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Burning pain in left side - anyone had this as referred back pain



  • Well i just got back from the gp - he was not even remotely concerned about kidneys (lol). He didnt even check out the burning pain actually.

    He is more concerned that i have increasing stiffness and soreness (i just had the flu and discovered that when i cough it kills, which was kind of pre op).

    So he is sending me back to neurosurgeon.

    He thinks it could be

    1. Scar tissue building up causing stiffness and inflamation etc

    2. A different disc problem

    3. A facet joint problem (no idea what that is).

    So will wait for 3 weeks and find out.

    Because last time i got PT i ended up in surgery i am really reluctant to continue while i have this. But then again, could the lessended activity be causing the problem.

    Who knows.

    well at least i had my holiday without any problems :)

    Thanks everyone.

    Has anyone else felt like their back was getting more stiff and sore and unstable about 4 months after?
  • I have sciatica down both legs ~X( . I was terrified :SS of having another bleeding ovarian cyst (I had surgery for this 3 years ago) when I started to feel an irregular, deep, throbbing, twinging pain near my left ovary :jawdrop: . My left side is my more painful side of my back. I went to the doc and was told it is referred nerve pain from my back and that it can happen on either side due to my disc problems #:S . I still have it sometimes, I find a heating pad works well to dull the pain and it eventually calms down on its own for me (ok, with the help of meds and lots of rest too!!!).

    These are just my humble opinions and experiences but everyone is different. Just because one doc isn't concerned with one thing doesn't mean he's right. If he doesn't give you an explaination you feel confident in, get as many second opinions as you feel you should until you are confident in what is causing this pain :D .

    I hope this helps and you get some relief! I will be sending you a hospital strengh dose of positive energy to jump start the healing process... <:P <br />-Lisa
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  • i went back to PT and she kneaded my back and stomach until i was black and blue. But it worked. She thinks it is a muscle called psoas (??) that is all twisted just above intestines that causes the burning pain.

    Also, the back pain is from all my muscles overcompensating again...so if it is that it is good.

    I must retrain these rebellious muscles...they have obviously become really good at protecting me....

    Thanks again
  • Glad you went to get some "semi" answers.
    Glad you went through your holiday with no issues.

    But first and formost if allowable for yourself get that appt with your neuro that did your surgery. Testing is the only thing that is going to find the actual cause of your pain.
    Most likely "not sure" they will want to do a CT scan/ultrasound or MRI. Of course these are just my ideas of what the Dr may do or not do.

    I wish you all the best of luck in finding what your pain is!!!!!

    Terri >:D< >:D<
  • I get a burning pain in almost exactly the same spot you described - just to the right of the left hip bone! I had some pain there before surgery - a little different than now though. Before surgery is was more of a pulling pain. My PT said maybe psoas muscle - like you, massage helped tremendously! But the pain is back in the same place but now more of a burning pain. I use heat on it and that helps as does walking - or sometimes just changing position. It really kicked up when I started PT in the pool! But no one seems to know what it is.

    Maybe your doc will have some answers for you! Good luck!
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  • They can be so helpful or NOT for the doctor.
    I am only too well aware of how my own docs jump on something, interprt it then explain it back to me ALL WRONG.

    Have a look on the web for nurses pain scales. There are some that use a list of words you choose to describe the pain.
    For example...shooting, stabbing, sharp, nagging, dull, burning, intense, raging, needles, prickles, ....and so on.

    When you go throu them, you will find the ones that really help and end up with a neat list of GOOD accurate words that will really help the doctor.

    Pain is so subjective that i fear sometimes our own communication fails us!

    As far, whay you describe could be anything.
    If you are really worried, that should be enough to get checked. Don't second guess especially if you had it for 5 days already. Let the docs poke you around and see if they can find the source. If not, keep watching and waiting, It'll either get worse, better or stay the same!!
    Good Luck.
  • I have had burning pain in my left side since 2007! I had a spinal cord stimulator and all of a sudden I developed the pain in my left side. So, they removed the stimulator because they was afraid a couple of wires had gotten crossed. The pain continued so they did an MRI and found a herniated disk in my spine. That pain radiated to my side.... I still have it... 24/7! Never freakin' stops. I am so sick of hurting. That's only one of my pain issues but a major one. They are going in in the morning and putting in another spinal cord stimulator... hopefully it will kill the pain in my side.
    I'm sorry you are experiencing this pain as well. I know how much it hurts.
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