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Pain while walking anyone ???? UPDATE 10/18

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,322
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:24 AM in Upper Back Pain, Thoracic
Hi everyone,
I have posted this before in chronic pain and mentioned it some of my postings.
Since there is many new members I want to ask again.
I have severe thecal sac compression at T1 with mild cord compression. Plus mild herniations all the way through my spine.
My question is : When any of you walk that have severe thoracic issues, does it become some painful just in the leg area that you want to scream?? It feels like a tight band squeezing my legs. It starts in my ankles then travels to my hips. My legs stiffen up so they do not bend. Then my feet end up going outwards (sometimes just one) and I just cry in pain to try to get back in the house. The it lets up when I put my legs up. This occurs everytime I use my legs. Not just something that is on and off. Both legs all the time.
Now back in 06 the spine dr said, once your thoracic disks start going bad it can effect your legs. You don't want that to happen.
When I mentioned it to him again he really did not know what to say. You don't want surgery yet on that area.
Well dog gone it YES I DO if its effecting my life walking normally without severe pain. And when I say severe pain I don't say that lightly at all. :''(
So I would like to hear from anyone who has this issue or knows someone who does. They do not swell, discolor or anything to that nature.

Thanks for your time.
Terri O:) >:D<


  • Right after surgery i had the colour thing happen with my legs.....like the knees would go from red to white and my husband even noticed this.......and when i think about it its still happening like i go from like how could i put it from feeling normal blood flow to like cold and nummby, i know that one of my surgeons made a comment and said i think there might be a bit of dystrophy going on here....but he never commented further..so i dont know, im not saying u have that but im just wondering what he meant, i was thinking myself maybe its like a light switch and this bmp fusion thing is interferring with my nervous system............do u have scoloisis or any type of curvature going on terri?...it must be awful for u, it dosent sound too pleasant, i wish i could take it away for u terri, i really really do.........u wonder why we go through all this dont u.........maybe the brain scan might pick up something, i actually got a letter today im having my mri of the brain on 30 october so i will know more then...............but i tell u this im not giving up, i really want a family but with all this going on i dont know if it will ever happen............maybe, i hope!!!wishing u well terri and hope u get some answers, and thanku again for replying to my posts[really appreciated it]
  • Thank you for replying.
    No I do not have any type of color going on in any area of my legs. No coldness/warmth nothing.
    The ankle pain started when I fell down the stairs in 06. The progessivly got worse over the months /years and spread.
    No I have no curvature at all. Just herniations from C1 to S1 and of course some of them have been fused.
    The worse is the thoracic area. Now when this happens my back does not hurt at all. weird...
    I am going to set up a brain MRI to check for MS.
    Also going to a cardio dr to get a doppler ran on my legs for claudification similar to calcification which they found in a belly cat scan.
    I'v mentioned this issue over and over again on here.
    Some people have come up with ideas. But nothing that would have to do with my situation.
    It is frustrating for sure. Like I said It so hard to describe the pain. Its very sharp. It takes your breath away.
    I talked to my nurse she said atrophy should not be causing me the type of pain I am describing. I am going to have my hubby video tape me next time I attempt to go out with the walker. As I cannot walk without one anymore. I have to stop and drag my legs to make the next movement.
    Feels like your walking on dislocated hips, twisted ankles.
    Its so odd. I wish ONE DR could figure it out.
    But of course this does not start happening until like 4-5 minutes into walking. So when you walk into a drs office your look fine :? :? :?
    I will keep fighting that is for sure!! I NEED MY LEGS...
    >:D< :* >:D< :* >:D<
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  • When you have this pain with walking, does it get better or ease up after you sit and rest?
    I do remember reading something like what you are saying. but danged if I can remember today.
    One other thing comes to mind, something like PAD
    please forgive me for giving my ideas and not really remembering what I used to know so well. hoping it might ring a bell for you, sending you a smile and a hug... Patsy
  • Yes patsy it does go away about 15 minutes later of resting. I'v already checked into PAD and everything else I am the google queen lol
    But like I mentioned that is one of things I will be getting tested for.
    1.Doppler on my legs cardio dr
    2.Brain MRI
    3.Thoracic neuorsurgeon again

    But I have to wait because I cannot handle the car trips/waiting and tests right now due to my recovery.

    I just wanted to post here because my dr mentioned the legs going when the thoracic disk is shot.

