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Please post surgery patients be very careful ;) UPDATE

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,082
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:23 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
OK we all have done it.
I have updated this with a list with things that came from my discharge instructions.

Most that have already had some kind of spinal surgery.
I should of learned from my own advice and well doing it before.
I am at the 2 week mark of a PLIF revision L4/S1 with hardware and a cage.
Yesterday Oct 2nd. I did not feel to bad. So I decided to take a shower. Rest for 15 minutes. Do some cups that were in the sink. Sat then did 2 loads of laundry with my grabber. I also sat and folded a few.
Now as of last night I was achy but nothing to complain about.
TODAY WELL }:) }:) :''( :''( :''( :''( You will pay for it ~X( ~X( It happened so much last year on the old site. Us all "overdoing"
PLEASE always remember our bodies just went through major trauma. It's going to take A LONG time for them to get back to their "NORM".
I ache from head to toe, SORE oh my I do not even know how to begin to explain it.
When you can feel your meds kicking in and they do not work, you over did.
Of course ALWAYS remember any NEW pain that arises PLEASE call your Dr.
Problem with me is I'v done this 2 times so I figured well some baby simple things won't be so bad. Not all in ONE DAY. Do them in separate days.
PLUS its cold out.
I also have fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoarthrits and well thats a equation for diaster on the BODY. :T :& :jawdrop:

So everyone PLEASE just sit back no matter how bored or frustrating. Because 9 chances out of 10 it will come back to haunt you. #o
Get on here and relax if you get bored watching tv or movies etc. Try helping out others with some of their issues.
Believe me it is a great help to members and non members browsing the board hearing that they are going through the same thing you are ;)

Everyone let the healing begin. WE are all here to support each other in every way we can through the post op healing process plus pre op or even just chronic back pain and all types of other issues.

This is not a rant. Just some information from one spiney to another. ;)

1. First 2 weeks rest when you get home. Your going to be sore. Even though you may feel up to doing things, please consult with your Dr.
2. Take as many small naps as possible. Resting helps the healing process.
3.Ice the areas that hurt the most. Ice is a natural pain reliever. 15 min every hour. Also brings down the swelling.
4. Go by your Drs rules on sitting. Most will agree a straight back chair is the best. This supports the spine.
5. If you have stairs and you feel uneasy about climbing them. Then don't. Also consult your Dr on this.
6. Lots of pillows will help keep you comfortable.
7. Take your meds on schedule. Just because you feel semi ok it is best to stay on your Drs schedule.
8.Please go by the no bending, twisting, leaning rule. This will cause you unexpected pain. Please call your Drs office with any new increased pain that is out of the "norm" of recovery.
9. Watch for swelling, discharge, fever and increased pain in your incision. Keep it dry and clean if instructed to. Also antiboitc cream is great for itching, pain and scarring. Please again make sure your Dr is ok with this.
10. Walking. This is what makes our healing process go a bit faster. Please start off slow. If only 5 minutes, or just in your yard. Then let it be that. Gradually build up as your strength gets better.
11.Leave housework ALONE. I know it is hard. Especially if you live alone. If you can anyway possible get a neighbor, friend or family member to help out that is the best.
12. Meals have these done before you go into surgery. Make sure you have stocked up on water, laxatives, soft foods, soups. Pre make some meals that you can freeze and pre heat in the microwave etc. Makes for things to go much easier.
13.ALWAYS use your grabber given to you or that you bought. Never try to bend to try to pick it up. That is what they are for. Plus hey you can chase the animals and kids with it =))
14.Make sure you have al your meds filled before you leave for the hospital or come home. Most of the time they give your new scripts to you at the hospital. If you can have a family member or friend go fill them for you. It saves alot of hassle on the way home.

These are some things Drs do not explain is the "Afterwards"
All these restrictions are not going to apply to everyone. PLEASE go by all your Drs discharge instructions.
Any NEW PAIN that is bothersome or is causing you discomfort PLEASE call. That is what they are there for. NO question is "silly".

