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Getting FAT

stockbrokersstockbroker Posts: 464
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Chronic Pain
I used to be an obssesive tennis player, playing several hours four to five days a week. I ate like a pig and weighed 120 pounds with low cholesteral and well developed muscles. (Since I picked the name "stockbroker" I want to clarify that I am, in fact a woman). This was a decade ago. During these past ten years, I have gained 40+ lbs. My body is all squishy. I'm not eating half of what I used to eat but even getting the exercise I do (1 hour 3X week), I continue to pack on the pounds. Now one would think that I should not be so overwhelmed and distraught about the weight gain when the pain is such a bigger issue. BUT IT AM. Am I petty and superficial? Its really bothering me. My whole physical image --something I was quite proud of, by the way--has been damaged. I'm going to join weight watchers, Whatever I'm eating, its obviously too much. I may be quilty of calming my fears with a pint of frozen custard--a very rich ice cream popular in Wisconsin--but mostly I don't think I'm burning many calories. I would love to hear from anyone who has prevented this weight gain (special thanks to Neurontin and Lyrica said sarcastically) or who has undone it or has learned to accept it. Today, I went out a bought BIGGER JEANS--NOW UP 3 SIZES.



  • I have actually gained a whopping 70 lbs over the last 4 years. I am so sick that I let myself get to this point and now it is very difficult to excersize at all with my constant pain. I have lost 18 pounds since February partly due to the weight loss group that we have here on this forum under diet and exersize. We are great support for one another and share suggestions when we find things that work. We would be happy to have you join in if you like and maybe it will help get you started. Good luck to you and I look forward to seeing you around.
  • I just started with this problem in the last 2yrs. and I have been laid up much longer. I have also put on a lot of weight, 50lbs now, and also 3 sizes bigger. The Drs. want you to lose wt. but a lot of meds. put on wt. Can't win, but getting rid of the pain comes first and then I'll work on the wt. Take care of feel better. Rie611
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  • :) stockbroker, hi! like painintheback mentioned we have a great weight loss forum. we all know how difficult it is to lose weight with our specific problems. i am on 300mg of Lyrica daily and have been able to keep more pounds off and one member has lost quite a few pounds though she is on Lyrica. i am at the point of acceptance as the 30 pounds arent't budging much!! =)) pleaase join us!! pm me if you are interested. Jenny :)
  • I understand and empathize.Having been thin myself at 5'7" and 118,and now nowhere near that # I can feel the pain behind the words.It is hard to buy those bigger sizes too...sure takes the fun out of shopping,but has saved me $$(for sure),because I'm not going to spend too much on clothes when I just know that I'm going to be thin again :S .The problem is that all of my size 4's are dryrotting/rotted waiting for me to take off these extra pounds.

    I just turned 48 (in Aug. :?? ) the truth is that I'm never going to get into those 4's again..unless I get some disease that eats my body..don't want that,so I think I'll settle for a size 8.

    I don't think it's superficial to be grieving what once was..and your whole 'self' has changed..I believe it's quite normal to feel the way that you do.You worked hard to have a nice toned and healthy body and you feel everything that you worked so hard for is lost.

    Of course it is'nt,you have only had a setback..and you are joining weight watchers which I've heard can be really good.You sound to me like somebody that can get it back,whatever was lost can be gained and vise-versa,and you still excercise 3 x's a week for an hour each time which IMO is excellent (more than me),so I think you are certainly on the right track.

    As far as accepting it goes.Here's how I feel.I feel that a person should accept and like themselves exactly as they are..but if there are things that they want to change and it is within their power to do so,and will/can make them a better/happier person,by all means try to do it.If you need help doing it,that's ok too,and if it takes longer than expected-that's alright-as long as you are accepting yourself as you go along,and be kind to yourself-your arms ARE long enough so that you can give youself a pat on the back as you work toward your goals... :)
  • I have gained 20 lbs just this summer alone.
    I have had to add an additional BP med. I exercise, but obviously not with the intensity to lose weight. With the stress, the steroid injections (7 rounds = 28 injections) I am developing a moon face, am flushed all the time, and sweat profusely. And . . . my back still hurts, meds, tens unit and all. So I can understand My spouse doesn't understand why I just don't NOT eat. Go on Shakes and lose the weight really fast but between the stress, etc., all I want to do is eat. Course, when he wants to bring home pizza, cause he wants it, it is OK for me to eat. That and my age creeping up, has some effect I cannot stand to look in the mirror much less buy clothes.
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  • Hiya :H
    I take lyrica but no weight gain as of yet :? , been on it a while now, i take 600mg a day @) . I feel like i have but thats due to the swelling in my ankles feet and legs :''( , that heavy feeling :( .

