Regards,

  • Hi Maribella

    Sorry you are going through so much at this time. I sadly dont have fibro but also wanted to offer you plenty of support. I have a problem with my shoulder and hands being numb so like you I drop things. The pain in the bones is horrible, and so frustrating. Should find out whats wrong tomorrow

    Your doc really is the best person to talk to about these symptoms, but we are great for trying to offer any support.

    You're not alone, we are here and we do care, even if we don't have the same condition.

    danni xox
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  • what you are describing is how my fibro started. I got all kinds of weird pain symptoms, and in fact I had a hard time distinguishing those symptoms from my back pain/nerve pain symptoms.

    It got to the point that I could pretty much tell the difference. The Nerve Pain, well it's in the nerves. Muscle pain from fibro...feels like you ran a million laps and your muscles are sore. It also feels like your muscles don't want to extend, they stay flexed all the time unless I stretch them. I also felt like for a long time that I was coming down with a cold but never got one!

    That's kind of how it started, and in addition, it pretty much started in my knee, then other knee, back, neck, hamstrings, and finally my shoulders and elbows. I had 16-18 of the tender points when I was finally diagnosed, along with pain in all 4 quadrants of my body.

    I also feel so uncoordinated at times...like my mind wants to either lag behind my muscles, or my muscles want to do the opposite. My fingers sometimes don't want to work right and I drop stuff all the time.

    But, of course ask your doc for a referral to a rheumatologist to be evaluated. I will warn you, it does take a while to get diagnosed. It took quite a while before I got a dr. to LISTEN to my symptoms but once I got to the rheumy, he diagnosed me on the first visit.

    I had my 2nd appt. with him yesterday and some of the tender points were not quite so tender, but it's the meds that keep me that way! :)
  • which is actually an alrighrt deal ;)

    I wanted to let you know one thing I learned when first being officially dx with FMS after so many, many years. However, I don't mean or want to alarm you, just be sure you see your Dr.

    At that particular time, the Neuroligist I see for recurrent menningitis, told me how FMS symptoms can mimmic those of Multiple Sclerosis and so he did an MRI to be sure. It was normal, so it was now something I didn't have to worry about.

    Also, I had books at home about MS because I couldn't get any answers (like so many othersat that time)and FMS does have many symptoms of MS. At that time I would have sworn I had MS, just because bringing up FMS was almost like a "taboo".

    I'm not saying you should have an MRI either. Today, doctors are more receptive of FMS. It's not what it use to be, thank God.

    Good luck!
  • I remember the first time I heard of fibromyalgia. A woman I worked with told me that her husband had it. THis was about 10 years ago. I remember her telling me the struggles her and her husband had. How doctors thought he was faking. I had even heard that it was a diagnoses given to hypochondriacs when doctors had simply run out if ideas.

    I am so glad to see how fibromyalgia has changed in the eyes of those in the medical field. Its no longer such a taboo diagnoses.

    While I hope that you are not suffering from fibro, I do hope you get something figured out. I understand how frustrating this all must be for you
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  • One of the things I'm experiencing, and wondering if anyone else has or does, is pain in my arms and into my hands. It feels like what I imagine carpal tunnel syndrome feels like. My hands and feet feel like they are swollen, but they don't look swollen. They feel tight! My shins feel like I exercised and they have been overworked! CRAZY! ">image
  • First sorry your having issues and that this is a VERY LONG POST.
    If not offically diagnosed then the 1st step is getting into a Rheumy who treats fms/cfs. Not all do. Or still are stuck on not believing. There has been many advancements.
    Iv had achy pain all over or in different tender points, but no swelling/stiffness at all. A feeling of stiffness while walking to much I get totally worn out.
    Remember alot of fms/cfs patients have different "flares" Not all one the same.
    Tender points in my back bother me. At times. Especially the neck and shoulders. Ok take this back. Now that I remember I have had at points had my whole arm swell but I just rest that arm with lots of heat and it goes away. Happens rarely.
    Or I just feel like I have been ran over by a mac truck and left there. As I cannot move. Flu like without the "norm" flu symptoms. Your lucky to make it to the bathroom.
    It is a TUFF diagnosis for sure. So many tests to go through to rule out other illnesses. As it mimmicks so many.
    I was lucky to get diagnosed in 2 weeks. That was after blood work A-Z, xrays, a bone scan tender point check test by the dr.
    I started feeling it after my kidney removal and slowly got worse after my cerival fusion.
    Trauma to the body or PSTD can cause this.
    If we are out for the day. After about 4 hrs I'm ready to curl up with my heating blanket and chill. Best home remedy there is. And that is just like a family picnic etc. No heavy work.
    When I did work I barely made it home in the car. So I knew OK I need to slow down. The heck with the house and everything else. Stress is a big trigger to.
    HOT TUBS TO. We are saving for one for next year.. WHOO HOO BABY. All can come and party with me in the tub!

