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AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Pain Medications
hey guys, whats happening? i am curious to hear some feedback/results on folks taking opana,, either the ER or the reg, IR.. i just started on it, but im going to a new pm dr monday and wasnt quiet sure if i wanted to stay on it yet.. i was only rx 10mg twice a day, and with my pain levels, its no where even in the ballpark to touch my pain.. but i have experimented and have taken 40 mgs and it did the job for maybe 7 or so hours.. but i have nothing for bt pain.. im just curious to hear some feed back on results, and what dosages are taken how many x per day etc.. any info would be helpful at this point.. i appreciate it, and i wish the best to everyone out there in pain..


  • I tried Opana ER and IR both...I had to stop taking it because of the nausea that it caused, resulting in my having to take phenerghan to stop the nausea.
    I was up to considerably higher dosages twice a day,along with breakthrough dosages 4 times a day. BUT, I was coming from a significantly higher dosage of another med prior to the switch, so you can't judge my dosage in comparision to yours.
    Each medication works differently for another individual.
    As a word of caution, you do realize that you should not be "experimenting" with the dosages on your own , I assume? #o
    Doing that could result in an overdose, because you are not ready for that dosage, or result in your pain management getting cut off if they were to test blood levels of the medications. :|
    I would work with your doctor to get to the correct dosage, as most patients do. Part of pain management treatment is working with your physician to reach the correct dosage on the right medication and that takes time... :|
  • if you search the pain medications forum there is an oxycontin vs opana thread; I sort of went off in it because I feel very strongly that Opana is an over-hyped and under-delivering narcotic, and expensive as heck too! Its about 800 bucks a month cash if you have no insurance for three 40s a day! (trust me).. As far as your question about experiences, I basically went from 120mg of oxycontin a day (3x40mg) to 120mg opana a day, and it was like going from strong, incredibly powerful pain meds, to well, tylenol or something, or a placebo. The Opana didn't touch my pain. I now manage my pain fine with other meds, but the opana was a complete failure for me. Please check with your doctor about dosages; opana has a very powerful narcotic in it, oxymorphone, however, we only absorb 10% or this when taken orally, which actually makes it a very WEAK pain med. (in contrast, we absorb about 80-90% of the drug in oxycontin, hence it's strength). You need to have a talk with your doctor about the drug and whether it is or is not working for you, and why. It is not a good idea to experiment with taking 4x your dosage, although in this case you learned some possibly valuable information, you could have hurt or killed yourself at worst, and i'm guessing your PM wouldnt be too happy about it either. Most probably wouldnt kick you out if you told them you took a 2nd one, but 4 at once, I dunno.. Let us know how your Opana experience pans out; I'm a firm believer it's a drug that won't last and should not be used, except for in a small percentage of patients where for some reason they get great results. Good luck!

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  • hey guys thanks for replying. first off i re read my own thread, my mistake,, i took a third, and my dr does know about it.. jwm, idid read you post in the past about the bio, and have did some reading on it myself and i understand all that. prior to surgery, i was oxycontin as well, way way more than ill ever like to discuss. legally and from a legit dr. and im nt proud of it, But, since all this surgery, im hurting more now than before i got cut which sucks and im sure u can relate. when my dr wrote the opana, it says , one or 2,, on the bottle, he said if youre still in that much pain, try a 3rd. then he pretty much said if i dont agree to the injections , he wouldnt write anymore meds. i had nothing else for bt pain. etc.. jwm as i remember you said you were on ms contin, i was on that at one time, only 15mg of it, and i couldnt stop belching up vomit. so i tried methadone, i couldnt stay awake with it,, , here we are on opana, 30 mg worked for me longer so far, (few hours) than anything so far , i had no side affects, no spacey feeling, no nasusea, .. although in lots of pain, i still work every day, and do as much as i can, some physical work, some of it not,, i suffer alot because of it, if i dont do it, the bills wont get paid.. its jst that simple. so im trying to find something that works best for me with out as many side affects, and with the amount of pain im in, as long as ive been huting, when a pm rx'x a med and you are under dosed, and you have to wait an entire month for them to adjust it, that really sucks.. i realize someone has to be in control.. but when youve been suffering for so long its hard to comprehend.. the oxycontin caused SEVERE constipation which happily landed me with 2 hemmroid surgeries.. opana does nt,, although im underdosed.. way underdosed.. my insurance covers both opana er and ir,, if i did get both rx,, my cost would be way under 100$ a month.. i have read about the bio, over and over and over, and just dont get why its working for me ,, i would rather ask the pm for a med that the #'s show itll help me better, but, the side affects interfere too much with me, my job, employees, customers etc... isnt it fun being in pain?? thanks again for your replies...
  • jwm lol, on a funny note, as i wrote this thread sometime yesterday,, after i turned my computer off, i walked away, then started laughing,remembering reading your few post and heated discussions with a guy about the biavailability etc, blah blah,, and i started thinking, i wonder if this guy is gonna bite on this thread.. lolol, sure enough, .. and dont take this the wrong way, please, i value your knowledge and info. i just happen to remember your discussions back then when i posted this one, and woke up this morning you were there,, it was funny, ... thanks again .. vic...
  • sandi,, back to , experimenting my self, first off theres no argument there, you are absolutely correct, ill pm you later with the whole long crazy story, this way youll understand all thats happened.. but regardless, it was dumb.. i agree.. .. thanks again for your input.. vic
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  • glad that your testing of a couple extra pills was endorsed by your doctor as being safe. If you think Opana is going to work for you by all means try a higher dose and maybe you'll be one of the ones that just finds their perfect med in that drug. I hope for you that you do! Good luck with finding the right dose with your doctor (and not 'not enough' again).


