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vivavegasvvivavegas Posts: 185
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:24 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I have had enough now.i really have :''( , and i know that crying wont do me any good, i have done that for long enough, i have contacted another surgeon in southern ireland and he said that this fusion can be undone, i have had nothing but complications withthis surgery and i am going to have it undone, i have had enough.......i was actually thinking that with me having the scoloisis, what way do they put ur feet when u r lying on the table, well i think they must have put my hip in a different position or something.i dont know but all i do know is that my muscles are getting weaker and i need to do something, i just have to find out how much this surgeon is going to charge me to get this fusion undone, but the main thing is it can be undone, im wondering does anyonre know in theatre.what way our feet are put.like are they put in anything...............probably thats a silly question considering the fact that we are already knocked out in theatreand we dont know.........lol.thought id ask anyways lol


  • good question.
    firstly sorry your suffering so much in pain >:D<

    did you fuse all the way yet? did they determine that its the hardware that is causing your pain issues??
    where is the weakness located???
    did they take bone graft from your hip?? that could be a possible cause of pain/weakness. not sure just throwing guesses out there.

    is it possible its your scolosis bothering you as pain wise??

    your laid on your stomach during surgery. if you had it done through the back.
    thats all i pretty much know as your right your knocked out =))

    i imagine you saying having your fusion undone is the same as me saying hardware removal am i right?? :B

    not sure what the cost would be. thats a tuffy. someone could probably give you a rough estimate.

    how long ago was your surgery done hun?? i think i remember from reading somewhere else so forgive me for asking..

    i just want to give you big hugs, and i hope your pain goes away soon

    And I know I asked a heck of alot of questions!! sorry...

    O:) >:D< :* >:D< :* >:D<
  • I'm pretty sure that if the fusion has already taken then it can't be undone. Hopefully I'm wrong. Best of luck.
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  • if you have a failed fusion or non union of bone - all of the hardware can be removed - but as you have a space with no disc - then this would make your spinal column unstable, it will still have to be stabilised.
    i dont know what procedure you had done - i work in an O.R. /operating theatre - but i do believe that there could be a few positions used for the same procedure - it is surgeons preference, you need to find out, sorry your in soo much pain - i hope you get it sorted out swiftly,
    AJ X
  • Terri firstly thanks for taking the time to replt to my post.u see i have scoloisis teri and i was recommended for w fusion with discetomy.....so when i saw this surgeon i assummed he was going to sort scoloisis out, he said he was going to fuse me, i didnt find out til after surgery that he wasnt a scoloisis surgeon.so i had 2 bad discs in back because of my scoloisis,.he went in there and fused me from l4 to s1.the thing is he didnt take out any discs and he didnt put in any metalwork, he just fused the transverse processes together with a thing called bmp[it is actually new bone that grows].....i got an mri last october and the surgeon said he thinks this bmp stuff has overgrown...........but the thing is im not sure if he fused me in scoloisis positon or he straightened me............because straight after surgery i had immmense pain on my ribcage and the right leg.think about an S shape and him fusing me in that position, i think whats happend is perhaphs the tight muscles have pulled the weak muscles in scoloisis and thats what has perhaphs effected the nerves.....now the legs are extremly weak and th whol muscles on one side of my spine is weak and the ribcage muscle is also going weak and when this happens the leg right leg muscle goes all weak and flabby..................i spoke to a chiropractor and he told me that when u change something in the lumbar it would change the ribs so maybe he did change the bottom vertbre and its effecting the ribcage.i know my case is soooo comlicated..................i sent all my stuff off to a german surgeon and he said that this type of fusion can be undone as my vertrbal joints arent damaged and that this bmp stuff has been put around the joints.i still have my discs and i have no metalwork in, apparently this bmp stuff can overgrow.its a nightmare, .........i just wish i hadnt have goten this fusion done, also its weird cause when like this musles on the one side of my body go all weak even the very eyebrows go all weak like u now when like pluck ur eyebrows and they atart to grow back u can feel them all prickly well when this weakness happens if that feeling goes all weak......am i making sense???

