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I need your HELP back from nuro Dr. and so lost and hurting

ellineellin Posts: 188
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
ok I am going to tell you a bit of my storyy and hope You all do not think I am on a pitty pot. Two years ago my left leg went numb scared went to nuro Dr. he said need surgery. I was scared and went to PM after first epi got back the feeling in my leg well now 2 years later I have had so many injection, epideral, facet, S1 and ablation 3 levels lower back. My neck was getting so bad had a MRI and 3 buldge disc and spon. on it goes. PM DR. did two injections and I would like the ablation because it has worked for my back. Well today went to nuro surgeron that this hospital clinic told me I need to see after looking at my MRI"S get their witht the folks and first comes in a PA with a BIG attitude of why are you here and all. I thought I would loss it mind you I went to the wrong location 30 min out of my way too he says well the Dr. will see you in comes the Dr. nice and tells me that I am not a pt for surgery because my back is full of arth. I said I can't live like this and I do not know what to do. He says that back Surgery is at best only a 30% success rate. :O Than my dad says are these injections my daughter getting addictive?????????? I thought how dare you what the heck do you think I like this needle c---??????????? Bottom line was he thinks a spine stim. would be a good thing to try. OK there went another $50 co-pay I said why did the clinic make this appt for me after reading the MRI's he did not know. Ok leave in tears ~X( and neck is killing me along with the back. Call my PM Dr. to find out what is next. This is what I get. First got a block in the neck was told if this works ablation will be done call tues. Called Tues and Dr. wanted to do another injection ok did that call again Tue with the pain log nurse called back and said Dr. said that was it try massage. I was like what I told her of what was told to me and is this not injections to see if the area is the right spot?? Called again today to see what the Dr. said and she says oh I was going to call you Dr. said their is no more to be done for you. WHAT well why in the heck is the shots done and I thought that their were to be 3 shots give so at least I have anothhhherrrr one of them. Told her what the nuro Dr. said and if the ablation worked for the Lower back why won't the Dr. do the neck. I think that maybe this PM Dr. is not experienced??? he does not do spine stimulators. So, now wating on a call from PM nurse to see what the Dr. says now. Sorry so long. I just do not know what to do how many shots can I keep getting????? My skin is so thin from this steriods bruised all over arms. :''( Now I see why people end their life not that I am going too. Just thinking of this mess and no where to turn except vent to you all. What do I do next??? Oh I told my dad off and told him that I am going to start taking the oxycontin and than he will have a reason to ask if their is an addiction. THANKS for reading this long vent


  • OH forgot to tell you get this the Nuro. Dr. says that hern , bludge disc are no biggie it's all arthritis/
  • I have been through a lot like you have. I am also not a candidate for surgery.

    I have been told by doctors that I need surgery, and I have been told by others that I do not need it. I think the clinic sent you to the neurosurgeon to get an official opinion from someone who actually specializes in that field.

    If I were you, I would call the neurosurgeons office, and request a referral to a doctor who can put in the stimulator. I don't have any experience with that. I wonder, can the neurosurgeon do it? Call them and ask either way.

    I know how frustrated you feel right now. I have been to so many doctors, my head spins thinking about it. Just keep on seeking answers, and you will get the help you need. If you are not comfortable with your PM, try seeking another opinion. Do you have a contract with them?
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  • It sounds like you've been through so much. It seems your father is really alot involved in your life and it's good if he's supporting you. Taking that oxycontin as ordered by the Doctor is a necessity for pain relief. I honestly think if your father is so involved in your care that your Doctor should explain the need of pain medications to him. I'm not sure because I don't know how old you are... You shouldn't have to defend yourself for these things, you have enough to deal with. Sorry you have to go through all this. :( We're here for you. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • SORRY,
    doctors will do anything for that insurance $$$$ and BTW scs Surgery is about 70,000$ so they may try to push it on you.. you have to get tough on them tell them that what they are doing is not enough,especially if you have insurance! I do not have any except for state welfare insurance(i'm not proud of it but these back prob. of mine have cost me to lose everything inc. my job) so there is only so much they will do for me but if i had any kind of real ins. they would be able to give better neds. and a lot of other stuff that the crap ins. will not cover. SO YOU HAVE TO GET TOUGH ON THEM OR THEY WILL RUN YOU AROUND IN CIRCLES UNTIL YOU JUST GIVE UP ON EVERYTHING.
  • Hello, I wont bore you with my problems but i've had many injections, surgeries, i'am on multiple heavy narcotics, and have a spinal chord stimulator, and nothing has worked so far there is a lot more involved in the scs than just giving it a try, do your resaerch on it but i can tell you that mine did nothing for my pain, i've had it for 2 yrs this Oct. and my dr's are taking it out in Nov. my docs have told me that they have had good success rates w/ the scs but it just did not work on me, like i said make sure you do your research on it first, and let me just say i think that the trial period is a joke, on me i had some slight relief in the trial period, actually only on the second day of the week long trial and then the leads in my back moved so it was very hard to tell anything from the trial, plus i was in excrutiating pain from the incision and insertion points in my back that it was very hard to tell if i really got any relief in the trial.. But like i said they have had some very positive results from the scs so just do your homework, oh yeah i've read in pain management books that it is NEAR IMPOSSIABLE to get addicted to any of the meds unless you just want to get high! you WILL get DEPENDANT but not ADDICTED X( , and yes there is a huge differance.... hope everything works out well for you! and hope you can be as painfree as possiable.....Dale
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  • I had not taken any pain meds Dad is talking about the injections. That is why when he asked the Dr. if the injections are addictive I thought hey if I was taking the oxycontin than you might ask if you do not know if their is an addiction issue to this. Anyway I think I am going to try to start taking the pain meds in small doses I get an upset stomach is that odd I have a high tol. to IV drugs but, oral is low tol. I have lidoderm patches all over now hot pack on neck and only 48 years old. Can't wait until I'm 58 Question?? the SCS is that good for all your pain or just one area. I have pain from my neck to my lower back so where would they put that and do they put you out for it? Nuro Dr. said no just local. I am chicken with a big C so, I just do not know.
  • I am so sorry you have had all this to deal with!

