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Saw My Doc Yesterday...... Not the best news to report

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Matters of the Heart
Good Morning, all. (Heavy sigh)......

Well, I went in to have a check up with my Doc, to discuss my meds and just whatever. When he felt along my spine, he found a spot that was just sore as hell. He moved me from side to side and front to back.... that felt great too!! NOT! He sent me for a 5 view lumbar xrays and after looking at them said that he recommends that we get a CT scan asap..... to see if my fusion is solid!!! HOLY CRAP!! Is it REALLy possible that after 8 years it could still not be fused??? I am stone cold trippin because I never, ever considered this to still be an issue. I have my CT scheduled for Friday at 1115am, so I will try not to borrow trouble until I know something for sure.

Number 2: I am being sent to an OB/GYN to get scheduled for a HYSTERECTOMY!!! Holy hell folks! But the fact of the matter is my maternal grandmother had uteran cancer. All of her daughters (my aunts and mother) all had hysterectomies in their thirties and even my sister who is 10 years older than me, had hers at the age of 34.... im now 36. I have been having terrible problems for the past 6 months in this area and found that I am full of fibroids. I know that this is major surgery and I'm alittle scared about all of this, too. I could not get into an OB until November 18th so I get to just sit here and wait. I have met both of my deductibles with my Medicare so now is the time to do anything major that I need to have done. Looks like my xmas gift this years is taking out the ol' kid factory! I know that I will be SO much better afterwards but I have heard that the amount of time to heal can be lengthy and painful. I just want to get it over with, you know?

Other than THAT, things are going great! (ha ha) I guess I am starting a new chapter.... one that is completely new to me. But I am tough as nails and I know I can do it... it just freaks me out a bit. To say the least, I have developed an "allergy" to surgeries!!! LOL!!! I guess we will wait and see.

I love you guys and hope that all is well with everyone. I hope the pain you are in is minimal and that you have a smile and the sun shining on your face today.

Big hugs from me to all,

Amy 8}


  • hi amy,
    its good to see your in such good form with all that is going on in your life!!!!
    it must be the age we are at i to have started the tynie process it doesnt bother me though as the family are all grown up now so no worries on that part i sure as hell wont be needing thoses bits!!!!
    anyhow glad to here from you and keep that good feeling running!!!
    your a good soul youll be well looked after!!

  • You give me hope. You ARE tough as nails. My mom had a hysterectomy in her 30s. I can recall her recovery time. My thoughts are with you. I dunno what the future holds for me but it is a possibility that mine goes too as I have already had cervical cancer removed in 2000.

    One Love,

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  • I have missed the heck out of you and have thought of you often over all these weeks. I am so glad to be back in touch with you. You are a dear, dear person and someone I am proud to call "friend". Thank you for the pat on the back, so to speak. I am the most mentally healthy than I have been probably my whole adult life and for that I am so proud of myself, and I'm getting better at giving myself a little pat on the back for a change, instead of a kick in my butt!! lol. It feels good and makes all of the difference. Having my Depression AND my Bipolar Issues all but gone with the help of great meds, makes everything else in life so much easier to process and to not feel overwhelmed at every little bump in the road. Today I am proud of my progress and very happy to be where I am.

    All that aside I just wanna get the ball rolling on the hysterectomy "thing" so that any pain that I feel from it is the pain of just recovering and getting better. A good way to start the new year I think.

    Well, I am sending you the biggest squeeze around the neck, kiss on the cheek and a major high five!! I am So glad to have you back around. I really, really mean that.

    You are my favorite Irish-woman ever!!! LOL!!!

    Love you girl,

  • I am sorry to hear about all of this. You seem to be in good spirits about it though, are you sure your ok? Are you in therapy right now? I feel like you need someone to talk to about the hysterectomy thing. I can't imagine being in your shoes.

    I am glad to hear that you are doing ok. You are a tough cookie. I don't know how much advice I can offer, but I am always here to listen if you need me.

    Hugs and Kisses
  • Having a hysterectomy is really no comparison to having spine surgery. This is one of those things where they go in, cut out the problem, and you heal up. So try not to stress too much over it. I had a full hysterectomy at 35 (bikini incision about 8-9 inches). Removed everything, and it was a very long surgery due to masses of scar tissue "glueing" everything down. I was up walking the halls the same day, home in three, back to work in 2 weeks (desk job). Sure there was some surgical pain, but when comparing it to spine surgery, it was a cake walk. Not to minimize the surgery, it is a big deal, but you should do great with it. As a spiney, you know the full range of pain, so I think you will view this as an easier one to get over. Maybe you'll luck out and they will be able to do it either laparoscopically or vaginally. Try not to worry too much.

