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workmans comp is a joke!!!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,321
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Depression and Coping
I have been dealing with W/C since 5/8/07...and nothing but a complete run-around! I fell in a manhole fx two ribs,fx my pelvis,and have a huge hematoma in my groin with blood in my urin since May the 8th...The person they gave me to work with me is a complete ass!I call and NEVER GET CALL BACKS!! sooo damn frustrated i do not know what to do.I am in so much pain yet this yahoo will not ok my epi injections for the buldging disks in my back.I am a nervouse wreck because of the blood i urinate daily,i have requested to see someone to talk to because i am loosing it.I did not get my first comp pay untill the third month,needless to say i lost my car and have so many overdrafts,and the calls are not stop daily from collections.I have two young boys that i can hardly feed.I fuc#@*% lost it last night because i had no milk for the second day for them because i had to put what little gas money i had in the car.I cry at the sight of my boys who cannot understand what is happening to me,they are not dumb,thay sense my wife and i are not the same.We had to sell our wedding rings to pay for rent ,food etc....does not go along way!I believe they did not pay me for the first 3 months knowing it would put us behind and in ruin.We are not wealthy,yet we have always paid are way and seemed to save a bit in case of emergency...well three monthstapped us out!My wife and i find ourself fighting about everything,we try not to let the kids see or hear us.Please god help us out of this one.We go to church still and give change when passed...We do not have the good fortune of family to help.We moved to Georgia from Michigan because of no work! My parents are not well off and my mother-in-law is in a assisted living housing.I pray every day and night for my health so that i can be strong again for my two boys and wife.God willing.I am not shy when i ask my fellow man for help.I am asking to do any kind of work with in reason.My wife can type 90 WPM so she has much she could offer.I on the other hand being in construction have nothing much at this point and time to offer untill i get everything taken care of.I am willing to do light work,wash cars or anything you may find of use for me.Please think about it,i know this sounds tacky but i am sooo desperate at this point.My name is Jeff Koski and i live in Monroe Georgia.My # is 770-558-4760...PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR ME. GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU KINDLY


  • I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.
    p.s. I'm writing Jeff and family in my notes to pray for.
  • I'm sorry to hear about your situation I am in a similar spot and workers comp sucks they should be helping us but instead they destroy us . They think everybody is tring for a free ride they don't realize that it hurts finacialy which in turn makes home life that much harder. I hope things work out for you I always call my comp ladies boss when she doesn't call me back.
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  • i cannot even imagine what you are going through right now. i know this advice may not be the most helpful... or you may not be willing to accept it... but here goes:

    1. how old are your children? there is a program you may have heard of called wic (women infants and children) although it helps men too. i am not sure that you will qualify. in my state, if you qualify for state medical benefits, you automatically qualify for wic. i believe your child must be under the age of 5 (not sure on that one) i know its hard to accept these types of benefits, but this one has been my savior! they give you checks to purchase milk/cheese/eggs/juice/peanut butter at most local grocery stores.

    georgia state government health dept walton county: wic
    1404 s madison ave
    monroe, ga 30655
    (770) 207-4144‎

    2. here is some information about heating assistance programs for monroe georgia https://www.liheapch.acf.hhs.gov/profiles/georgia.htm (usually they will reimburse you in cash for your energy costs... you may even still be able to apply for last year also)

    3. here is a link for georgia family & children services https://dfcs.dhr.georgia.gov/portal/site/dhr-dfcs/

    i know this is hard for you. i also know that you may have already tried these routes, or could even be denied access to some. please don't let that stop you from applying. after i lost my job, i waited over a year to finally apply. they looked at me like i was stupid... because at the time, i qualified for more than one program. i know how hard it is to swallow pride, and ask for help. you've shown here that you are willing to do anything. try these places, and if you don't qualify for one, try another. try them all. ask them for other places to try.

    good luck to you jeff...


    p.s. i would recommend taking your full name and phone number off of this site, and offering it up in a pm only... just a little worried about your online safety here.

  • WOW....Thank you so much Amanda,you sure did your homework for me and my family.God bless you and once again,THANK YOU! Jeff and family
  • Anytime I can help... not a problem at all!
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  • I couldnt but help to read your post as i was there not too long ago myself. I was 4 months behind on my mortage, no food in the house, applied for food stamps and was allowed only $10 a month, and all the collection calls were about to drive me nuts. It seemed to me that the collectors did not seem to give a damn what your situation was, they want their money. I told them to join the line, and take a number, cuz it was going to be a cold day in hell before i caught up and was able to make my payments. As far as WC not paying you immediately, they have to by law, (atleast here in Michigan) start paying you your wages at 80% your average wage after the first 14 days has past; i would strongly suggest you to obtain legal advise and get you and your family some help to get what is rightfully yours. It will only get worse if you do not get some help legally; i was not the one to do myself, but i got tired of screwed over time and time again. There is help from the state; FIA, social security, 401k's, savings, whatever you have to do to make ends meet right now you will want to pursue. Food stamps, unemployment( which will not help much if you are unable to work due to injury),but it will help you with your social security disability claim if you file one; go online and type in workerscompensation.com/forum and look up your state; you will find many types of situations that are alike and different than yours; you will be able to type and become a member, and with that you will be able to obtain alot of information from others who have been there or who are going through it right now. I hope that this helps, and i will keep yall in our prayers.. let me know how things are going
  • talk to a lawyer... they may be able to keep your bill collectors at bay, at least for a little while. its worth a shot. i don't think they will charge you up front.