    Injections are not addictive - they are NOT oxycontin by a long shot (no pun intended), they are cortisone - anti inflammatory medications for pete's sake!

    I feel bad that you are not getting any results from going to the Neuro. - I would go for a second opinion. Do not take your dad this time? ;)

    I know my husband was going to a PM for years when they finally told him they thought he needed a stimulator inserted - he had many MANY ablations done over the course of several years.

    He was scared of surgery and was doing everthing he could to avoid it. Finally it got so bad he went to the ER - the ER doctor told him he needed surgery immediately. Within a few weeks he had a microdiscectomy and has never looked back - no more shots, no more ablations, no more back pain.

    I do have to be honest and add that he did end up with a nasty oxycontin addiction - yes a true addiction from all the PM's years of prescriptions - he abused them, not just used them. It took a week of nasty rehab, the whole 12 step process and it almost ended our marriage - so just be smart about those meds. I know we need them, I've been there with my back. But I know first hand that it IS possible to go beyond dependency and into addiction. Just be smart is all I say -and do tell your dad that cortisone injections are not even in the same realm as narcotics!!
  • Ellen, so sorry you are suffering so. I know it is easier said than done, but can you get another opinion, perhaps from both a NS and a PM. You need to be proactive and keep trying to find an answer. I hope the NS at least told your dad that the injections are not addictive. I am in Cental CA, and I know here SCS are put in by PM docs who are anesthesiologists who specialize in PM. Also there are implantable morphine pumps, that drip the meds right onto the nerves, so takes a much lower dose, with less side effects. PM's do those too. If you need pain meds, by all means take them. I hope you find an answer and things get better soon, Sue
  • Hello ellen,

    I have to agree with Terri, your care just does not ahve to be with a Neurosurgeon! Or even just not that one in particular.

    It is my personal opinion that if we as a patient are not COmfortable with the Doctor that will be handeling our care then we should try our best to get into another doctor...this goes for PM's as well.

    Just wondering ans maybe someone else will comment about it, but it was my understandint that a person was only allowed to have 3 steroid injections in a 12 month period? Maybe it is differnet from state to state ...not sure.

    One other thing I wanted to mention is I can totally relate with how tiring it is to go in for all these procedures, and pking and proding and medical tests and also on top experience medical professionals who are "not kind" to put it lightly sometimes. I think every person that has been doing Chronic pain for a while has experienced what you have.
    If I were in your shoes, I would seek out a Ortho Spine Surgeon. I had a neuro do my first neck surgery and eventually he just become abrupt and uncarring and then I decided I did not want him or any doc for that matter to do any surgery or procedure on me if I felt these vibes from him/her. This is only my personal opinion.

    I know htis is tough and it gets very old very quick...so hang in there and in the mean time if you want to PM me to talk please feel free to do so.

    I hope today is a beter day!
  • Seems like you have used all your options in injections which is usually the first course of treatment.
    Have you tried getting into a orthopedic surgeon (specializing in spines) as there are so many to get a opinion from them???
    It just doesn't have to be a neuorsurgeon.
    I have arthritis all through my spine, so please don't let them give you that line. (personal opinion only).
    My dad in law was older then you had osteoporisis, osteo arthritis and bulging/herniated disks in his lower back. He suffered for years. Found the right dr and bam all better of course with surgery. which is always the last option.
    If your willing to try the stim and you have a dr that is willing to do it, give it a try. But of course up to you.

    One of our good friends that is in his 70's has also been through the ringer. he had a pain pump implanted but of course after awhile it stopped working. even after they increased his dosage. Now he is going for the stim.
    He is not a canadite for surgery do to other issues.
    I cannot remember exactly what they are its been so many years since he told us.

    Alot of drs will at least give a 50/50 chance depending on the situation. With mine as I had the spondy it was a 80 percent chance. I took it. Now my surgery I do consider a good one. The only thing is I did not fuse so I don't want you to take that to heart as I did not do what I was supposed to after surgery and I was a smoker. Some people just do not fuse. It happens. But there are so many other options out there for you. I do not know your whole medical history But yes I edited this as I thought also you could only have 3 injections a year. I do not think that varies from state to state. It's more like a fact. Even just plain cortizone injections my dr will only do 3 a year. But also do not take that to heart as I am not a Dr. and I so wish now when I was in shcool got A's and was a DR!!!!!!! lol

    But you hang in there. There is the right dr out there that is going to treat you like a patient and well also treat you with respect.. And LISTEN to you that is the best kind of Dr.

    Take care
    Terri >:D< :* >:D<
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