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jeauxbertjjeauxbert Posts: 926
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:23 AM in Pain Management
So, I go to my PMs office yesterday for my usual one month visit.

As I'm sitting there, the Nurse Practitioner is looking through my file and asks if the psychologist and I have gone over the results of the MMPI that I took several weeks back. I said "No.. Why? Is it bad?"

The NP said, "Well...., according to his report, 'due to your depression' you will probably not get any relief from the stimulator, and are not a good candidate."

:jawdrop: :O

I told him that I am about sick and tired of "MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS" telling me I am depressed! I AM NOT DEPRESSED!!! I am sad on the days that I am in more pain than usual due to my activities. But, in no way shape or form feel that I should have a diagnosis of DEPRESSION!

Furthermore, I said, he probably just wants me to start coming in to see him (you know - can never have too many patients!) and the NP said, "Well, as a matter of fact, he would like to see you just a few times". Hmph. So, he thinks I am depressed and he can "cure me" with just a "few" visits?

The NP asked if I wanted to go through with the trial anyways. Well, HELL YEAH! I am tired of being on all this medication. Making sure I take it on time to "stay ahead of the pain" and making sure I have my prescriptions so I can fill them, and be sure I can FIND the dang things, feeling as though I am weak for having to take them, and finally really hacked off at my body for desserting me when I needed it the most.

Angry? Yeah. Frustrated? Fer sure. Depressed? Oh Puleeze. ~X(

So the NP spoke with my PM and my PM was surprised at the impression the psych came up with. So, I have another appt scheduled in a few weeks - one with my PM and one with the psych. That ought to be a fun visit there, let me tell you. My childhood was a great one. I was well-cared for, and loved. I was picked on my my 4 older siblings (isn't every child?), neither my father or any male relatives "messed with" me. I was and have always been a champion for the underdog, whether I knew them or not.... Went to a catholic school and had friends at school and around my neighborhood.

I could go on and on, but, I will save it for the "shrink". I sure do want to give him a small piece of my mind. Who does he think he is? :W

Am I the only one who has ever failed a test where the answers are your very own opinion basically? :SS

Thanks my friends. Have a good day.



  • Hiya Jeaux >:D<
    Oh i totally understand where you are coming from with this one :) . My (GP)family doctor asked me how i was feeling when i saw him not the other day but last month when i saw him, i said i was in so much pain and i just want someone to help me ~X( . He said i was depressed, i said im not depressed i get fed up on days when the pain is intolerable ~X( , which anyone would. He insisted i was depressed X( , by this time i was going off on one, =; so he said he would give me more tablets see me in a months time @) . Omg i was angry X( . It is fair to say when you get pain day in day out, but some days you can just get on with it :) , and other days it just pulls you down I) . I disagree that this is depression :| . I worked in mental health and have seen many types of depression 8} , so being just fed up is not depression :? .PM me any time you want to vent! ~X(

    Angie x :H
  • Thanks for responding.

    You know, sometimes I wonder just who the doctors work for? Us or the Medicine Companies?

    Stubbed your toe? Here fill this prescription and come back to see me.

    Ear ache? Here fill this prescription and come back to see me.

    Feeling mad/angry at the world? Here take this pill and come back to see me.

    I have read posts from our fellow posters here in our Depression and Coping forum. Yeah, you can definitely see depression there. My heart goes out to them, too. I can't imagine feeling that helpless and hopeless.

    Well, at least I'm not the only person who gets frustrated with myself. Thanks again Angie!


