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Opana ER? or Avinza?

KMarsha59KKMarsha59 Posts: 31
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Pain Medications
I haven't posted in awhile..so Hi ALL , I met some of you briefly, or posted with you on here a few months back, but I fight my 13 year old for the computer now most of the time , lol, no jk'g . But she does like her Myspace.com so I don't rate much computer time anymore, lol. Anyway, I am taking Opana ER for 3 days now . The first day it seemed to work well but the second day I started having trouble with what appeared to be my bladder and kidneys. I have had kidney stones at the age of 18, I am now 48 so I was wondering if anyone had any of these side effects or any others from this med. I also was prescribed Avinza but I didn't take it due to my insurance wanting me to try an alternative (Morphine Sulphate ER) which I did and had some scary side effects with..so now I'm approved for Opana ER.. get the gist.. I just had spinal injections (sacral then a month later lumbar) then I go back again November 7th for more. I had some trouble getting around right after the sacral injections due to sacral iliac disease I have had for several years but then the lumbar injections were much better only it is now a week later and 3 days after I started the Opana and I started having what seems to be pain at a weird angle in my back (feels like could be kidneys) that shoots down my legs , mild headaches today and what seems to be bladder spasms or pain?? Weird to me because I don't remember ever experiencing anything remotely like that before with injections, This was not an epidural..just injections of cortisone?? and not sure what else, because they didn't tell me nor did they send me home with any instructions after the fact, they must think that I am a seasoned trooper and I would just know what to do afterwards?? lol, trust me, I had either forgotten or don't remember experiencing any of this beofre, only in the past I didn't get relief for awhile after the procedures. I am now wondering, if the symptoms that I am having are from the Opana ER 10 mg. or the spinal injections? Any clues or heads up out there? I was told that my old pain doc was no longer working in pain mgmt when I started back at this clinic after being away from PM for about 4 years, and after being assigned a new doctor here I found out that my old doctor has his own clinic here in town. I have not been able to take any meds that this doctor has given me due to side effects. It's kind of ironic but this clinic seems to be a very busy clinic but they don't seem to be taking care of business. I actually had to ask to see the doctor last time because it had been over a month since I had seen him and during the injections he just comes in and does the procedure and leaves. He Has not been able to find a med that my body does not fight off and I have been on Fentanyl patches, Methadone, Morphine Sulphate ER and all of these meds have either caused an allergic reaction or had other scary effects, like Morphine, which caused me to have nightmares and unusual fears..don't ask me, I had to keep telling myself that it was only the medication just to not get scared.. and I have had skin and drug allergies since I was 14 months old, all my life,so who knows if this clinic will be able to help me. I'm not even sure if they even can because I am having what seems to be more trouble this time since I started pain mgmt. then I was before and I started to try and get my life back, I have been thru para menopause, a partial hysterectomy , shingles that was misdiagnosed for two years that actually lasted for 5 years which resulted in having to go on immuno-suppressant therapy, until it went into remission they say, because guys..you know that once you have had shingles for a long time it can come back but there is also a vaccine and I am waiting for that now cause you have to be shingle free for a year before they can give the vaccine because it is the live virus they are giving you. I was wondering, the med I am on now is Oxymorphone, and I was wondering what is the difference between Oxycontin ans Oxymorphone? I know that Oxycontin is a synthetic morphine, or so I was told this several years ago when I was on it and Oxymorphone is also a synthetic drug. I don't have the same side effects as I did with the Morhine Sulphate now that I am on the Oxymorphone but it just doesn't seem to work as well for the pain. My doctor knows and the clinic knows that I had previously been on Oxycontin for several years until I got better and went off pain mgmt four years ago, and I never once had to up my medication to a stronger dose the entire time, and I was taking Oxycontin 20 mg. for four years until 2003 or 2004 , I think I actually went off pain mgmt in November 2003 but took meds until early 2004, but this clinic does not prescribe Oxycontin, they say due to the high addiction rate among patients and this is what I was told. Due to my history of taking meds for pain, I went from four back surgeries in 99' 00' 01' and 02' taking Vicodin ES, to Percocet 10, Oxycontin 10 in one year then on to Oxycontin 20 for almost four years and that seems to have been the drug that made me functional, took care of my pain enough to allow me to live my life at a much more normal rate, attend Physical Therapy pool sessions and reach my goals enough to stop pain mgmt. all together but due to the medical issues I stated above which caused me to start having problems with my back again and gaining 20 pounds on top of my messed up back which made everything worse, caused me to have to go back to a pain clinic..I am beginning to wonder if this clinic is going to be able to help me at all. They seem scared to prescribe Oxy and they don't seem to be all that professional anyway and this clinic use to be one of the number one clinics in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Should I go back to my old doc?? I don't know but my primary care doc says if I want to switch docs that he will do that in a heartbeat. I want to get back to where I was in 2002-2003 where I pretty much had my pain under control and in which I was also very healthy and in shape like I hadn't been in years. I was a Physical Therapist for many, many years when I had a patient that weighed 300 pounds fall on me which resulted in my discs rupturing and we were sitting on a mat table at the time not transfering into a bed or chair or ambulating like most people who have injuries at work. My injury resulted in a freak nature which just happened at the spur of the moment.In 1991 my supervisor Ken and I were treating a patient who had had 3 knee revisions and her range of motion was only about 20 degrees and we could not get this lady to even barely attempt to bend her knee and the dr. was adamant we push her and so my boss had me get behind her sitting with my legs under me on a mat table and hold her hips down while he bent her knee and she came up off the table and fell down right on top of me and later that day while reaching for a door my had intense pain and suddenly I lost complete control of my legs and fell walking down the hallway and ended up in the ER. I was off work and had PT at my clinic for about 8 weeks and the doc they sent me to said I had a sprain but my PT and I knew it was a disk problem, he nver would acknowlege this, I think due to the hospital making him comply. They begged me to come back to work, crossing their fingers that it was TOO only a sprain and so I did and the disks healed over with scar tissue and I got better and ended up doing home health because I could no longer do acute care PT cause I couldn't lift anyone anymore. In 93' I started having trouble again and so I went to another doctor who did an MRI and found that I had ruptured disks and he said that it was about 2 years old and that now the disks had disentegrated into my body and that it was now rubbing bone on bone and he wanted to do surgery. I refused and opted for outside THERAPY, such as everything but, you guys know the drill..PT, injections etc..and finally in 96' and 97' I had pain so bad that I couldn't continue working so I ended up having surgery in 99' but during surgery they found more disks ruptured that they hadn't realized and this resulted in 3 more sugeries. This could have MAYBE been avoided had I got the proper care right when the injury happened but hindsight is 20/20 and time pressed on and thre doctor the hospital and MY insurance WORK/COMP had hired didn't do his job the first time and I ended up with Spondylolithesis, DDD, sacral iliac disease. After my first surgery I had the screws come loose during PT and I had to go to bed for a few months until the fusion healed but I never could stand up straight after that, I seem to stand at a flexed position and although I have had several years off and on of PT rx we can't seem to get my back straight or my muscles, whether they are hip flexors or just scar tissue in my lumbar area, to align the problem. I know I have rambled on here..but does anyone see where I am coming from or has anyone had any of these issues? Has anyone else out there been told this about prescribing Oxycontin? I took Oxycontin before and it actually took care of all of my pain and I was finally able to function on a more normal level and endure PT pool seesions and gym sessions without much trouble. This med was a miracle drug to me and I never once had to up my dose in 3 or 4 years but they don't prescribe it there anymore?? Ok, anyone have abny news or suggestions? About Avinza being better than Opana ER? Or had any of the same issues with injections like I have mentioned above? I will close this post cause I know I have rambled on about the ifs and whys and what fors..can anyone help me process all this? Any heads up or clues?


