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AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi guys (and gals)

Well, I had my 4 month fusion post-op visit yesterday.

The good news is I got to take my back brace off, and discontinue my bone growth stimulator (4 hours a day was a pain in the butt). OH! and I'm pretty much fused!

The bad news-I have REALLY bad pain now, lower back-OPPOSITE side of what I was pre-op, and leg pain. But the leg pain isn't like the sciatica I had before my laminectomy a few years ago. So yeah, I'm worrying the doc.

He's sending me for an MRI, and wants to do a myelogram, BUTT I CAN NOT handle an invasive procedure this soon after such a major surgery. He thinks my L3-ish might be going :(

I've been in SUCH pain for like, 3 years....that I can't take anymore back problems. Put a fork in me, I'm DONE!

I want to work, life is very depressing right now...and...my back problems are always in my face.

I have no life...and this is SOOOOOOOOO hard.

He also only gave me a 'script for 1 vicodin every 4 hours, and I am in a CRAPLOAD of pain, I can't even deal with this.

So now, they think I'm a crackhead...so to speak...and won't refer me to a pain doc.

I hate feeling S.O.L.

I thought the hippacratic oath says "Do no harm"....


How do you trudge through this??? How do you have a life when you hurt soooo bad?

I just want the old me back. I don't want to have any more disc problems (sorry to be redundant, but I digress...)

*frustrated bionicsammers*


  • so sorry hun your feeling down right now. it happens to the best of us. i am home recovering now from the millionth surgery iv had. ok a little over the top, but still seems like i have one every year for something or another.
    i just got home fri night from a revision from not fusing..
    oh the pain.

    i do not work either. i have not been able to since 05 due to things here and there.

    remember things are dished out to us for a reason. and we are only dished out as much as we can handle.
    i know its hard, i live your life right now..

    yes it stinks they think something is wrong with another disk, think POSITIVE mabye its just a set back and its nothing serious.
    of course your dr sounds agressive if he is interested its something else and is going forward with another test.otherwise he would of just sent you on your way without even a recomendation for a test.
    but always remember if your not happy with what your hearing from one dr then get a second, third even fourth opinion.
    so sorry you need a referrel to pain managment, to me that does not sound right. its just a peice of paper and that is what PM is for is to manage or pain either through long term meds or alternative treatments.
    so i would ask around hun.

    you hang in there, your not alone in this journey of spine "WORLD' there is alot of us..

    im in tons of pain right now and that is with pain meds. so i just have to stay here and recover and hope for the best. it may turn out well, it may not. no one has that answer..

    we are here for ya anytime you need someone or even just to vent!!
    4 months is still early!! not all of us recover at the same rate and it does get depressing even if it says your fused.

    if the pain gets to much to handle please go to the ER . i know its a quick fix but its something...

    take care
    big hugs
  • I know this can all be ridiculously depressing. I'm so sorry you're going through all this. I have no words of wisdom. chronic pain sucks. I'm glad you posted and maybe talking about it will make it just a tiny wee bit better... knowing someone out there can relate and understand. sometimes it's hard to talk to our family and friends especially if they've not had chronic issues. I'm sure you know that. one day at a time. sometimes one hour at a time. :(
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  • I'm so sorry for what you are going through. If your dr. insists on a myelogram you insist on some meds to help you through it. I had to have one but I recieved an injection of valium and one of morphine 15 minutes before. I would never had made it through without the meds. And whats good is I had NO pain for about 5 hours. I know what you're going through because it's happening to me too. Please hang in there and if you need to talk PM me.

  • My heart goes out for you. Let's hope that the MRI will clarify what is actually happening with your body. As far as the oain, your doc should deal with that right away. If the vicodin does not work, he should give you something stronger. I really wish that the doc should deal with your pain more effectively.

    But not all is bad, at lest you are fusing. This is great news. And yes, it is hard to get a life while you are in pain. Have you been referred to a pain doctor?

    Please take care of yourself, and if your doctor does not help with your pain on his own, be vocal about it.

