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Traveling by car after 2 level ACDF??? What was your exp. I am almost 8 weeks post op-lots of pain

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:24 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hey everyone!!!!
How many of you out there that have had ACDF surgery can relate to this experience???
I need some feed back about all this and I am also down because I now realize I won't be up to seeing my family over the holidays again and that is a huge bummer for me!

I just returned home from my parents place yesterday.

As some of you know the ride in the car down there was very bad! It took me until Friday before I actually felt well enough to come home! Smae experience now that I am home!!

Upon arriving there I felt like a mack truck had hit me. :( :''( Not only did I have some increase in the neck pain but I had all over body pain that I think came from all of my anxiety from riding in the car.

Since my Car accident and neck injury on July 10th 2007, I have had serious anxiety with driving or riding in the car! It is a bit different when I am the driver. I have been given my driving privelages back at this point but I very rarely driven unless totally necessary becasue of the pain an anxiety that it causes. :(

I had planed to come home on Thursday, but it took me untill Friday to feel well enough to make that journey again.

So I got home yesterday as was whiped out from the ride in the car. We had to stop 4-5 times on the way home but only for a second because the wind was pretty bad over the mountain pass.

?????While at my parents I did not lay around I did some home work and I brushed my horse, went to the grocery with my Mom (but all the grocery and shopping etc is about a 20 min ride n the car from her home= more sitting )

???So I only walked one time while there and I am not feeling very well today!! I don't know if I should wait for a break in the rain and walk or if I should just go do the two errands I need to do today and come home.????

I feel like on one end of the spectrum I have done to much sitting and riding in the car...and on the other end I feel I have not moved around enough in the way I am supossed to do so after ACDF surgery!!

So I don't know if I should stay reclined on the couch and relax or if I should try moving around some???

I am feeling all over body pain from riding in the car for 2 1/2 hours...I wore my hard collar and stil every bump and sway that car made was wearing me out.

Last night I could barely stay awake and kept falling asleep!
I guess I just am confused :/ right now what my body needs...movement in the form of walking or rest in the form of as little move ment as possible....

One thing I totally realized is that it was/is way to soon to be traveling that distance in a car!!! I would never drive that far, but even riding is to much for me.

So I am feeling very very sad becasue my family is having Thanksgiving at my sisters place wich is about 1 hour and 45 min further from my parents place and is on a road that is so bumpy and awful I will not travel on it.

The real reality is because of my injuries, and my pain etc...I will now miss yet another holiday with my family. :( :( :( :( :( =(( =(( =((

My other sister and her family will be in from Souther Calif. I am the only family member that has not seen the newest member of my family...my nephew...he has just begun to crawl about a month ago...
I feel I miss out on everything! =((

There is no way I am up to all that traveling for the holidays. As much as I want to see everyone I know it can not be good for me to be doing all that traveling. I will not sibject myself to it!

Your proably thinking I sound a bit resentful about it and your right I am....so I got some work to do on that....it will pass.

Thanks for reading need imput.....


  • I still have alot of pain traveling in a car. I now know my limits and found it is just not worth it. By the time you get to your destination your in so much pain you don't feel like doing anything anyway, so why go.
    I wish I had better news for you but for me Iam still in pain.If for some reason I have to go, we stop every 1/2 hour so I can get out and walk around.I can not find a comfortable way to travel. I have tried pillows, reclining, laying in the back seat. I find it just must be the movement and being "joustled around".
    If you find the miracle ride please let me know. I too, will not be spending time with family for the holidays because of travel, it really stinks and seems so unfair. But, we are alive and walking and that is what matters, we will get through it and make the best of it because we need to.So, make things great for your family at home because they need you to enjoy yourself also.I just smile and make them feel it is no big deal to me because then it isn't for them either and we just enjoy what we can...
    So, Happy Holidays :D >:D<
  • My hunny Chrissy,
    I'm so sorry this happened to you >:D< >:D<
    While driving your were so anxious and tense that your body tensed up to. Thats where the whole body pain is coming from.

    It used to happen when I drove in the winters around here when we did not have 4wheel drive. I did not realize how tense my body was till I got out of the car. That was only a 35 min ride.

    First don't get ahead of yourself with Thanksgiving. As you know days, weeks change. Its only Nov 1st sweetie.

    Some ideas. A massaging chair pad that plugs into your car lighter.
    Someone meeting you half way.
    Mabye splitting up the drive in half and sleeping somewhere at a hotel etc before continuing on.

    I think you doing it all at once for the 1st time wore the crap out of ya. And we all do not know what anxiety does to our bodies sometimes. It takes control.

    SOOOOOO this was your first huge outing. It does get easier in time. So don't plan NO I am not going mode, I cannot handle it. It shouldn't be alone on the holidays if you don't have to. I WILL FLY YOUR TUSH TO NY =)) ;) ;) ;)

    I know driving to CT for us which is like 3-3 1/2 hrs depending on traffic I do not drive but like Jeanette I get very uncomfortable.
    Is there a airport nearby????
    I know a bit ok mabye alot more pricey but is that a option?
    Along with any of my other ideas??

