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Post level 2 fusion, now fighting for my job!!!

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,578
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:25 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hey all! :H
Sorry I've been off, not a snob, just been busy since the 2 deaths in the fam, for those who are familiar.

Any way, I have been going for more EPI's due to bone leakage, but doing better.

I have been cleared to return back to work as a teachers assistant for 1st and 2nd graders. This is also for only 15 hours a week! That's what I got for the hours even before I had the surgery!
Well, I got the dr's ok, restrictions of no lifting more than 15 lbs, no bending or twisting. So, doesn't that sound ok???? Well I sure thought so, but my principal didn't!
He said that the backpacks could weigh 15 lbs!! DER! First of all, what f1st or 2nd grader should be carrying a 15 lb backpack in the first place???? Second of all they are old enough to carry their own things, I'm not their mother and they need to learn for themselves! :W :W :W
As for the twisting and bending....well I know my limits on that perfectly! He used the example that what if I was to be sitting with one student and then another calls out to me, well I would twist my head around and part of my back too, which I did in front of him with no problems, and he said I shouldn't! I don't have hardware like some, but do have caps and just the cages and screws, I know my limits! ~X( ~X( I also told him that I am the type to rotate my who body toward the child, because 9 out 10 times, you will have to get up any way and see what they are talking about!
Also the teachers I work with, they all know my situatuion and have accomadated me since all of last year with help so I don't have to lift things that are too heavy, or bend!
L) L) L)

Well, I got another letter from the dr to state "no restrictions" so we will see what happens!
Also to make situation worse, my FMLA is up today! My start day is on Monday the 1st! why did they wait sooo long??? I had the letter on time! this is bogus!

Not happy X( X( X( X(

Thanks for listening!



  • I don't want to worry you, but please talk to your Principal TODAY! If your FMLA expires today, then you, legally, do not have a job. they can terminate you, LEGALLY.
    I know, I had it happen. My FMLA expired on 4/1, I went back to work on 4/2 and I did not have a job. I fought it, but did not get my job.
  • I am meeting with him again tomorrow. I met with him yesterday and that's when the you know what hit the fan! I got all the neccessary paperwork that he needed and I'm afraid he's still going to say I can't return. According to the FLMA, my leave is up as of today, the 25th, but because of a half day at the school, they said start Dec 1st. That's what the super said at the central office, and he's in charge! Now is't up to this principal to give me his "ok" which I am afraid of. He's been out for me since the first day I started a couple of years ago! Don't know why, but he just doesn't seem to like me. All I can think of which is horrible is that he's pred against Korean's!! How aweful! STOP! Ok, I'm done!
    I'll let you know what happens tomorrow! Kinda scared! Oh well.
    Do you know if they don't let me start on the 1st if I can collect?? I'm gonna call the labor board if this happens too.

    Gobble gobble!
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  • Awww. Man. I am so sorry to hear that you're having to go through this right now. You have enough going on without this drama on top of it!!

    I love how the principal thinks he is a doctor. That's great. Lol. He has the qualifications to tell you what you should and shouldn't be doing. What a douche. Excuse my language. (Flag this if you must; anyone who is offended by referring to someone as vaginal cleanser.) That makes me angry. I hate when people do that kind of thing. It's like, look... If your doctor says you are cleared, the doctor knows a lot more than the damn principal. That is so arrogant of him. I want to punch him. Can I punch him? Maybe in his ovaries?

    I have a question... What exactly do you mean you have caps and screws but no hardware? What exactly did they put in? I thought they were just doing cages.... Or did they secure the cages with screws... Or what? I'm sorry if you had explained that in a previous post... I've been kind of in an out lately, too. To be totally honest, most days I don't have the attention span to read much... It comes with the ADHD territory.

    BTW, I also was told I could return to work (if I had a job) soon. Sometime in December. I don't, however, have a job, because my profession is Cosmetology. I can't be standing up 8 hours a day bending all different ways on top of that, 5 days a week. I can't. I can't do that for a living anymore. Most hair dressers end up with back problems and carpal tunnel by the time they hit middle age, anyway. With my spine... I'm not taking any chances. I'd have my entire spine fused by the time I hit 40. SO, it's starting all over for me. I have to go to college for something else now. Nothing against those who work in retail or food service, or things of that sort... But I want a career, not a job. I busted my ass to graduate college in 2007, with a 4.0. Sucks that it was for nothing... But I can't just go bag groceries now. Maybe I'll take some more business classes and get a job as a sales rep for a cosmetics company or something? I dunno. But it's going to take time. It sucks, because my boyfriend does excavating, and in the winter there is NO work. He worked one day last week, and none this week... So the only thing that pays the bills is my son's SSI and child support. It sucks hardcore. Sorry to turn the whole topic around to me, but I guess I forgot about the job end of things until I read your post... And I like to keep in contact with you since we had surgery around the same time, and you are only one of the sweetest people ever. I know you understand my situation, as I can understand yours.