    I am hoping that next time you'll have something better to report.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Terri,

    Hope you're hanging in there after your recent surgery! Geez, there's only so many back surgeries one can have without hitting the breaking point.
    I could learn alot from your positive attitude :)

    I have a question for you...

    My doc gave me 1 tab of Vicodin, max of 4 a day....Pfft! Like that does anything...anyhoo...he says I don't need a pain doc, so how do I get a referral to the PM, if neither him, or my primary care doc won't do it?

    I know I should have told him my pain level in a "number"...gotta love that scale, lol...But one freaggin Vicodin is NOT cutting it. The on call doc from the surgeon this weekend said I can take 2 every 4 hours...but I'm still freakin hurting SOOOOOO bad, I wish the spine doc or his nurse just had the time to listen to me. What my capabilities are, pain level, etc..

    *sigh* I digress*

    Hope you're feeling ok!

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  • This place is grrrreat!

    I just joined last week, and already I feel not alone. Unfortunatley there are so many of us out there.

    It does help to come here and vent, and read some postings to see how everyone else deals with their pain, frustrations...and anything else under the sun
  • I SERIOUSLY can't go through that test. The discogram I had last year, wheeeeeeeeeeeew! That was HORRIBLE!!! Beyond horrible. They gave me valium and morphine too, and I like, cried through the entire procedure.

    I hope the MRI works!
  • sorry just saw you wrote back. im kinda still not totally with it.

    so i take it your insurance company needs/wants a referrel to other docs?? i do not need one for anything so i am not sure how that all works.

    anyway you can call a pain managment place and just ask to be seen??? and kinda go from there????

    i would most def get the MRI that is kinda a must to see what other disks are causing your pain.
    what is your pain like?? you never really said.
    sharp, dull, burning, one spot, radiates?? possibly the hardware??? there are so many things. i felt great at 4 months then boom started feeling like crap again. this is a month by month process with spinal surgery. some people it takes a year or so.
    i had a gf from last year who fought and fought to get the right dr to take her pain seriously. it took many weeks but she finally did it. and now she is comfortable.
    i know you do not want the mylogram as i would be screaming NO. i cannot handle even a IV being put in. but the test does show alot.

    for months they did not find the cause of my back pain.
    i ended up having spondylolthesis. this was found by a xray of me bending forward and backward. not saying this is what you have. i just found it odd after all the MRI's xrays etc it was finally found one day by doing that.
    they could not understand my conception of a deep burning pain that never went away.

    it took me 2 months to get into PM but that does not go for everywhere. i of course do not go anymore as i have no transportation to them every month.
    did the dr say when you could start PT??? if your almost fused you sound like a good canadite, but that is only my own personal opinion.
    if i had a drs degree i would have my own website =))

    just keep hanging in there. :D O:)
    keep up your walking. that is so important.
    i start that today. as i was in so much pain last night i could not get out. plus i have numbness starting while standing that was not there before surgery hmmm :?

    i know thinking positive is sometimes difficult. its something that you have to make yourself do.
    im not in no way saying im the most POSITIVE person out there far from it. right now i am going bonkers not doing anything and its only been a few days lol
    as you see by all the things in my signature i could of gone bonkers a long time ago, but i said NO i will not let all this crap get to me. yeah i cry, i scream, i get P&&&&&&& so i am not perfect.

    im here and so are so many others that live your day. your not alone even though it feels that way some days.

    take care hunny
    lots of love and hugs
    terri >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< :D :D O:)

  • I cried through my discogram, too. what horrible pain. the thing is, I cried very quietly. my doc didn't even notice. he wrote in the report I handled it "very well". that was 2 years ago. this new neurosurgeon wanted it done again and I put my foot down and said no way. no can do. he didn't insist. I'm like, if the discogram showed messed up discs two years ago, what makes you think they got better? shees. I know these guys are smart, but I doubt most of them had ever had back issues!
  • I'm sorry to laugh...but...the report from my discogram basically said I couldn't handle pain, and that I was a wimp...Those are my words.

    I mean seriously...have THEY had it done? It really IS that bad.
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