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Scared to death but I can't wait



  • I will try the B complex today, it has been very frustrating, and the surgeon said that there wasn’t anything that they could do. I called my Orthopedic surgeon to look at my knee they said it was surgical from the neurologist. I called my own physician and they said to call back to the surgeon. I was going in circles, I finally just called my physician and scheduled a flu shot and asked to have my physician Tracy to look at my knee, the first thing she did was to send me over to make sure that there weren’t any blood clots, which I figured that there weren’t. She then called the surgeon who then told her that it may be a root pain. That is the frustrating part why they didn’t tell me that at first, instead of me going around in circles. I will keep walking, and my next appointment is November 17, with an X-ray a week before that. Right now I am set to go back to work December 1, 10 hour days. We will see how things go. I want to thank-you for your responses, it is hard with no one here to talk to or who totality understands.

  • How are you now? I am also gonna have a fusion in L5/S1 due to spondyloptosis. After years of uncomfortable pain and numbness, I decided to go with the surgery as well.

    Glad to hear that your surgery went well.
    I am now scared as well for my surgery..its on nov 3rd..
    I was wondering if you experience any difficulties post op?

    Hopefully your post op pain will be better soon..and hopefully mine will be okay as well.

    God bless

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  • I am trying to use Flector Patches behind my knee, and on both hips, they are anti inflamitory patches. I use them at knight & then take them off in the am. Other thah that I go out approximatly 2 hours or so walking at the mall or at Walmart. It is getting cold in Iowa. As long as I don't take any medication I can drive. I then come home take my medication and I feel better. My post op appointment will be on November 17th, with an XRay a week before that. I will then find out regarding PT, and when they will let me go back to work. I work 10 hour days, right now the insurance company are going back & forth as to when I might go back to work. Maybe December 1st, the Dr said it all depends on the xray and how I feel.
    Thank-you all again for your help and just listening to me.

  • bjv said:
    I am trying to use Flector Patches behind my knee, and on both hips, they are anti inflamitory patches.
    Were these prescribed by your back surgeon? If not double check on the anti inflammatory patches with him, I dont know if these affect fusions like oral meds. Most fusion patients are not allowed to use anti-inflammatory meds. for at least 6 months after surgery. My OS wouldnt prescribe these after my fusion, but different docs have different opinions, just my experience.

    2 months is pretty quick to go back to work, but I guess it all depends on what kind of job you have. I am at 8 weeks post op and would not consider going back at this point. Just make sure you are completely ready. It may be difficult to get off again if you find out after a few days that it is to much to soon.

    Take Care,

  • All in all it is the best thing that I could have done for myself. It took me 8 years to get here but was taken care of by two of the most wonderful medical facilitators. My physician and my pain managent physician. Neither ever gave up nor said that there wasn’t anything to do we would allays go further. Then my surgeon is the next in my trio. So I want to wish you well, don’t give up & don’t forget to walk, walk, and walk. I go out at least twice a day to the mall or a store, it is a flatter surface so I don’t fall down, that is all I would need!
    Good Luck
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  • I had L5/S1 disc replacement on October 2, still having a few problems with my left knee. They checked it for blood clots, I have had an x-ray and now they are going register me for an MRI.
    I had my first x-ray for the L5/S1 after the surgery today the tech showed me the picture & there is quite a bit of space to fill. Still on all of my med’s, My next appointment with the Dr is next Monday. How long does it take for the fusion to take completely? The insurance company has the great idea that I am going back to work November 19th. I still haven’t had any physical therapy. I am so glad everyone knows what they are doing…...
    Thanks for listening…..
  • If you have hardware, you don't need the fusion to be complete to return to work. I've been cleared to return to work Dec/Jan. That's only 3-4 months post op.

    But if you had a disc replacement... Where does the fusion come in? I'm sorry if there was something I missed... I may have. Just kind of confused.
  • Did you end up having a disc replacement instead? You mentioned both in your last post here, maybe I missed something. Anyway, fusions can take a long time. Some people have signs of fusion within a few weeks while others take 6 months or more to even start. Then it can take up to 2 years for your fusion to be complete (solid). Everyone is different, this depends on so many factors.

    As for going back to work, hhmmnnn, that would need to be a personal choice between you and your doctor. Some people go back withing a few weeks others take months or even longer. Do you feel you are able to drive to work, work for 8 hours, then drive home all with minimum meds (because you are driving). I had my fusion the end of August and have not even thought about it yet. I have a physically demanding job, chasing kids around, rolling on the floor lifting children and occasionally restraining kids up to 5th grade. I still have all of my restrictions so as of now I can still only drive very short distances.

  • The put in 2 rods, with ground cadaver bone made into a putty in between. It then fuses them together. They will check to see how much of the fusion has taken & then will let me know when I can start PT. I am thinking that it will be a couple of weeks after that & then 1/2 days. I work 4-10 hour days, with Thursday, Saturday & Sunday off. I have a sedentary possession, getting up occasionally. I still wear my brace whenever I am up out of bed. The only reason I can drive is if I don’t take any medication. I will find out on Monday.
  • it sounds like the docs releasing you to go back to work a little too soon. You definately are going to need physical therapy, and my Neurosurgeon wouldn't even let me start PT until I was at 23 weeks. I had a 3 level fusion PLIF with these 2 6" rods, and six screws and a stabilization bar in the middle. There was no fusion seen STARTING until I was 23 weeks.

    And I was absolutely not allowed to do anti-inflamatories. Our brains automatically think that's what we need, but it's really bad on the fusion process.

    But you have got to have PT before even thinking about going back to work. I am 9 months post op now, and STILL am unable to work, I'm getting there though, slowly.... but it's been hard work.

    My NS told me anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to heal. Don't push it, of course you may be younger than 53 though too. That makes a big difference. Good luck
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