PLEASE do not go by everyone's recovery thinking yours is going to be the same. They are not. Some people are back to do their normal life fast. Some slow and some VERY slow.
If you feel depression coming on which is normal with these types of surgery again contact your surgeon or your personal care physician. There are many things out there that can help that issue.

Everyone have a wonderful FALL weekend !!! REST/WALK/REST/WALK/REST/WALK thats it~~~~
Terri :X >:D< :* O:)


  • I totally agree, I over did and now Im suffering.. but i just feel so lazy not doing stuff. and then I think My husband has to this and that and work.. Of course I did all that before my surgery but its somehow different when your sitting and watching.....
  • Good reminder for all of us! (But I think I read it a few hours/activities too late today)
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  • This is what I fear most about surgery...not being able to be active,this will drive me nuts,lol, ~X( weather it hurts or not I go,go,go, I cant set back and let womeone else do it for me. I hope I can MAKE and or convince myself after surgery to let things be and let others help me out. Thankyou so much =D> for posting this I have got to get myself geared up for this ...Or rather geared down? I have been reading your posts, they help so much. Rose
  • Meg so sorry I did not post this earlier. Of course I have been laid up in bed all day. And when the pain got worse I figured I would give some GOOD OLD advice. Just rest hun ice heat meds and sleep as much as you can. It will be a very tuff night for me that is for sure. Your not alone :)

    So glad I was able to help with some useful information. Thats what this post was meant for.
    Still right now after another 10mg of percocet , 350 of soma and 10 mg of valium I still do not feel any differnt.
    It hurts that is for sure. So I pulled things that should not have been pulled yet.
    Right now I am going to try to make it downstairs for a quick hot shower and clean jammies.

    I understand about not sitting still I have those days.
    I was very active before my health issues started. Well that is put to the side for a long while. And its more acceptance then anything.

    It is very hard watching our other halfs work all day then come home and work till everything is done for the next day.
    I found the best way is not to be in the same room. It will tend not to bother you as much.

    So please just take it slow. Your going to get frustrated that is a given. There is no way around that one.
    That is why we have to learn so much before we even go into surgery.

    Terri xoxoxoxox
  • Yesterday I helped my nephew write his resume and I spent too much time sitting. I also went along with hubby to grocery shop. I didn't push the cart but I did take the baby off his hands to change a diaper while we were at the store. Last night for the first time since surgery a week ago, I felt some slight pain in a few familiar places in my leg. Today I did nothing but lay around and take my meds. The meds make me sleepy which I believe is a good deturant. When I'm up and out of bed sometimes I don't realize I'm bending slightly or twisting. I wish I had a buzzer that would go off and keep me in line when I'm not paying enough attention to my body mechanics. As for walking, how much is good and how much is too much? Is waiting until I feel some pain too late? or is it a good indicator?
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  • so yeah... I can relate to overdoing it. uugh!!! it's just so easy to overdo it... too many opportunities through out the day. this was just a bad week. hadn't had one of those in a while. started with last sunday... it was a beautiful hot day and we were all out in the pool. I was the last one to get out! too fun and I felt NO pain. what a beautiful feeling. so I swam for over an hour. wow! felt soooo good. that night I could hardly walk!!! and this week... PT was brutal all 3 times. so... live and learn. tomorrow it's supposed to be a nice day here again. I will get in the pool and try to chill more than exercise. B)
  • Walking???? Good question. When your body tells you to stop....... You should always just start in short distances Like 5 minutes, then to 10 then 15 you get the idea.
    Thats what I did last year till all heck broke loose but that is another whole story not to do with my back.