    (and yes, of course I had to reply! I see the words Opana and something sets fire in me =P)
  • hey jwm, been reading more on the bio stuff comparing opana and methadone, i remembber going from 10mg methadone2x a day, to the same dosage on opana, i will admit this,, i suffered big time withdrawals, cant explain it, maybe its the actual amount of meds im "not getting" but once i did 3 , the withdrawals dmn near immediately quit, and pain was better. this crap aggravates me so much. i dont nod off with the opana like i did with the methadone, it made me sleepy, as soon as i stopped and sat, for instance, at work my desk,, hahah, not a good example when im nodding off, and i have to pee test my guys for the same crap.. its a vicious circle. and tired of going round and round ...
  • weird that methadone made you so sleepy at that dose, are you small? If you were in your first couple of days using it I can see that happening, but after say, 2 or 3 weeks, you should be fine. The opana at 3x probably just helped minimize your wd's from the methadone (methadone is something that your doctor really, really should have tapered you off of, if you took it for a couple months or more). Sometimes just the satisfaction we feel when our bodies get the chemicals they want can be perceived as a relief of pain, you know? I.E. taking more opana reduced withdrawals and you 'felt' better, but it didn't really help with pain necessarily. I know I've been in that situation before when I've been taking too much stuff. I was experiencing slight wd's and a couple Norco made me feel like my pain was helped, but then I'd sort of look back on it and realize it was just satisfying the physical dependence that came with using it for too long.. This is where being TRULY open with your doctor helps immensely. The vicious circle/cycle is, well, vicious as you say. Good luck. Oh yeah, as far as bioavail. methadone is way higher than opana, so you went from a highly available opiate that hit you fast and lasted long, to one that is sorta light, soft, and not so special. Report back after you see your doctor; I hope you get things 'fixed'. I have to use quotes cause we're always broken right? =P Cheers

  • lol,, am i small, nah, not quite, 6ft4" 275lb.. first time taking methadone, just made me drowsy, i agree with the longer lasting affect of it then going to opana, i wouldnt accept it at first, didnt think it was withdrawals, but been through that hell too many times and as it got worse ,, oh yeah, i knew it all too well. but no i wasnt on the methadone long, 1.5 months ,, started at 5 mg then to 10 mg 2x a day,, with the option to take a third.. then had major issues with that dr,, went to 2nd dr, he completely hated methadone, wouldnt write it anymore, again , long story, but this a short version, so he just stopped the methadone, and here try this opana er 10mg 2x aday, 3rd if you need it.. immediately started having withdrawals,.. then he cornered me with injections , if i didnt do what he wanted with injections (esi) he wouldnt write meds anymore,, lets back up, he wanted to start the necessary steps to fit me for a pain pump, which i had not agreed to, but he said you will need this eventually as well as a scs.. he suggessted a pain pump to me on my first visit, i wasnt there for 10 minutes, he just started on an on with injections, i said they dont work (epidural style), well he said we have to do this to prove to the ins co that they dont work so they will pay for a pain pump.. NOT!!,, so ,, here i am today.. after the opana rx was out, i am now with dr #3.. explained everything again, from the beginning, he said, lets do this my way, i said ok, he suggested trigger point injections, he stuck me 7 times, wrote me norco, i go back in 2wks, .. he said i want to start at the bottom with you, i agreed, ... he said the pain pump would be the absolute last resort, and in his 27 years has never had to refer a pt for a pump, .. although the epidurals have NEVER helped me, these simple lil shots he gave me, have helped, and im taking a milder med, and less of it, so far.. we shall see. thanks again for your input,
  • You're supposed to take your medication as ordered by mouth. This is very dangerous to snort your medication & it wears off quicker and was not meant to be taken this way by snorting so don't kid yourself. You're doing just what a drug addict will do. Please don't give wrong advice and put someone else's life in jeopardy just because you do this, it's wrong and unacceptable. I hope you stop doing this for your own health. Praying you stop this unproven way of treating yourself. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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