    I hope that this doesn't ruin your Thanksgiving :( I DEMAND that you have a good one. You don't have a choice. It is an ORDER.

    I also hope his issue with you isn't ethnicity. It's so sad that racism still exists. It goes every which way these days... Not just white towards black. It goes in the reverse, diagonal, in circles, all around, everywhere. It's sad. Just really, really sad. My mom was married to my ex-stepfather for 9 years. He is Chinese, but raised in Thailand. VERY cultural. He moved to the U.S. maybe 5 years or so before they got married. I couldn't even understand him when I first met him. I would just laugh when he said something to me and HOPE that it was funny, whatever he said. Then I'd ask my mom what he said. Lol. Eventually I caught on really well and had absolutely no problem understanding him after a couple months. His English got a lot better once he married her, too. He is hilarious. He used to sing rap songs for us. Haha. And he'd SPELL things like he said them. My mom has a dry erase board, and on it one day he wrote "Where are the nail crippers?" LOL! Then one day he wrote "Missy, take a couple lobes of bread". Lobes. HAhahaha. He is great. There were so many things he said so hilarious, he would repeat them over and over for me, too. Then my mom dated a Puerto Rican guy after her and her ex husband divorced, and he had been in this country 30 years or so, but he had the thickest accent ever. He is one of the NICEST most respectful, respectable, well mannered men I have ever met. Sometimes I couldn't understand him, though, and I'd be like... JULIO, speak ENGLISH! And he'd be like, I AM! Haha. I was just teasing him, though. Different cultures are very interesting, and it's awesome to learn from each other. It was so cute to watch my mom try to cook Puerto Rican rice for Julio. With some foil over the top and whatever else they do. Haha. So cute. And Rick, her ex-husband, made the BEST homemade Lo Mein EVER. UGH. Sooooo good. I miss it. Lol. I grew up in a city where Caucasians make up about.... 10 percent of the population, so from the time I was a baby on I was exposed to all different races and ethnicities... I never knew one person was any different from the other based on color. I didn't even think they came from different places. I thought they were just different colored people. LOL. When I was like, 4, my mom asked who my Sunday School teacher was at church and I was like "that brown lady". I am very grateful and thankful my parents brought us up to see people as people. We NEVER saw anyone as any different. EVERYONE for sure is equal and yet, every ethnicity has it's own background and culture that I think people should appreciate. It's knowledge, it's interesting. I don't know. Racism is one thing that gets me going. I get angry. Growing up with friends of every race, and having male figures in my life of all different races (my dad died when I was 12, so mom had quite a few) kind of does that to you. I used to see a lot of racism, especially toward my Chinese stepfather... Even people who were supposedly "nice" people would make little snide snotty comments and I wanted to smack them. People are freakin people. My goodness. It's like, dude, if you want to judge someone... Why don't you judge them on how they treat others, instead of the color of their skin, or their accent? COME ON!

    Sorry for the rant. I wrote you a freakin' NOVEL! Look at my attention span go. You got it going into overdrive. Lol :)

    Anyway I really am done now. I hope you get to enjoy your Thanksgiving, and I hope your job situation works out for you. I will say a prayer for you tonight, darling. Keep us updated, please.

    >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D< >:D<

  • And another couple things you might find amusing, might make you giggle and cheer you up...

    To this day, anytime I'm hanging out with friends and we order Chinese food, they make ME call, because they say I can understand them better. WTF? LOL! It's like, my appointed responsibility that I can NEVER get out of. EVER.

    And second, I cannot tell you how many people speak Spanish to me and are so surprised when I just blink and am like... Um... What? I don't know why but people seem to think I'm Hispanic. I don't think I look Hispanic..... But apparently some people do. Lol. I should just learn Spanish so that I can save everyone the time and just answer them. Haha. My favorite thing to say is "No se." That was my response to everything in Spanish class in high school. HEhehe

    Anyway, REALLY DONE NOW!!
  • =)) =))

    My 23-yr. old son also has ADHD, so I completely understood your post. =)) =))
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  • Hahaha. That made me laugh out loud :D

    I'm glad someone can understand where I'm coming from. I can't help it. Sometimes I can't pay attention for more than 10 seconds, others I'm writing novels. Lol.
  • What about HR for the district, shouldnt they be making the descisions? Do you have a union rep that you can ask for support if they say you cant come back even though the doctor has said it is OK? Just a couple thoughts.

    FYI- Just for your principals reference! As an OT in the school setting I can say that backpacks should not weigh more than 10% of the childs body weight and fit properly. If your kids back packs are weighing more than that, they are carrying way to much.

    Good Luck,
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