    Thanks for replying hunny.
    Terri O:) >:D<
  • Hi :D
    I want to thank the ones that responded as this was a odd question especially with my symptoms.
    At my post op check up the ortho was confused by my symptoms.
    Also he was confused about how long its been going on. OMG X( X( But ok give him a break he see's over 100 pts a day.
    Most likely its not the T1 area herniation. That usually causes weakness/paralysis in the legs. Not what I am describing to him and I even showed him what the legs do after about 3 minutes of walking.

    So he set up a test with a heart Dr on Wed 10/22. =D> =D> That was nice of them!!!!
    They will test for PVD pherpial artery disease. Yes odd on a 41 yr old . It usually hits in the 50 above age group.
    Mostly one leg. So fingers crossed they find the answer as now my calves are sore. But the calf could be from not the proper walking after surgery. No answer till I go there.
    In a way I want it to be this so I can get on meds and I CAN WALK AGAIN. In another way I do not want it to be this.
    Its a toss up right now.
    I just hope it was not let go to long. With it being in 2 legs and Im screwed. Most not all have pain in just one leg.
    Yes the smoking needs to stop which is going to be like a alcoholic not drinking, when you have smoked for so many years , and of course smoke more when your in pain, home you get the idea.

    So please everyone out there reading browsing whatever when you have leg pain that you think may be from back issues, sometimes that is not always the case.. As this goes away with rest, heat/ice you get the idea. And comes back again when I walk ... Food for thought :B

    I will keep you updated on the cause!!!
    Everyone have a great weekend.
    Terri :X >:D< :*

    NOTE: These are my personal opinions and not medical related
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  • Yes, please keep us updated. I too am having leg pain and PAD has crossed my mind. I am 48 and smoke as well. My foot hurts and tingles and sometimes feels like it is freezing. I also get what I can only describe as a charlie horse in the bend of my knee. I have mentioned this to my doctor and he seems to think it has something to do with my back but I am not so sure.
    Please let us know how it goes at the Doctor.

  • yes its like a charlie horse through both legs all the way down.
    im praying its not BECAUSE reason being if its in both legs well iv let it go to long. procedures may have to be done. im just guessing here from what i know on the subject.

    gooooooo get the appt. my ortho ordered it for me. but you can call any heart dr. they will put like a blood pressure cuff on your legs and measure the pulses. also they can use a doppler like a ultrasound and check that way to.

    now my daughters boyfriends gram got DX in july, the meds still are not working. they say it can take 3 months or more. but she is still is in as much pain.

    thats why i want to caution people when having such severe pain in the leg area. to always get it checked. cause sometimes not always it will have to do with something else not related to the back. its SO VERY IMPORTANT. O:) hers started off as a pinching like a nerve. cause her hip hurt so much.

    i will surely let you know wed afternoon. so look for the post right here!!!

    hope your doing well.
    xoxoxox O:)
  • My MIL has been dealing with pain in her legs for the past year and has had all the tests including the test for PAD and they can't find a thing wrong with her.

    It doesn't sound like the test for PAD is too dificult so I will ask my new doctor about it.

    Keep us posted on how yours turns out. Oh, if it is PAD what do they give/do for it?
  • i meant to update here to.
    there is hardly any blood flow in either leg. i have aortic obstruction in my left aortic valve in stomach.

    so yes i will be having bypass surgery hopefully next week. my appt is tues and its so bad i hope they admit me that day.

    the test was simple. i had huge blood pressure cuffs wrapped on each leg. it measured the flow in each leg. my left leg was just about flat lined and my right leg just a little tiny bit. .5 which is very bad. i have no pulse on the inside of my left foot.
    so they brought me over for the ultrasound of the belly OUCHIE when you just had back surgery and scar tissue in your belly from other surgeries.
    this is why i did not fuse, lack of blood flow.
    i went to a vascular lab to have this done, then they called the vascular surgeon.
    the condition is called lerichie syndrome. usually in males age 30-40. YES STRANGE for me to have this.

    i so wish some dr caught onto this when my ankles started hurting. if i did not bring this up to my ortho i would be a walking time bomb right now. which i still am, so its a bit scarey till i get there tuesday.

    i also found a article on the web the other night.
    that said alot of drs chalk this type of pain up to back pain. when a MRI shows no findings etc. pretty sad...

    anyways mentally preparing for surgery AGAIN...
    i cannot wait to walk down the road, in the rain and dance the night away when this is over.
  • Terri, that's so amazing. Just goes to show you have to be your own health advocate. I don't know how many times I have suggested posssible causes for some of my pain and my doctor just brushs me off, especially if I said I found it on the internet..
    You are so very lucky that you pushed for the tests. I will be thinking of you and praying that your surgery is a success and that you can walk again.. Very exciting for you yet scary... Take care and keep us posted.
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