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Weight loss supplement

Shell74Shell74 Posts: 300
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Diet, Nutrition, Weight Loss
Has anyone tried powdered green tea diet supplements (I know we cant name names)? It is to be used with a sensible diet and exercise program. I ahev always been told to lose weight, but like most people here have to do it with decreased activity. Just wondering if anyone had success using these in addition to everything else.



  • Maybe nobody's tried it. I know that green tea is good for us but I don't have a high opinion of items sold as "diet supplements." For one, what does that mean? Is it supposed to make us lose weight? If there were such an item the whole world would know about it! They always say, "along with a low calorie or sensible, whatever, diet" which would have you lose the weight without said supplement. Guess I'm just cynical. <):) <br />
  • This product I am talking about, is fairly new, expensive and hard to find. It contains something to reduce appetite, increase energy, increase metabolism, burn fat, etc.... Its not a weight loss product but rather a nuitritional supplement (supposedly). I am sure there are many out there like it.

    I have tried the low calorie, low fat, portion control and exercise(what I can do) for years with only numbers climbing for the last 5 years. Especially since I had my gallbladder removed, I gained 20 pounds since then, although I was told it should be the opposite. The only thing I dont comply with is increased water intake (I really dislike drinking water).

    I had wonderful luck when I was taking a combination of liquid herbal supplements and multivitamins along with eating good. Unfortunetly the liquids (I cant swallow pills) were discontinued by the store that offered them and I havent been able to find them again.

    I tried the green tea drink mixes and had a significant spike in blood pressure, so they may be going in the trash anyway.

    It is just so frustrating when you know you are doing things right and its not helping. My PCP has sent me to a nuitritionist and she had only good things to say about my diet except the water thing. .

    I just dont know what to do at this point.

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  • The one time I did do some research into them, they all had the caveat of a very low cal diet. Hard to say if they would really suppress the appetite to make that low cal diet possible, but long term, how would you keep the weight off? Ergo - have not tried them.

    I'm all about portions. I don't deny myself, but I do limit myself. I'd rather savour 3 spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry's that have a dish of diet ice cream, but I STOP at 3 spoonfuls, so the self control component is key.

    You need to follow what is going to work for you, it may be some trial and error. In which case - try the supplements! ;))
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  • Shell, are you talking about the little packets of different flavors of tea that you put in a bottle of water? How did you know it was the tea that affected your blood pressure? I use those, and my blood pressure is high. But I'm also overweight which doesn't help either. Am probably going on medication next month.
  • Yes, those are the mixes I am speaking of.

    I really dont know for sure if the tea mix caused the spike in BP. I have a very hard time controlling my BP even with meds. I am just going by my history. I have instances in the past when I have used herbal suppliments or diet pills that have made my body get really shakey and had severe BP spikes. One time I ended up in the telemetry unit for 4 days, due to an irregular heartbeat and high BP, that could only be tied to the diet pill use. This of course was the best guess since no other issues were found after all tests were done.

    I tried them a few days in a row and I would get shakey and have a 10-15 point increase on the bottom and 20-40 point increase on the top within about an hour. I havent been having the issues since I tossed the tea in the trash. Regular green tea does not have this effect on me though.

    I really need to find something that works for me. Portion control, low fat, low calorie is not cutting it.