    Now another issue is even being on all those meds at once for awhile does not mean in the future they can start giving issues. I know ultram/tramadol is the bomb sometimes for some relief but does not interact well with some meds as in antidepressents etc. When I was on amtriptyline. I found the ultram did not work so well with that. I was better off with just the amtriptyline.

    I try to watch my diet. I lay off all diet soda. ONce in a great while I have a soda while out and feel a ikky difference. Same with some foods.
    My bestest friend in another state recently went to a gluton free diet. WHICH IS HARD till your used to it and feels 60 percent better. Hey I will take that percentage.

    I would get it checked out to be on the safe side. There are so many things that cause swelling as in rhemotoid arthritis etc..

    Iv been blessed not to have "nasty" symptoms or a flare.
    When I do flare I stop everything. I get as much rest as I can. Water water water. very gentle stretches as tolerated.
    Of course these are all my drs instructions.

    tater as for the feeling like swollen YES YES YES. But of course you could not see anything. I know weirdddddd @)
    But also get that checked out.

    Sometimes after being diagnosied with fms/cfs we chalk up new symptoms to that. Just because they are on the list. But always remember first when a new symptom arises it could always be another underlying condition.

    So ALWAYS let your dr be aware of the issue.
    Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to explain how I feel and all the information I have learned to deal with this.

    My best treatment is not to be on anything at all. All the meds used now just do not do it for me. I feel worse.

    Get that appt if able and go from there!!! It may take awhile but at least you will be on the right track.
    Keep a pain log list. When it happens, what works to make it feel better etc.
    It helps the dr understand more.

    We are here to anwer any more questions or concerns from our personal experience only. Not here to diagnose ya at all.
    Don't I wish I was Dr. If I thought about it at 18. I would of been there already LOL

    Lot of gentle hugs. Feel better!!
  • God i wasnt expectin this much info. from u guys!!!But i do love all the attention JeJe!!! =D> Well this is what my Doctor said,I think you have carpaltunnel so he has me wearing these brace on both my arms then in two weeks we go from there.I asked him about Fybromialgia he stated it takes a long time so you can be diagnosed with that illness,meaning????What i have to suffer with pains here and there for a couple of years for me to be diagnosed??Oh well,so im going to have an MRI scheduled to see whats going on and as far as my pain in the arms its still there off and on my problem now is that my arms feel like if ive been workin out they are very sore :< especially in the morning...Thankyou for all of your help I feel blessed O:) I gotta go my fingers are so numb i cant feel em..T/K
  • I too have been experiencing this new pain in my arms, close to my wrists, that also goes in to my hand! Carpal Tunnel is the first thing that popped in to mind, but I don't do a lot of work with my hands to have caused it, so I just chalked it up to another symptom supporting the fibro diagnosis...
    I went to see my PM doc last week and he doesn't seem like he's quite ready to diagnose me with fibro (even though I have MANY of the symptoms). He has decided to give me injections in the some facet joints in my thoracic region, because I have begun to have horrible pain in my upper back- in the shoulder blades is where it feels like. This pain is in addition to the new pains I have developed in my chest and shoulder joints. He tested me for lupus and Epstein Barr... the EB was positive. He said this could be why I can't seem to drag my fanny out of bed on some days.
    Hanging in there, waiting to find out the bottom line of all this.
  • I too got some injecttions a year ago which did nothing but make me more sore at the injection poing for days. Not a pin prick pain, but the general muscle soreness worsened for days. The injections into the trigger points do hurt, but if it helps what the hell.
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