    I have spoken to a private surgeons secetary ust yesterday and agauin today and she spoke to the consultant and he said that it can be undone and thuis surgeon is in ireland which would suit mebetter as thats where i live rather than going to germany to have it undone.the german surgeon was on about opening up my spinal canal and reconstructing the spinal canal.which i dont really want done......i just want this fusion undone also i notice that i have had breathing issues since this fusion..has anyone else have like breathing problems, again im thininking that with the surgeon who operated on me saying he may have stretched a muscle thats what he means.......like if he has stretched a muscle by doing a fusion presumably i would think it would stay stretched particularly if im fused and would a lumbar fusion effect me higher up if i have scoloisis........i realise guys that mine is sooooo very complicated, the surgeon in ireland is a scoloisis uurgeon so he would be better to undo it if anyone as the german surgeon isnt a scoloisis surgeon...............its 1 big nightmare but im not sitiing here anymore crying im going to do something abouot it..i have to..........thanks for taking the time terri to reply :*
  • thanks so much for replying to my post...........i have done a detailed one above with more information.thanks again
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  • Hello vivavegas...so sorry about your pain grrrrrrrrrrrr. Have you considered an artificial disc replacement? I have no idea if you are a candidate, but ask your doc about it. I am a candidate for it and may just be getting one soon. I have a lot of research to do first, but so far, it sounds in theory like a great new surgical remedy for some folks. Good luck and hang in there!
  • thank you so much for explaining your situation.
    i am not familar with bmp at all.
    as you know mine was fused with my own bone and hardware.
    so now i know where the question came up how they laid you on the table because of your scolosis. so that is a bit clearer.

    i really have no advice of what could be causing your pain at all. i have heard a ton of people talking about complications with bmp.

    your right!! no more crying over it!!! :D your already on the right path. already finding another dr that treats your condition!! i have known a few people that live around here that have had their scolosis "fixed" and dog gone it, they are so much better off.

    your story i think really helps people. DO YOUR HOMEWORK before the surgeon even touches you.
    just like with my revision. i made sure that he was taking everything out and putting all new back in. now whether i will fuse ???? there is no answer for that.
    we are checking into other isues right now. as i do not feel any different then before i went into surgery.
    except my legs do not go numb when i put them up. that did go away.
    i did get a new symptom of leg tingling and partial numbness in my left leg . i feel it when i walk.

    but this is not my story it is yours. ;)
    and i imagine someone will come along very very soon that can relate to what your saying!!!!! about the bmp.

    you hang in there hunny. i know how tuff it is personally to be in the waiting game and trying to figure out everything. ~X( ~X(

    i wish drs still made housecalls and brought all there equipment with them. like miniture MRI machines, Xray and CT scans. hey it could happen one day =)) =))

    lots of hugs and thoughts are with you
    O:) >:D< :*
  • Yes its all anightmare and i wish i would wake up and it be just that!!![some chance]..........im just wondering why the muscle in one side of my back right round to the front is going all weak..........i think its probably that bmp stuff alright.yes terri there have been alot of people who have had complications with bmp, in my heart i know i have to get it removed, i never had these problems before surgery.its just a shame that the surgeon who put it in wont take it out............i would have to take out a loan to pay anothere surgeon which i cant really afford, but m so glad that the surgeon in southern ireland said he could undo it..im 32 and there are days when i feel like im 80, but im not feeling sorry for myself any longer........people have said to me maybe u should just accept the way things is.........maybe they are right, and i have asked myself am i on a merry go round and will never get off.........i must have taken a talking tablet...ahh lol I will shut up now ive talked for long enough.........lol :)
  • Terri, i really hope ur fusion takes, did u have metalwork put in and ur discs removed?
  • I remember form an earlier post that you were going to see other specalists- a rheumy? Is that correct. I got a comp virus and missed a lot along the way while I was fixing it so I might have missed the rest of that post.
    What I dont understand is why didn't the original Dr fix the scoliosis in the first place.
    Like you I had scoliosis which got much worse after the herniataions and loss of disc height all from the same side.
    So when he did my fusion L3-S1 he staightened my spine as much as possible and added hardware.
    I have had to get used to using different muscles since the surgery and still tend to lean to one side as that is a habit I am slowly breaking but I have had no problems with ribs or breathing etc and I also had the BMP.

    I just cant see how your surgeon could have staightened your spine if he was just fusing the transverse processes and that is why I really am wondering if all your problems are coming from your spine or elsewhere. Just please do not do anything re surgery untill you have had everthing else checked out.

    Blessings Sara O:)
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