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# weeks post op 2lvl. ACDF very fatigued and have some questions!! Need Help

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi Everyone,

I am now a bit over 3 weeks post op. Seems like more then that Surgery was on 9-3-08 and it was my second cervical surgery. The first was a posterior cervical foraminotomy at c 3-4 and 4-5

The ACDF was onlevels C4-5 and C5-6.

Before surgery I had more energy, and had a hard time keeping it under wraps and not over doing it.

Also before surgery I had a lot of left ar weakness. Mostly left sided burning neck pain and an occasional hot poker pain right at the shoulder line at the base of the neck mostly on left side and only occasional on the right.

Another thing i had was very very bad burning around the bottom of the left side of my scapular tip sort of inbetween the scapula and the spine.

When I had surgery I was put in an ASPEN Collar which actuall bothers my chin sometimes

Has anyone had that issue??

The burning inbetween the scapula and spine had gone away completely for about 10 days and has since come back. My right side of my neck seems to hurt more than it did before surgery.
I have a deep burning or aching feeling in the heck.

I walk religously in the morning 1 mile and sometime 1 1/4 miles. Then mid day I walk another mile but only sometimes but for sure in the evening I wal another mile after I have dinner.

My body keeps signalling me to sleep sleep rest rest reat and I do, but the fatigue I fee just never seems to go away.

Is this common and did any of you experience this with your ACDF???

I do feel the left side is much better. No more pinching and burning and no more numbness. The right side if just ...well differnt now..not sure yet.

Another thing I wander about is I thake morphine sulfate 3 times a day and I am allowed to take 6 percocets a day, but ahve not been doing that if I can go without. Which at sometimes I have reall good levels such as 3-5 so I just try to get through it.

I am planning on takeing the valiu out of the mix and go completely back to the robaxin. I am allowed to take two 5 mg's a day but only have been taking on for a fe days.

I have even only had 2 percocets for BTtoday.

Today I was also nausiated most of the day and i just could and did not feel like being awake.

If I laay back at any time of day I will more than likely fall asleep.

I have been on narcotic pain meds a long long time so even before surgery it was a rarity for them to make me sleepy.

So I am just wondering if any of you neck people out there have experienced this fatigue and or nausea on an occasion after surgery? Do you think this stuff mught be thyroid relateed?
Is this something I should call the Ortho about or just wait untill I see him on the 24th of OCtober?

As for the medication I will try to discuss some things with the PM becasue I feel it is possibel i gould maby get by with a lesser amount, but at the same time I don't want to not have enough for that really awful day.

Not real sure if going down onthe meds a bit is even a good idea right before the possibility of starting PT.
What do you all think?

Oh I do have what my thyroid doc calls Hoshimoto's and my thyroid can go from high to low levels and then right itself over time. I have never been on meds for this because the thyroid always goes back to the normal range.

One of the things I otice when my thyroid is out of wack is that I get very fatigued and my hair falls out! I mean when I shower and wask my hair Alot more comes out than normal.

I am unsure what to think at this point and what direction to go meaning wait or to tell doc or just call now and talk to the back office. What wouled you do?

What ahs been your experience??

OK very sleepy so I gotta go to bed before I fall assleep with the lap top..lol


  • Hi Chrissy dear.
    It could be because your back at school. And doing more I had a soft collar. Do ya think the dr would switch you??They are so much more comfy and do pretty much the same job.
    I had the burning on and off for awhile like about a month or two. It was so annoying. Its all the nerves and muscles healing.
    The nausea could be from the cut down on some of the meds since you have taken them so long. It is a withdrawal effect.
    Just call the dr hun. They will understand. And they will tell you if its normal or not.
    Everyone is different I know you hate hearing that. But gotta say it :D
    Just ice when you can. It feels so good on the burning. Plus there is so many OTC anti nausea drugs plus RX ones.
    So see what your dr says about that. When I was coming off lortab in 04 my worst complaint was fatigue and nausea.