    Take Care,
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  • :) shell74, hi! :H just wanted to invite you to join the weight loss forum. we weigh in once a week and chat during the week about eating and what is going on in each others lives. check out week 40 in "Diet and Nutrition." hope to see you there! Jenny :)
  • I have alot of suggestions for you, but before I begin I have to say my arm and shoulder is screaming (really hurting) and im using one arm I have been mostly reading today.
    not sure how long i will be able to type but...
    first I was wondering do you have a hard time swallowing pills or hard time swallowing period? curious because I have swallowing issues which are better at this time but it was real bad for some time..
    Im a big believer in vitamins and minerals procbiotics and the list goes on. I don't really have a weight issue just few extra pounds from not being able to walk and do like I used too.
    My hubby does and is on weight loss program even though money is tight here and with all my medical problems we know he has to get this under control for him and me. for without him my hope would be lost and I'm not sure if I would have strength to find and have the hope I need. okay sorry a bit off topic (I do this)
    I Love green tea I drink it hot I drink it cold
    These are all just my opinions im far from a nutrionalist
    I do not believe in any fake sugar at all I use real organic sugar for baking goodies and if I need a tad bit in my hot tea I use Stevia you can get this at any vitamin store comes in little tablets or sugar like form.
    For 2 years I thought and believed I had M.S.(I do not believe this anymore) and it was at that time that I learned alot about what we put in are bodies. at one time all my meds and vit. had to be liquid or powder to mix with water or tea and had to use pain patch for I could not swallow (I believe it was caused from epidural I had in my cervical area, I have no proof of this)
    now back to the real reason I wanted to reply to you my hubby has always sorta had weight issues, well ever since he got out of service and this is what we found it may be hard to understand but it is true for him at least and I believe it is true... period. Hubby used to drink diet pepsi every day and diet low sugar foods and could not lose any weight, I wont go on but you get the pix. after seeing a specialist about this problem of him dieting and not losing weight, this doc was not like most I will tell you that. he says quite drinking diet pepsi and if you want a pepsi drink reg. pepsi he also said drink tea green tea is the best and my hubby loves tea and likes it with no sugar anyway so that that.doc told him if it says sugar free don't eat it because it will make you gain weight.(I'm not real sure why I was inclined to post to your topic but for some reason I was)(specially because now my legs are screaming too)but he also said quit using margarine use butter doc said the margarine is making you gain weight. he said if it says fat free read label because fat free might be okay but nothing that says sugar free is okay. At the time my hubby was like sitting there in awwww listening to doc. Of coarse I cant go into whole thing. but my hubby is a truck driver and does come every night for supper, but eating lunch and snacks are hard when your on the road driving a big truck. I wanna add my hubby quit smoking 4 years ago and is a recovered alcoholic for over 24 years.
    Doc said be very careful and try and eat real natural things and told him once he lost 20lbs he would then feel more like doing sum exercising well let me tell you dear Shell. We haven't changed alot of are foods here just use real organic sugar its cheap or stevia sugar for hot green tea or sum times i will drink my sleepy time tea with it. We use real extra virgin olive oil and real butter. we do eat chix twice a week and other then that we just dont eat things with all the preservatives in them. no diet anything if its diet my opinion its gonna cause weight gain, in the long run. my hubby takes his vitamins I fill his box every week. And the difference is unbelievable(he actually eats more now then he did before) this is the truth.. he sleeps better he breaths better he doesn't need his sleep apnea machine. he feels great, looks wonderful is so much happier and it all shows. I really think the people trying to get us to buy diet stuff to lose weight are making tons of money and if it all worked people would not need the diet stuff then those people would make no money. just a thought... but I know what I have seen with my hubby!!! and even with me I feel better eating real butter and real sugar and I know its better for a person in the long run. well that's all my hand will let me type and I think i got the point across. Maybe who knows I only know from my own eyes what I have seen oh and hubby is close to minus 50 pounds eating no diet food at all...... S.H. friend Patsy!

  • Thanks for the invite LULU, I will stop by and check it out.

    Ladybug, thanks you for all of the info. Thats great that your DH was able to lose the weight, you guys sound very committed to doing things right. I will address a couple things so you know where I am coming from.

    HHMMNNN, swallowing. There are a few reasons why it doesnt work right. I have a very sensitive gag reflex, I need to chew my food alot to make it go down. I have a 1 cm mass of some kind in the back of the throat, it hasnt grown or changed in anyway. I have decreased peristalsis in the muscles of the esophasus, means it takes a long time for things to go down and things get stuck in the pockets, this was dx by a barium swallow. All that being said, a good part of the problem is probably psychologocal from my fear of things getting stuck :$ :$ :$. Its not all in my head, but could be partly. All vitamins need to be chewable or liquid. I chew my vicodin, lol!!