    Surviving chronic pain one day at a time, praying for a reprieve because living another 40 years like this doesn't sound too fun!
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  • Cindy,

    I guess I had some concerns about having this done AS A spiney you know? Will that cause me potential problems or anything? And due to the fact that I have a propensity for massive scarring, thus the Arachnoiditis in my back, should I be concerned about abdominal adhesions after the surgery? I plan on asking the Doc these things, but if you have some more of the personal insight you don't mind sharing that would be great.

    I guess it's just the thought of yet another "major surgery" just makes me tired and wears me out thinking about it. I know it'll be a walk in the park for me (my hope anyway) but it's kinda started to sink in a bit today and it's just trippy to think about right now. By the time the surgery date rolls around I will have had plenty of time to prepare for it mentally... it's just all still new right now.

    Thank you for your post and any additional info you might think of.

    OH!!! And to top it ALL off today..... my clutch went out in my Escape right as I pulled into our driveway from the grocery store. FRIGGIN GREAT. I should have known as these things all seem to happen in 3's... good news is there shouldn't be any more surprises as this is the 3rd!!

    Well, I'm gonna have a glass of wine or 6 and watch my shows on Tivo and call it a day. Thanks again for all of the encouraging posts..... you are all worth a million bucks!!

    Hugs and love,

  • Hi Amy,
    I just wanted to put in my two cents worth on the hysterectomy. I had a partial hsyterectomy, which means they took the uterus and only one ovary, several years ago, and it was the BEST thing I ever did =D> I had it done vaginally, which means they go in through your vagina and remove it, no cutting you open from the outside, except for 2 or 3 little incisions for the scope and such to go thru. Since I still have one ovary it produces hormones, so I do not have to take any hormone meds. But as you know not everyone is the same, and all drs. do things differently. With your fibroids it sounds like a probability that your surgery would not be vaginally. The reason I say this is, my twin sis has been dealing with fibroids also, and her dr and brought up the fact of surgery and it being done through an anterior incision. So I did some research and read where, due to the size of some fibroids they can not be removed vaginally. Does that make sense?
    I was out of work for 8 weeks for recovery, but my job then and still to this day, is a factory job. Like Cindy said, she was able to go back to work fairly quik, due to her job being a desk job. Just think how wonderful it would be, not to ever have to deal with the monthly curse again #:S Good luck to you with every thing.
  • Amy I'm sorry to hear your having a bad time. But on a good note if you are not fused and this causing you pain a refusion is so so much easier than an inital one, its not the best news to hear but if its the pain source I think you will be suprised on how different a refusion is if that is last resort.

    I had my lumbar refused 2 years after my fusion, and am waiting for a refusion in my neck, I rejected all donated bone, so none of my fusions fused. Girl I hope and pray things will get easier for you soon

  • I'm sorry about your family history with uterine cancer. You're doing the right thing; I would.
    I had a hysterectomy and they left me with one ovary. The following year, after my only ovary kept growing and rupturing cysts (OMG, I thought I was dying ), my doc said no more pain medicine, you are having surgery, no more putting it off.
    So they had to gut me all the way across again because of all the scar tissue, just to take out one shriveled up ovary. So I have nothing left but effing hot flashes. I still after all these years don't know if I'd go thru taking hormones. SO meanwhile I sweat my ass off ( not really your ass, but your face, neck, chest, trunk) :)
    I had to do this since I had endometriosis from age 12. It wasn't diagnosed until I was 19.
    I hope they fix the possible fusion problem in your back. You have enough on your plate as it is. Take care
  • Isabel7Isabel7 Posts: 1
    edited 08/08/2013 - 12:17 AM
    If you have both fibroids and low back pain, it can be difficult to know if the fibroids are causing the lumbar back pain or not. Mechanical back pain is very common and often has other causes. I think mine is mechanical, but I also have a large fibroid. I am trying to cure this naturally with diet. Fibroids and hence fibroid pain can be cured naturally.

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