    Now HOT WHERE SWIMMING WHERE????? :? :O :D Oh man to be somewhere its warm right now. I just got so mad at my best friend who leaves tomorrow for the bahamas for a dang week. How dare her!! X( :D

    I am the same way with sleeping. Last year first surgery I could not sleep on my side for almost 2 months.
    I came home and could sleep on my left side cause it put pressure on the graft and felt so comfy.
    But I also am finding myself going back and forth during the night. I'm really in alot of pain if I stay flat on my back. So its a no win. I do not think we are doing any damage by that. As we are not lifting etc. Its not your normal bending twisting while standing. So I think we are safe.
    My script came today. UGGHH they gave me a 100 pills the way I feel now they will probably be gone in the 10 days and they then will probably want to wheen me down to hydrocodone. YUKKKK its like taking a reg motrin. But we shall see what happens. The graft pain is better except for RIGHT NOW X( but that was my fault.

    So I am glad I got to people with this post.
    Everyone please just rest, let your body heal. Go by your drs orders not our own..
    It will be better in the long run.

    Terri >:D< xoxoxoxox
  • I'm in Oklahoma. it's still nice and warm here in the afternoons. B)
  • Amen, Teri, EXACTLY!! You simply cannot rush this whole healing process. You simply must, bored or not, just REST!!

    I had my PLIF in Jan, after 2 priors & here's what I did (nor not)for the 1st 3 months: no BLT (of course!) No housework of ANY kind; no exercise except WALKING (no PT); no meal prep; no social life; no visitors; took AM nap & PM nap & drugged-out sleep at night; took opioids for 5 months; didn't shave my legs from January to March (yech!) but really didn't care; cried when I felt like it, laughed when I could; watched "Days" and other mindless stuff (couldn't concentrate on anything else much) & told myself "this too shall pass" ---and now after 9 months ( & a return to a F/T teaching job) it's lots better---not perfect & never will be prefect (the most sobering thing about all this) but MUCH BETTER than at 0-6 months out...

    It' just wrecks you. I'm not trying to scare anyone or bring anyone "down" but it is the hardest thing you'll ever do. So respect that, go with it, allow for the tedious boringly LONG recovery periord & know that it DOES end...but not quickly. And when you start to feel better & stronger, that's the dangerous point: do LESS when you start to feel better. Ration out your energy: if you do something or go somewhere on one day, then REST the next day, etc. Say "NO!!" a lot! Protect your healing time! Be stingy w/ yourself! Stay in your PJ's and put out the "Do Not Disturb" sign & tell any telemarketers (b/c phone calls make you tired) "I've just had surgery" & hang up...seriously! Everyting extra that requires any effort takes your energy away from healing the wound & making the fusion work...so be CAREFUL and protective of that. What we've gone thu....OMG....99.9% of the general population has no idea of the pain level...so take your Gold Medal for withstanding that & feel proud!

    I rememeber when it took me 45 minutes to take a shower, hanging onto the grab bar the whole time, feeling woozy & weak,only to fall back into bed again & wonder how I'd ever be well... but now I am (mostly) so Terri, thank you for staring the post & Rose, just be prepared to "stay down" for awhile....there simply is no "quick fix" to this...but in the LONG RUN, you'll be OK. If you have your surgery as scheduled in Dec, by NEXT SUMMER (not sooner, sorry!) you should be feeling much better. But those 1st 4-5 months....! Zowie! I thought, after 2 priors, I was prepared...hah! Nope! :S

    It's not a sprint; it's, rather, a long-distance run. But we can do it--I did it-- you will also. Just let TIME do its healing work --it'll drive you nuts--I always wished I could "divorce" my mind from my body for the duration, but you just can't....sort of like having a baby: just gotta get thru it, & beyond it to the reward that awaits!

    Blessings to everyone! Have a restful weekend~!
  • I must reassure you that it goes away at about 4-5 months out. And once it's gone, it's gone, thank God!
    But my iliac crest bone marrow graft area felt like an ice pick in there from day one to about 5 months later...it often hurt worse than the incision...

    And it ITCHED like crazy as it filled in...!

    ICE ICE ICE...and try not to lie directly on it.

    But i's the Gold Standand for a good fusion, so console yourself w/ that thought!

    But OW!! I totally get it! (But again, it goes away & STAYS away, unlike some of the other fall-out!)

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