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heard back from the surgeon and talked to my doc.OH BOY!

tammycttammyc Posts: 894
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:25 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Well i got a call back from my surgeon last week and i told them all about my accident ,they wanted to know everything about how it happened,my syptoms before and afterwards.I told them that i had an x-ray done and that it came back normal,they asked what type of x-ray they did.I told her that at first i didn't think that my neck had been harmed at all that i thought it was just muscles soreness but i had started getting a lot of nerve pain back.I had no pain for about two months and had gotten off all pain meds. I asked them why i would have the nerve pain,would it just be because of the jarring i received during the accident or could it be something happened in my neck.They said that there not sure.I told them that when i do my exercises the pain gets really bad and then i can't sleep at night,they suggested that i go back to my doctor and tell them that i need some stronger meds. for the pain and that i want to be put back on the neurotin again.They said that i should be checked fully and that if my doc. found anything wrong they were to be contacted right away.So the next morning i called my doc. office and told the secretary that i needed an apt. to see the doc. that i had talked to my surgeon and they want me to be checked out.The secretary got really snotty with me and said that the x-ray they did was perfectly fine.I told her that i didn't call them because of the x-ray i called them because i am having a lot of nerve pain,she asked me what surgeon this was and i told her and she said well she's booked up for a long time.I said to her long long and she told me i couldn't get in to see her until Dec.8th.I said to her you've got to be kidding me.She said well i could squeeze you in on the 6th,what a ------ joke!! ~X( I told her that i would just go to the walk in clinic then and she got mad and told me that i couldn't do that because they didn't have any of my records.So i hung up on her and called the surgeons office back,unfortunately you always get an answering machine there and it takes about three days for them to get back to you.So now i'm in wait mode again.Unbelievable,all i want is some decent pain meds. to control my pain and i can't even get that. ~X( frustrated beyond belief!


  • Grrr... I would (hypothetically if I were in your shoes)drive over to the doc's office and make a face to face appearance with the secretary and get her to schedule you in as an urgent appointment. If she balks, then I'd ask her when it was that she became a skilled neuro surgeon and qualified to ignore another surgeon's request. I'd also give her the phone number to the NS's office and tell her she can call and explain why you have to wait 3 weeks to get in. Then I'd ask to use her phone and call the NS's office and leave a message on the machine with her name and number saying "please call her since she's the one holding this up"

    Grr... I'm tired and all your post made me want to do is go get in this individual's face!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, had to let it out.

  • Hi Tammy,
    Gosh what a bunch of you know what!!
    I just had my ACDF C 4-6 and if I were in your shoes...well I would be making the biggest stink...

    I like what "C" has to say...What qualifies her to make a medical judgement.

    I would try to get the doc who wanted you to see your surgeon to call over and try and back you on this one and get you in asap...you just Never know what the heck they might find with some better testing??

    And....there is just no reason that you should have to live in pain.

    I know what it is like to have and injury and then be better and get off all the meds...be excited about being at the place where I did not really need big time meds to control pain..and then BAM....in the blink of an eye you find yourself right back in the middle of the pain game.

    I really hope you get to see the doc sooner rather then later and I hope and pray that things are just irritated and inflammed in your neck...if you would like some extra support..please PM me,,,
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  • im so sorry hunny.
    yes if it were me i would just go to the walk in clinic. iv done that a few times when my personal dr was on vacation or could not get me in for the day. they are usually very accomadating.
    it helps when the clinic is associated with the dr/hospital that they are affliated with if that helps.
    not sure how your state runs.
    our walk in clinics are based on hospitals.
    so they can get some acces to who we see etc from the computer.
    im in a catch 22 myself so your not alone. after 7 wks post op my ortho wants my pcp to take over my pain managment,and my pcp is so confused to why so early and well so am i.
    so here i sit in lalalalalla land saying huh :jawdrop: :jawdrop:
    so i wish you the very best of luck. if your in a real tight postion go to the E.R. and explain your situation there. they will contact your NS they will get right through. as they have separate numbers or line when a physicians offfice or hospital is calling.
    plus WOW 3 days for a call back??? oh my lions tigers and bears. i get a call back within the day. that makes no sense. :? :? :?
    >:D< >:D< >:D<
  • =)) C you crack me up!!
    That's how i felt the day i talked to the nurse,what a bitch she was.But i was really shocked that she would act like that all i was trying to do was get some help for myself and she acted like i did something horrible.My physical therapist told me to call her back and ask her to put me on a cancellation list so that i could get into see the doctor earlier,but i felt like i don't want to talk to this woman anymore. =; so thats why i called my surgeons office to see if they could call and talk to my doc. directly and get me in as soon as possible.
    C you have more guts then i do,there's no way that i'd be able to do what you suggested LOL :))(
    Bubblegum fortunately i didn't have the problem with my surgeons office ,it was my own PM ,well the nurse there. She's the bitch LOL.I love my doctor but i hate talking to her nurse.I'd love to be able to just call and talk to my doctor myself and bipass the nurse because i'm sure if she heard what has happened she'd squeeze me in.
    My surgeon is great the only problem with them is that there at a teaching hospital and they spend most of there time in the hospital and not so much time in there offices so it takes forever for them to return calls.Many times they call back at 6or7 at night.Plus my surgeon is out of town so when i have to go to see him my husband has to take a day off work and we have to find someone to watch our kids while were gone.
    I just can't believe that all they would suggest after i told them that i had just had a 3level fusion and was in a car accident was to take some advil.My Primary Care Doc. didn't even want to check me out and make sure that i was fine she just suggested the advil and as a safe measure sent me for a x-ray on my neck,whooppee doo!I've had nothing but problems with doctors right through this whole mess.
  • Took the words right out of my mouth. I'd have doctors calling each other rather than you dealing with all of the stress of a rude nurse. Doctors talking to other doctors seem to be the more effective way of getting the treatment that you need. Or you could take C's advice it would make it really hard to ignore you if you're sitting there in their office. :) You might be like the white elephant in the middle of the room for an hour or so but eventually if you stand at the window long enough somebody's bound to ask you why you're there. :) Good luck and best wishes!
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  • Yup called them again i didn't hear back from them when i called last week so i called again tonight.I told them that my doc. won't see until Dec.8th and i'm not waiting that long that the pain is getting worse and that i'm going to the hospital tomorrow to see if they can give me some pain meds and check me out.I told them if they have a problem with that to give me a call.LOL ----them.I'm tired of waiting for calls. ~X( I went and had another massage done today the second one in seven days to try and feel better ,my massage therapist said he's pretty sure that i have whiplash.Wonderful! Well i'll keep you guys informed. 8}
  • I ended up firing my MD of 30 yrs over my problem. He WOULDNT listen to me at all, interrupted, and was just in such a hurry to move to the next patient. Initially he gave me a shot in my back said that would make it all better no need for x-rays or anything else. Well he was WRONG! Went to my new Doc who sat down and actually talked to me!! What a shocker! He sent me for xrays, ct scans, mri, and referred me to one of the best NS in our area! He also called me twice HIMSELF to see how I was doing, man I was not used to that! Maybe when you get to see your MD you could nicely let her know what a witch she has working for her lol.... or not so nice that works too! Good luck to you!
  • Yup spent the night and the hospital yesterday.They did a complete check and told me that i had whiplash from the accident. Gave me some muscle relaxants and some pain pills.Its about time i finally got some rest. :O
  • I'm happy you got some medical attention and some rest. If the pain keeps up I hope they get an MRI for you. Take care . Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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