    Ok I won't take up the page.
    I went out today to for my first trip to get blood drawn, pick out furniture and walked around the grocery. Usual last 3 trips have just been office visits or 1 evening at my moms. So it was alot for me and I can't even walk right ~X( But I made it through. Im sore but anywho I will be here later my time 6-8 all nice and quiet , you can call if you want hun or I will call you if ya wanna chat.

    Lots of love and hugs, don't ever say never!! You know better. Don't walk today just RELAX that body with some heat/muscle relaxers and your med schedule.

    Terri >:D< O:) :* >:D< O:)
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  • First of all I want to say thanks for the support! Yes I am grateful I can walk and things are getting better "I think" went I look at the over all picture of everything.

    Just to clarify incase my post was confusing...
    My Mom came to my home here in Nevad and picked me up. Well she arrived and the next day we went back to her home...she drove and I rode.

    Here around home I only drive if I need to do something and I only do 1 or 2 things while out depending on how large of an errand it is.

    I would never have made it to their home had I tried to drive there.

    The road to my Parents is over a winding mountain pass so not really any options to over night any where on that particular route...

    Terri ther is an airport and I suppose if offered I would consider but the problem is either way I would have no choice but to at some point have to travel on the one route between my parents and my sisters because my sisters place will be full for the night with my other sisters family of 5 so there will be already 4 adults and 5 children from 7-8 to crawling so very crowded.

    Your so funny ...fly me to Your home.. I love you for that but will save it for a different time...lol

    I think it is just pushing to consider it. I have a lot of things going on here the week of the 14th ....an exam on the 10th a visitor from out of town that I may or may not have to pick up fro the airport 30 miles from here. He will be staying some place else I do believe even so he is always welcome here...

    Sice I made my post I have been thinking!!! If I come down for shoot for the christmas Holiday instead I will be further a long and have been through some PT by then I hope...

    I have not yet written it off but that road to my sisters is the most torn up hwy in the world.. Bumpy swaying movements times 10 for 1 hour and 45 minutes non-stop.

    You all know I am trying my best to work on that anxiety stuf....I have to really watch and pay attention when riding on someone else car about the postures and the amount of tenseness I am putting into the way I am sitting and my body (protective mode) stuff. Also the mental part of it too.

    When I am driving like one of you mentioned I forget about how hard I grip the steering wheel and press my feet into the flow or poise my foot intensly over that brake pedal...lol

    I guess time time time.

    For thanksgiving I am sure I can find another person who has no place to go...I think I may make a very small Turkey or a very small ham and some small fixings if even for my self alone and just know that I am grateful to be alive and in a warm home...I will know that ..yes ..I will be missed...but sometimes things just are...

    I was good and did not walk today! It is blustery and rainy!! Not to cold yet but later this week it is supposed to get cold and possibly snow.

    from one aspect I guess I just needed to get it out there about my experience, and from another I found that I am not alone....you both have experienced the same thing with the travels so I understand a it better now....

    The missing family on the Holidays will sub-side and something will come up...as far as either a cool dinner at my home or someplace with some of my 12 step recovery friends...

    It is a ways aways so I am goig to still keep it open...I will know by the week before if I will be able to make the ride. I know I can not drive it...but possible ride.

    Thanks ladies
    Terri I am home and it is around the time now you mentioned talking but I now have a bunch of reading to do for school then dinner....but I will be home all day tomorrow...I may skip church to study for my big mid term on the 10th... I am a bit behind in my reading and study materials..
    Shame on me...
  • Have you thought of laying down? I have removed one of the seats in the van, put down lounge chair cushions and a sleeping bag, and travel laying down. I also take some meclizine for the motion sickness. It works very well and I can go places that I normally couldn't travel. Since my surgeon is in Philly, a good hour drive, I always go laying down. I take a nap, read a book, or just listen to music and my husband drives. My son has chronic fatigue and we had to go to the specialist in upstate New York - a good 7 hour drive and I didn't have any problems. I hope this helps. :)))
  • I read through your posts and you may think I'm nuts, but what I thought about were I in your situation, is "thank goodness I get to relax for once". The hustle and bustle and insanity of the holidays and holiday traveling is just exhausting, no matter how healthy a person is. To be able to not have to worry about the ride, the weather, the relatives, to me is relaxing.

    Have you spoken to your doc or anyone about your anxiety brought on by your accident? It would be a shame to be shackled by that so much so that you keep from traveling in the future, or if you do that you wind up in a mess again.

    Just remember, that most all of us will be here over the holidays and there's no traveling required to "visit" with us.

    Hang in there,

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  • hey chrissy

    i was wondering where u were. . . .anyway . . .i was going to say hey visit me here. i am canadian so we had thanksgiving a few weeks ago. "C" took the words right out of my mouth.

    i actually drove for the first time a few days ago. was scary and i feel really silly in the brace driving but at least now i can pick my son up fro school and spend more time with him.

    he was starting to fall behind in school since his father claims to be too busy to do homework with him. that is going to change now. mumma is stepping in again. lol
    hey i wanted to tell you something about the hard collar. check your mail. i will PM u.

    ps personally i find that the more mobile i am-easy activity-the better i feel. u really have to listen to your body.
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