    Let us know what they say.
    Love ya hun hang in there.
    Terri O:) :X >:D< :*
  • Hiya Chrissy >:D<
    Surgery like that takes a long time to heal :< , as you heal from the outside inwards :( . The fatigue is a mixture of the medication and the pain ~X( , both can make you tired I) . Remember to listen to your body :? , if its telling you to rest the do so I) .All the best! >:D<

    Angie x
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  • I am just 2 weeks post op later today. I had 3 level ACDF C3>C6 (you and I have talked before). My gut feel is you are tired from a whole combination of things. Recovering and healing of course, maybe some thyroid issue in there and I believe the meds. I could be off base but I know that most of the meds really have that kind of effect. I know each of us has to find what works best for us and I am not the best example because I just decided to ditch all meds cold turkey the day after I came home from the hospital. I did not use a lot of medication before surgery so maybe its easier for me. Its not that I did not have pain or that I don't have pain now. I just have a lot of side effects from meds and I hate how they make me feel (less then sharp). I also have several family members with spine issues that I have seen go overboard with the medication and it scared me. Anyway I am getting way off track here. One of my favorite ways of managing neck pain is an ice pack. DH found a really great one at Walmart. Its blue with a soft cover and gets cold fairly quickly and stays cold more then 30 minutes which works good for me. I agree with others who suggest that you talk to your doctor about how you are feeling and see if he/she suggests cutting back on the meds. Also for sure get your thyroid checked. I hope you feel a lot better soon,

    lotof medication
  • Hey everyone,

    I was just thinking that my PM has not done any lab-work for a while and it will usually includ some thyroid levels in it. My Insurance won't pay for my thyroid doc or the labs so I actually have no choice but to call and cancel the nov. appt if the settlement does not come through befor then.

    Yes...I have been on meds a long long time. Right before the car accident=the cause of the neck issues I was on workers comp for 3 1/2 years for an arm injury! I also as you can see in the signiture had 4 surgeries for the arm. ANyway I had jus tapered down off all meds with my PM and unfortunately was only off of them for 2 weeks when the MVA happened! I had 2-3shots in the ER and went home with out a script for Pain. I really thought it would go away after some bed rest. When it just got worse I broke down and got a scritp and then shortly after the accident on 7-10-07 I found myself back into PM in 9-07.

    Traded one darn thing for the other. So it does make sense that since I am using the percocets strctly on the as needed basis now and the fact that I am only trying to use 1 valium a day insted of the 2 that I am allowed...and switch myself to the Robaxin again because it is less strong then the valium which I would just assume completely be done with as soon as I am able.

    But the fatigue is really tough! I have to force myself to walk!!! Not because I don't want to, but because I feel so dragged down physically. I get up and walk anyway because I need to do so because it is part of my recovery #1 and #2 it is good for me to get out and not lay around all day since I can not drive.
    I also do some little things around the house like a small load of laundry, bathing is still something that causes extreem tiredness.

    School is only one night a week for 2 hours and 45 mintes, with a 10 min break in there. I usually need to get up and out of the class room during the actual lecture and walk the hall for 5 minutes because sitting in any hard or office chair is very pain ful. Th living room chair is not to bad but still can't even do that one for long.

    Am I doing to much??? I mean all I do when my Mom is gone is Walk, sleep, watch TV read home work or write homework, and prepare my food and clean up..thats it. But it does feel like alot! Physically I am whooped whooped whooped! I try to nap evey single day no matter what even if I do not fall asleep I am laying with the wedge pillow and heat or ice. ER doc once told me no ice on a spasm only heat.

    Any other thoughts?? Should I call my PM today and see if he will prescribe me some anti Nause meds? I am almost out of the ones he prescribed for my taper a before this neck accident.
    DOn't feel like it right now but I am going for my walk and will check in later!!

  • I am about 5 months post op from having a C3-T3 fusion.
    I am experiencing really bad fatigue of late and have noticed sporadic but not pervasive waves of depression. They seem to last for several hours and then dissipate and go away entirely. I completely did away with the pain meds and muscle relaxers that they have prescribed thinking that this could be the problem (I still have plenty of them but stopped using them). I have been missing work because of this. Sometimes have difficulty walking up a couple flights of stairs.

    Any ideas?
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