    In 1994 we started following the "Feingold Diet", this is a program for ADHD kids (and others) that uses no artificial sweeteners such as corn syrup, no artificial preservates such as BHT, no artificial colorings, etc... It worked great for us. Essentially its an all natural diet, mostly shopping around the outside of the grocery store, although not exactly organic. Now its almost impossible to follow when you go out, so we tend to eat in. Typically at work I would have leftovers or a low calorie freezer meal just for convienience sake. Over the last few years since my step son is grown we have not followed this diet exactly, but after so much time these habits stick and are just normal ways of doing things.

    We drink very minimal soda and never diet soda's yuck! As for the margarine, I hate it, There is just something not right about it,lol. It gives me the creeps. I guess it is something my Great Grandmother instilled in me, margarine was like a bad word. Good to here I am doing something right,lol. I have never tried the stevia, but my chiropractor was trying to sell it to me. I like my tea with lemon, so I rarely want to add any sugar. I have ought organic sugar in the past but usually just the granulated white type. Whats the difference?

    Its all just so frustrating, it seems like I am doing things right. The nutritionist said things look good. I just went for an eval since my insurance wouldnt cover seeing her. I havent gone back. I know I need to increase activity, thats one of the reasons I agreed to surgery. At least now I can walk, couldnt manage that before for more than a short distance.

    Thanks again for all of the suggestions,

  • Wow
    With your swallowing, sounds somewhat like me , I have had every swallow study done out there to be done, I had to upper G.I.'S I think that's what they called it I was put to sleep, but they go down threw your mouth all the way past tummy area
    I have a very slow digestive system and I have absolutely no gag reflex at all. so I have to be very careful I have found over the past few years either it has gotten abit better or i have gotten used to it and have figured out how to eat and swallow better. did you have the egg test done? that was gross and took 5 hours and gee I think of all them test yuk!
    something strange but this might help you cause I told my gastro doc and she and him were both very interested in this but I have found that after I take my sleeping pill(that does not make me tired anymore)I can actually get my self comfy and eat and swallow much better, the sleeping pill is lunesta and its weird how it helps but it does,, I also have to be careful because the little flapper(that's what i call it)does not work in my esophagus it stays open all the time and if i have had a swallow of fluid or a bit of food and bend over... oh no you know what happens, up it comes, I have learned over the last few years how to live with that. sometimes i can eat a little b-fast and it is still sitting up high in my belly towards dinner time and family dont understand im just not hungry,
    I have been tested for barrets 2 times and have to be tested every year because this could happen. all the diff meds they tried to tell me to take made matters worse and I believe (well I know for me)a little shot of Apple cider vinegar- with the mother- very important has to be with mother(its written on bottle or jar) does the trick and has made my issues with swallowing and gag problems much better and made me able to deal with them.
    The problem with me is that I'm in need of neck surgery as soon as possible and with this issue and a few others. surgeons are a bit worried because with multi level surgery all these throat and esophagus things will have to be moved around and even someone with out these problems have a chance of problems well this just makes me at a greater risk... but I have no other option this myeolpathy is getting worse and i have to stop it in its tracks, and surgery is the only way!! I can deal with my other issues after my biggest problem is out of the way.(getting disc from impinging on my cord anymore) well Shell... time for me to get my legs up. my lap top is down for the time being and hubbys is not to comfy for me to sit at..you have a good day and Bless your Heart for all You do with all those children and your grandbabies. you have a full house and you have a full plate, you must have a heart of gold and I know it can not be easy..

    ps one more sugg, you might already know I have a multi vit in a powder from, four diff type, great tasting and works wonders on people with our problems. if you don't have one p.m. and i will be happy to give the name to you.. Patsy

    Jenny- can I come see the weight loss program? do you need a invite? is it on s.h.? patsy

  • its a big issue for everyone.now a days everybody wanna look flatter.and they are very careful about their body.to maintain it they often go to gym which is nice thing.because unfit body have so many problem like a person who have unfit body is always ill.so its very important that we have to take care of our self and keep fitter so do exercise and beware from junk food because junk food is a reason for our body that's why men having big belly.so i suggest those who have big belly please reduce your belly fat for this you have to do exercise regularly then you will become fitter.
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