  • But I have no time to sit and read through your post...the pain is bad today.

    It helps, too, if you hit enter a couple times when the post gets long..then my eyes dont cross while I'm reading.. =P~

    I have no experience with Opana, but I did take Avinza and hated it. It made me so mean and so irritable I couldnt stand myself...I cant imagine what it was like for the people around me.
    Not to mention, it backed me up so bad that chugging castor oil didnt even get things moving.

    It does take a couple weeks before it is fully in your system - in order to know for sure if it is working.

    Pain wise - it was average. I could tell I was having some relief, but the side affects were making so agitated that I think it was stressing out the rest of my body.

    There are some pretty strong opinions about Opana on here so I am sure you will hear those.

    After the Avinza I tried the Oxycontin and am pleased with the results thus far.

    I promise to read your post when I have more than 60 seconds in front of the computer.
    Have a wonderful night and great weekend.
    I'm going to a football game tomorrow and pray to god that the pain will allow me to enjoy!

    Go Bills!!
  • Wow, lots of issues going on, huh? I'm so sorry that you're having to go through all of that, but hopefully you're going to get the help you need to feel better soon.

    I wanted to touch on one thing that I picked up on-you mentioned your bladder and pain or possible spasms? Are you having any issues with leakage or incontinence? If so, you need to be evaluated right away as this can be a sign of a potentially serious problem so if you do lose the ability to completely control your bladder (or bowels) then get to the Doctor or ER soon, OK? Also, if you aren't having any leakage, are you sure that you don't have a urinary tract/bladder infection? This can cause spasms too-I get them quite frequently so I'm speaking form experience.

    As far as reactions to the meds, if you think you're having a reaction you do need to be evaluated, especially with all of the problems with meds in the past that you've mentioned. It's not a good idea to mess around with that-better to find out it was nothing big then to not be seen and find out it was.

    Since none of us here are Doctors, we can't tell you exactly what's going on, but we can offer up suggestions, or our own experiences that might be similar. I'm sure you'll be hearing from some of the others very soon! :)

    I hope you'll keep us posted-meanwhile, take care of yourself, OK?
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  • my 2 cents.. call your doctor ASAP. Weird reactions shortly after a spinal injection need to be reported to them, and don't be shy about calling them at weird hours, or repeatedly; they know this is serious stuff and can handle your calls. 2nd, and this is just my opinion, but I don't think Opana works very well. Some people find it to be just right, and for many others, it's just not enough. Oxycontin knocked my pain outta the park, and Opana at the same mg's didn't even touch it at all. Your experiences will differ, and it's kind of crappy that they are switching your meds right around the same time as your injection; it makes it hard for you to tell which is the cause of your symptoms. Is it the drug, the injections, or both? The leg pains, bladder sensations, I, personally, would link those to the injections.. Where were the injection sites? l5-s1 and l4-l5? Unless that pain, spasms etc was something you experienced before, I wouldnt tie it to the opana.

    Call your doctor. Why can't you take oxycontin still? Is the name brand only out of your reach for $ reasons? It is for me.. BTW avinza is just time release morphine, i.e. mscontin, with a nice new much more expensive packaging and name. Same stuff, it just uses a different 'delivery system' to get the meds into you over the 12 hours.

    Good luck!
  • Actually Avinza delivers the medicine over a 24 hour period not 12. That's the difference between the MS Contin and Avinza. I find it to be a fantastic pain medication, as I have stated previously. It works great for me, and I guess not so good for others. The good part about Avinza is that it does keep you pain free for a 24-36 hour period.
  • yep, you're right, I slipped on that one. Same main med tho. But as herrball explained, 30mg mscontin twice a day would be 60mg avinza, once a day, due to 24 hour delivery. Bye!
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