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  • Last year dealing with a herniation for the first time of my life was hard. This kind of pain was new to me and I was overwhelmed.
    One day my doctor said I looked like I was going to cry. Yeah,driving with an L4-5 herniation can do that. I said I'm not depressed, I hurt and it sucks. She started on depression and I squashed that right there. I said being in this pain is "discouraging" and I felt frustrated. Don't put that label on me,I said my pain IS real.
    Once depression appears on your chart, is like you're not believed for anything at first. It can hinder or slow down treatment, esp.if you're a female. Years ago I had abdominal pain and the doctor thought is was mental. My husband took me to the ER, I had a 10mm ovarian cyst. Then the psychosomatic cyst ruptured a week later and I had emergency surgery. See my point?
    If course you feel down. Who wants to be in constant pain? It is a situational discouragement caused by a clinical injury. The doctor is on the ball asking for a redo of that psych evaluation. I personally wouldn't tell any doctor I feel depressed, that's my decision, and I have avenues to deal with it. Family, mental fortitude, and my friends here at SH.
  • Exactly! I have been treated by this PM for the past 3 or 4 years. She suggested my surgery. I had it. I have had all the work up and testing she has requested and everything has come back with exactly what she figured it would: The herniation. My symptoms were classic - she called it "text book". Then the permanent nerve damage. And now, the scar tissue.

    My PM is definitely on the ball with my care. I have cried in front of her. I have also told her I've come to terms with my impairment/limitation. She said "no you haven't" - and she's right (grr). I accept it, but I don't like it one bit - I like being in control of my surroundings and not vice-versa. And my PM knows - IF I am depressed, it is secondary to my pain and not the other way around.

    Thanks for your advice. It is well-received.

    Take care!

  • Hang in there! I think it's great that your PM is willing to go to bat for you! I have a wonderful relationship with both my PM doc's and they seem to be able to move mountains for me when it's necessary.

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  • You know how much I value your opinions. :)
    (no, seriously, I really, REALLY do value them! No Kidding!)

  • If you didn't pass it...I would hate to see what kind of grade they would give me??....lol "Oh dear, call the cookie truck and hide the women and children"
  • I failed a PERSONALITY test!!!! I know this is not the same, but seriously! I was put through management training for this company I was working for. They were so impressed with me, they rushed me though the course, without having first given me this "personality" test. It was a "test" of "no right or wrong answers" AND I FAILED!!!! They couldn't give me the management job (My shift was 10pm-4am, classes 11am to 4pm for 3 months) and they wouldn't give me the management job, because of this "test" OMG was I ticked!!! It was all questions like "how do you think classmates rated you in school" "How do you think your classmates would rate your grades (top of class etc)"

    And as for depression, I have been there! I went to my PM, and brought them a post I had made, on one of my down days. They immediately said (even insisted) that I am depressed. Well yah, maybe that day I was a little depressed. But who wouldn't be a little blue, given the situation I am dealing with? Doctors who pass me around like a hot potato, doctors who wont listen, being in too much pain to make breakfast for my toddler... who wouldn't break down and cry? I didn't need antidepressants, I needed HELP with my pain!!! ~X(

    I hope your next visit goes well. I am sure that your PM will be able to get a good idea of your mental health, and proceed with what you need... Good Luck!

    Hugs and Kisses from a friend!
  • I think that in lots of cases people with chronic pain do suffer from depression. Not a mental defect or weakness but depression caused by chronic pain. I am suffering from anxiety with a touch of depression (nothing major) that was not there before my chronic pain but caused by my chronic pain. I am seeking help for it because I would rather not deal with the anxiety on top of the chronic pain. I never thought about the fact that I would be labeled and have all of my ailments chalked up to the depression. After reading this post I am somewhat sorry that I chose to seek help for it.
  • If the psychological exam only included the MMPI and not the BHI2 or BBHI2, you can fight that easily.

    The MMPI is a personality inventory. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The BHI2 and BBHI2 examine the psychosocial issues that specifically impact the likelihood of health improvement. It looks at your diagnosis, your description of your symptoms, your description of your pain levels, your description of your activity limitations, and your acknowledgement of anxiety/depression. All of your answers are processed statistically and the results are compared to the results obtained from "normal" people AND from other chronic pain patients

    If neither of those tests were included in the psychological evaluation, I would request a re-evaluation from another psychologist.

    If either of those tests were included in the evaluation, I'd probably thank the stars above, because those tests are extremely reliable for predicting SCS success. As hard as it is to be told you didn't "pass" those tests, it would be nothing compared to going through the entire SCS process and finding out you're no better off than you were - or worse, having to go through the SCS explantation surgery.
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