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was just prescribed Neurontin 300mg



  • I took neurontin for about a month after my microD. It worked better then any narcotic pain med I've ever tried for my nerve pain. I was able to quit taking percocet and just take the neurontin and also could go for walks again without pain. I was taking it when I started physical therapy and it really helped me to be able to do PT. I was a little spacey on it but not near as out of it as percocet or Ultram make me.
  • I was put on Lyrica which is also Gabapentin. I was having really bad jerks during the night and would wake up screaming with the pain. It took 4-5 nights but now it has kicked in and I have had good nights sleep since.
    I am definitely more tired on it esp as I am still having 5mg Oxy SR x 2 and Endone as needed so the combination makes me tired.
    I hope it works for you Christine, I know on the Meds forum there were quite a few people who swore by it.

    Blessings Sara
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  • Soooo...I woke up this morning and my arm is getting worse, hurts to move it even a lil. Gonna go pick up my prescriptions and hopefully they'll help. If Not I'm suppose to call the doctor to set up an MRI on my neck which Ive already had fused a year ago.
    I'm hoping neurotin doesnt make me too spacey cause I have to drive on a daily basis to pick up my daughter from school then take her to work. The percocet and the flexeril dont make me spacey as I think Ive built up a tolerance to them.
    Anyway, thanks for the replys...I'm off to pick up my daughter and my scripts.

    Best Wishes,
    CHristina :)
  • has been one of the pills that give me nausea,,,,,,,,,,,,, baddddddd nausea,
  • Christina, don't worry about PT, most of the time it makes me feel so much better. I love the aqua therapy. Land like you said I go for the deep tissue when I feel pain. Are you going to be doing water PT? I also never felt spacey or drugged on the neurontin it was just the memory thing. Good luck with PT and hope you are feeling better.
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  • I have been on Neurontin for about 6 months now. My PM doc just increased my dose to 1800mg a day and it does help with my leg and feet pain, caused from bone on bone contact due to no disc in the L-5 S-1 L-4 region. The memory thing is very true for me, I remember thngs that happened a month ago, but a conversation I had 3 minutes ago seems like a foggy dream. I also have trouble getting some words to come up or out, which is very frustrating. It has affected my job performance some but the pain is better, so it's a trade off I guess. #o
  • I have been on Neurontin for about 10 years now and I take 1600mg three times a day. I have no issues with sedation, fogginess, memory loss or nausea.

    Oh and it does help tremendously with the pain. :-)

  • Thats alot of Neurotin in a day...lol :)

    Best Wishes,
    Christina >:D<
  • I do 1800 mg each day. I thought my memory was bad before. Well, I forget stuff all the time now.

    What are we talking about??? :?
  • Christina,

    Everyone's body is different in how it handles medication. The key is to find what is right for your body. Find the balance between effectiveness and minimal risk.

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