    when i was in my car accident, everyone told me to call a lawyer asap even faster. i did, and i never received a single bill from the doctors or anything. they were all diverted to him. i am sure they can help in a similar way when it comes to wc.

    if this link works, there should be a few listed lawyers who specialize in wc:

  • I was just told last week to resign from my work of 3 years and was happy being their just not with the store manager he's an ass mole! Come up on the 15th of the month It will be an year since my accident at work. I was unloading a pallet of produce and putting it away when I felt this pinching thing and it felt like :''( so i stopped and went out on the floor to check on other items that may needed to be filled up. I found a buggie that was full of onions so I started to pick them up out of the buggie so I bend over the buggie and grab some bent back up and so on.... after 10 to 15 times I couldn't get back up, I could not move or turn my head to look at the other co worker for help. I asked a customer could she get the other co-worker for me so she did.. I told him to call the manager and then call 911 I was in so much pain I couldn't sit down to get off of my feet, all I could do was stay in one place until the manager got their and the medics. I was rushed to the ER they later after 8 hours of being in pain told me to see my Orthorpedics ASAP!!! Well, I was released with some meds but didn't help with the pain. They told me I had an heriated disc that was pinching my nerve in my left leg. Boy could I feel it!!! So a week passed and I went up to my work with my grandmother by my side an asked for the workers comp doctors list! They told me I couldn't see any until my first response report was sent off, Yeah they didn't send if off until a week later, so here I am in pain can't work and the manager is calling me asking me when am i coming back to work????? Dumm answer!
    They didn't think I was hurt and I was playing so they waited some time to see if I will come back to work.
    It took me 1 month later to recieve my benefits and it was at least $900.00 but that wasn't enough I had back bills just like JEFF did! I had rent due, all my utilitlies were due, my van payment, and insurance for the van was due, and food for me I coudn't handle it anymore! So I asked if I could go back to work with restrictions doc said yeah you could so I did, but now I wished I didn't!!! I was put through hell when I went back, they watched me like an hawk with everything that went wrong I was sent to the office about little things that didn't matter, but it matter to them. I was told to resign over a rule I didn't even know about. I had scanned out some candy that was two days out of date and was going to take them home but I didn't because another employee was looking through my stuff while I was up stairs talking with the manager about those stupid small things. So I'm off a couple of days and I was scheduled to work on Tuesday but didn't even get to clock in I was told to go back up stairs and talk with the manager about that candy thing! I was told to resign since they have talked with me for the last few days about things they thought it would be best if I resigned! I asked why? They told me that I had been breaking rules that noone has ever told me about. Anyway, I had to write that I was resiging from work. Asked if it would interfer with my Worker Comp case she told me no but I wonder if she is telling me the truth so I put in a call to my adjuster to talk with him..

    Yep I totaly understand about being without money, no job now, can't buy any food, and those harrassing phone calls about you owe us money and we want it now! Yeah right!! Not if I don't have any.

    But I did go to the unemployment office and file for a claim so I hope I get something and I also went to Department of Human Resources and to file for Food Stamps and my appt date is the 16th so maybe I can hold out till then maybe?

    Jeff I live in GA and You can go to the Department of Health and asked them for help or go to (DHR)Department of Human Resources, (DCFCS) Department of Family and Children Services. I would try them I'm getting some help but some is better than not having any at all.

    I'm very depressed all the time I was put on celexa by my doctor before I was told to resign so now I can't go to her because I don't have insurance now, great. Now what am I going to do when I run out???
    I cry all the time and think about why me? What am I going to do about getting an job that will take my restricions?
    I feel so run down, all I really want to do is sleep all the time, Oh and it was just my birthday this past thursday the 2nd. I got a horriable birthday present from my work. I was so upset I didn't even in joy my day! Oh well, gotta go talk later.

    Please pray for me I needed it thanks,
  • Lawyer, Lawyer, Lawyer!!! There are laws in this country that are supposed to protect you if you are injured on the job. Hire a Lawyer right now (specifically a Workmans Comp Lawyer), you don't have to pay him until you have a settlement or you go back to work, then you can figure out payment plans if you have to. I am going through the same thing, but I wasn't even having problems with workmans comp. Everything has been approved for me so far, but the reason I got the lawyer was so I am covered if I can't go back to work doing what I was able to do before. Plus you don't have to do all the leg work, the lawyer makes all the calls to workmans comp, I'm not allowed to talk to my WC rep anymore. Yay!
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