    Angie x
  • Hello everyone,

    I too have experiencd the weight gain issue. A long while back(about 8 yrs) when I got clean and sober from alcohol and drugs for the first time, I gained a bunch of weight. I am 5'7" and at my largest ever weighed in at a whopping 218 lbs. I went to weight watchers and lost 60 lbs that was great!
    I was maintaining my weight really well for a long time. I actually relapsed on the drink and drugs for about 60 days and told my job and they sent me to treatment. Two days after getting out of treatment and happy and excited to finally understand that my life was not to be lived that way I returned to work only to injur my left arm.
    I was a very active person...before my injury! Active at work with losts of walking around and lifting etc. I was exercising 2-3 times a week, but the pain became so unbearable and workers comp had all these restriction on me that I had to minimize everything I was doing.

    Eventually I I endured so many surgeries I was always in a long arm ast and walking for exercise was then to painful.
    I was really bummed and my weight shot up to 175 within out 1 year into the w-comp injury.
    I managed to maintain that weight for another 2 -3 years by watching my portions but no exercise.

    A few months before i was to be off the comp I was able to start walking again and had dropped my weight down to 148 and I was really working hard by walking 14-20 miles a week and in the begining I was going to the gym but had gotten to a point where walking and hiking on the weekends was good enough to maintain that 148 weight.

    I think all the meidcations have some to do with our weight issues being loosing or gaining. I feel some meds made me crave sugary foods etc.

    I had gotten off all medication and was awaiting to be evaluated from the w-comp injury when a woman pulled out in front of me while I was going 50 mph. I hit her but it was her fault. The end result was a neck injury that I just recently 1 month ago had myy second surgery for.

    So I went from walking 14-20 miles a week and hiking on the weekends, snowshoeing inthe winter and camping and fishing, boating etc. to doing not one thing because of the neck injury.

    My weight shot up to 175 in a matter of about 3 months.
    I was extreemly bummed and embarrased becasue of my weight gain. I really was devastated that i could not get out and about and be active anymore. I tried to substitue and find other things I liked to do, but I am aan active person by nature and it has been very difficult since my MVA on July 10, 2007 to stay still. I tried to walk but it would cause soooo much pain I would quit.

    I fianlly made a committment to myself that I would maintain my weight at the 170-175 range untill I was healed enough to get back to the walking.

    The way i have maintained this weight is by eating smaller portions and eating good foods...lots of vegi's and fish and chicken. I am not a big beef eater but on an occasion I love a good steak. It was pretty easy since I had no social life because It was to painful to ga anywhere.

    The hard part was to not eat when I was sad or mad or happy. Only eat the things that are good for me minimize the sugars and eat a lot of fiber foods.

    Now I am 1 month post op from my 2 level ACDF C 4-5 5-6

    Now I am walking about 3 miles a day in 3 increments of 1 mile or 2 sessions of 1 1/2 miles. You would think the weight would just poor off right!!! NOT! I now have the exercise routine which is part of my neck surgery recovery, but I also consider it exercise and help in weight loss.

    But I still have to work on now lowering the postion sizes again, because the portions I was eating to maintain a 170 weight wont help me loose if I am still eating the same...if that makes sense.

    This is a long post, and I am sorry for that but I feel as a chronic pain patient it is difficult to maintain a weight that is healthy becasue chronic pain not only effects our health or illness part of us, but the injury part, the emotional and mental part and the spiritual part. Not religous but spiritual part. This inside stuff. As a chronic Pain patient we need to be treated as a whole unit, not just our symptoms.

    Just my thoughts... I have rambled enough now so i will go out and yes get that morning walk in before the weather turn bad!
    If anyone needs some support in this area please feel free to PM me
  • yeah, I too have gained weight about 20 lbs so far. My PM dr told me my stomach needs more muscles. I have tried and my stomach is bloated. When I touch my stomach, I try to pinch it for fat and it doesn't seem to be that bad. It doesn't help that I now have swayback...sigh.. :< jade
  • Since hurting my back last year, and going thru 2 surgeries, 5 fattening ESI's, steroids, and drastic limitations, Yeah I put the weight on. I went up 2 sizes, outgrew brassieres, and added more junk to the trunk. :''( What can you do? My husband is a health nut and that's the reason my weight hasn't jumped too much. I get depressed and want comfort food, try and stop me X( But mostly I watch what I eat. Years ago I took Metabolife and it worksd okay, but I had to stop due to heart arrthymia's.
    Lyrica, Neurontin, Amitriptyline, and steroids are the main culprits, but are needed to manage our symptoms.
    I get so sick of seeing anorexic people on tv, magazines, and movies. I envy them because I used to be 5'7" 130 lbs back in the day, and could wear anything. Now I look for clothes that disguise my jelly. :<
  • Im in this club too. I had a baby in 2004 another in 2005 and lost all the weight, then I gave birth to 3 herniated disks and gained about 30 lbs.
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